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Three Empty Words – Episode 29

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#29 (Final)






I pushed my weight back in the chair, we had decided not to go but wait for Xeno to come because us showing up without her would get mum really angry.


We had been in the car for over thirty minutes and none of us said a word to the other, I could feel the beating of my heart betraying me. It’s like it was sensing that I was in that place with Kelvin and the only thing it wanted was to reach out to him.


I heard him breath heavily, he had not even bothered to look at me in the thirty minutes that we had been in the vehicle.


‘Can you please find out how far she is?’ he said, speaking for the first time.


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I got my phone from my clutch, I almost cursed inwardly because he was looking at me and I still had a screen lock of us with locked hands.


I called her line a number of times but it kept going unanswered.


‘She is not picking up.’ I said


He sighed.


‘I swear your parents will throw a tantrum.’ He said opening his side of the door He got out and I was just there looking at him, after making a phone call which of course he looked like he had been enjoying; he came back.


‘Why do you still have that on your screen lock?’ he asked after locking his door ‘I don’t know.’ I heard myself say


In all honesty it wasn’t like I didn’t know, I just didn’t want to remove it because that would mean that I was accepting a life without him. Call me crazy but even after everything I was still holding on to the fact that we had once been together and I just couldn’t begin to imagine a life without him. ‘You don’t know?’ he asked eyeing me


‘Ah Kelvin, you heard me the first time.’

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He laughed


‘What’s funny?’


‘You are still a very bad liar.’


I clicked my tongue, something I always did every time he told me that He got his phone and handed it to me


‘What?’ I asked


‘Unlock it.’


‘Your password.’


He eyed me


I got it from him and punched in a few digits, it was still the same. The date on which we had first met, actually when he had picked me up from the streets.


I couldn’t help but smile when I saw his wallpaper, it was a photo he took when I was visiting him and was deep in sleep. He said it was the most beautiful photo he had of me, that I looked innocent and fragile.


‘You kept the photo?’ I asked handing him back his phone ‘For some reason I am scared of starting over.’ ‘I am scared of letting go.’ I told him honestly


‘Xenia you hurt me where it hurts the most.’ He started before he could swallow ‘I know I did; and truth be told I don’t know just how it make it right.’


He sighed


‘How have you been?’ he asked after much silence



‘Busy, been running around trying to help mum with the wedding. I feel tired and stressed.’ I said leaning back


‘No really Xenia, how have you been?’


I knew what he meant but I had been avoiding going there


‘I have been hurt, I have been thinking about you. I miss you, I miss us.’


‘The feeling is mutual, except I have wanted to tell you just how angry I am at you.’


‘Shoot.’ I said facing him


‘You have the most beautiful eyes and looking into them I just forget about everything else.’


‘Don’t forget about the poverty of life though.’ I said causing him to laugh ‘Your sense of humor is just out of this world.’ He said and I smiled


‘I want you back, I want us back.’


‘But I hurt you Kelvin, I don’t know if I will be able to be the best that you can ask for.’


‘We are flawed humans, we are not perfect and that is why we need each other to make things right. Yes you hurt me but that doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, I love you. I need you and I miss you.’


I looked at him trying to soak in everything he had just said.


‘I love you.’ I said


‘I love you.’ He told me with a smile




We spotted Xeno’s car driving our way and immediately started the ignition, by the time we were getting to Kafue the people had already gathered for lunch. ‘Thank you for waiting up for me.’ She said after getting out of the vehicles ‘You are welcome.’


‘Babe I will run along now.’ Kelvin told me kissing my forehead I couldn’t help but smile


‘I see you two are now in good books.’ Xeno teased ‘He is a good man.’


‘And you are a good woman, the both of you are good for each other.’ She told me We saw how mum was looking at us and so we hurried to the garden.


The place was set in a way where everyone was facing each other, it wasn’t packed because mum had instead on only having people that were close to her there.



‘I am not going to invite a million people that I don’t know to my wedding, it is my wedding and so the only people that will be present are my kids and friends.’ She had said so many times.


I and Xeno were to be seated on her right side, whilst on her left was our new dad and Kelvin sat with him. I couldn’t be happier, mum was happy, my sister was happy and I had gotten back my man. The lunch first started with the master of ceremony introducing the newlyweds, then prayer was said by the priest. When the starter was served, Kelvin was asked to make a speech.


‘Wow.’ He said after clearing his throat


We all laughed


I don’t know where to begin from because I am the happiest person here. Mum eyed him


‘Well second from the bride.’ He added winking at her


‘When I first met Kangwa, I knew he was a great man. I met him when he with my sister.’


He paused, I knew he was hurting because he had never really accepted her death. ‘May her soul continue resting in peace.’ He added lifting his glass of wine and we all did the same


‘Today I am happy that he has finally decided to continue living his life, that he has not closed his heart forever to hurt and pain. I am happy because the woman is ending up with is a good woman. One who has worked her way up just to achieve everything she has. Today I just want to say how proud I am that he has earned himself such a jewel.’ He paused and looked at the two


‘I wish you nothing but the very best in life, this is not the beginning of a new life; it is actually the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. Live it, embrace it and just stay married.’ He said and we all laughed


The master of ceremony then told my parents to make a speech.


‘I promise to keep this relationship sacred.’ Mum began ‘I promise to be the man that you can only be proud of.’ ‘I promise to keep our marriage between us and God.’


‘I promise not to say what I don’t mean.’ He said now smiling at her ‘I promise to always pick up my phone.’


‘I promise to love not just you but the girls too.’ ‘I promise not to say three empty words.’


By this time she had tears in her eyes


‘I love you.’ She added


‘I need you’


‘It’s only you’


‘Always for you’


‘Never leaving you’


‘My three words will never be empty.’ He said


‘No three empty words.’ She responded through her tears.





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