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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 28

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‘Good isn’t good enough.’


I stood by the window and watched as Jason drove off, a little tear escaping my eyes. I really wanted to tell him everything that had happened to me, but good is never good enough and I was never the woman for him. I knew his wife had a hand in everything that had happened to me but how could I press charges fully aware



the kind of woman that she was? Now more than ever I had to protect not just my life but that of my child as well.

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Yes that is right, I was pregnant for Jason, I didn’t even bother to ask myself how it happened because isn’t that the obvious thing to happen when two people have unprotected Se.x? I was wild with him, the thrill was just beyond me but he was committed and I didn’t want to involve him in any drama.


The ringing of my phone brought me back to reality, it was Oswald. I had a reason to believe that he was behind Jason’s misfortune and he was using what he knew about us to manipulate me.


‘What?’ I responded rudely


‘That is not how you talk to the father of your child Azure.’ He said


I almost choked on my saliva, I had only found out this morning about my pregnancy so there was no way that he knew about it.


‘You are indeed pregnant.’ He said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice ‘What do you want from me?’ I asked pushing back the tears


‘How long will you be tough huh? You do know that you don’t have nothing much to your name.’


‘Oswald just tell me what you want and I swear I will do it, but make sure to leave me and my baby alone.’ I begged

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‘It is true that a child is a mother’s weakness right? I mean who would have thought that the proud Azure would be begging me to leave her alone?’ he asked followed by laughter


This time I allowed the tears to fall, I had had enough and I just wanted to breathe.


‘So this is what we will do, there is dinner tonight organized by the Ministry of


Home Affairs, I want you present as my date. I will have someone send you the


clothes and I will pick you up at 8pm.’


‘And when I refuse to go with you?’


He laughed


‘You are not stupid Azure, of course you know what I will do to you should you decide to go against my wish.’ He said in a voice that sent chills down my spine.


I allowed the tears to fall as the line went down, I couldn’t believe that I was at the mercy of Oswald. I remember waking up in a hospital that I didn’t recognize after my accident, the doctors told me someone had rushed me to the hospital and that I was supposed to be grateful to that man because had he delayed I would have lost my life.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


I was grateful alright but the said man never showed up, it was like he had disappeared into thin air and just when I was about to forget it all; Oswald showed



up. He threatened me, to make me lose my job and license because according to him he had dirt on me and Jason. The worst was that he was willing to expose Jason too, that would leave a stain on his name and also destroy his marriage so I decided to harbor everything because I had nothing much to lose.


I walked to the bedroom and curled up in bed, my life was hard as it was and I couldn’t begin to imagine what would become of me afterwards. I was laying there looking at the side where Jason had laid some time back, I wasn’t in love with him no but the moment we had shared had left something in me; something that would be a part of me for eternity.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


I decided to wipe away my tears because I couldn’t continue crying over spilt milk, Oswald thought he was intelligent but I chose to beat him at his own game. I would play by his rules but play them better than he would expect.


I looked at the time and it was 4pm, only a few more hours before he came to pick me up. I was never going to be with Jason, that I knew. I was about to get myself embarrassed and so if I had to go down, I would go down with honor.


I called my hair stylist and told her that I was on my way, I loved just how she worked efficiently and patiently with my hair.


I got on a cab and gave the cab driver directions to Northmead where the saloon was located, for the next thirty minutes she washed and scrubbed my hair. I told her to take her time because I wasn’t rushing anywhere, afterwards I settled for a short curly wig which fell to the shoulders; I loved how it made my face look.


Oswald started calling me but I didn’t take any of his calls, he was going to play by my rules this evening. Afterwards I had my nails done and my eyebrows threaded. Thens the same cab driver came to pick me up and drove me home, it was after 6pm when I was getting there. I prepared myself a hot bubble bath, making sure to soak myself enough. I settled for a peach dress which was open on the front exposing my skin, it hugged my figure and made a tail behind. My makeup was peach too.


‘You haven’t been picking up my calls.’ Oswald said angrily when I stepped out of the house forty minutes after 8pm


‘That is not a good way to treat a lady.’ I said getting into the vehicle


I could see he was fuming but I wasn’t about to bend to every word he uttered He drove to Intercontinental hotel like a lunatic.


‘You will have us killed.’ I said through gritted teeth He looked at me from the corner of his eye I laughed.


‘You think this is funny.’


‘No.’ I said then laughed again


I saw him frown angrily, he parked the vehicle in a reserved spot and got out of the car leaving me behind.


I watched him walk out then picked up my phone.


‘Sweetheart, how rude to leave a lady behind. Are we still playing this game or not?’ I asked dropping the line


From the window I saw him turn back then minutes later my door was opened ‘Thank you honey.’ I said with a mocking smile


He waited for me to get out before banging the door behind me




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