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The Unknown Enemy – Episode 4

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Chapter 4



Viva dressed up seductively and spread a fine cologne all over herself before leaving to Betty’s house, she knows that Betty has drove out to her supermarket and Tony was home alone, Betty had mentioned to her that Tony was starting his three weeks leave that day, it was a perfect time to carry out her plan…she rang the door bell for the second time and the door swanked open




“hello…Tony…ooh hardly meet you at home by this time of the day…I thought it was Betty…what of Betty…?



“how are you doing today..Viva, just want to take rest for some weeks, yea…I’m on leave…ooh Betty has gone out to her shop…how’s Richard and your boy…?


“I’m doing great…, leave …that’s good…rest is very necessary…I was almost thinking you are a workaholic…because you are always going off and coming in late… at least your leave is up to a month which is enough time to relax, you will also have time for your family aside the weekend thing, Richard is fine but he travelled…and my son is good also…


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“yeah…good to hear …and by the way that is a nice cologne you are wearing…it smells good…


“thanks…I bought it when I travelled to Canada…is one of my best so far…it last long like very very long… a week or even a month…have not seeing any perfume like it probably because I attached so much sentiment to it…hahahaha..don’t mind me…when we women love a particular thing is hard to let it go…like when Betty told me how much she love the necklace you bought for her which went missing I totally understand the angle she is coming from…is an in built thing in women…is only few men that understand their wives needs and want…like Richard he does not always understand me…


Tony stood at the door watching Viva talk and talk all he could do was to smile


waiting for her to stop talking so that he can go back inside…it will be too rude to


quickly dismiss her when she’s still enjoying her talk…so Tony patiently


waited…while nodding and pretending to understand everything Viva was


saying…while still at the door, he can’t ask her in because his wife is not home and


he doesn’t have time for a woman’s chatter, he was already getting impatient as


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Viva talks on and on without stopping.

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….i know all men are not the same…you are really doing a great work by


understand your wife Betty…even if she doesn’t always say it but I see all the things you do for her and funny enough I usually use you as an example to Richard whenever we have misunderstanding…I just want him to step up his game as a man…you know women like men who are so romantic…and Richard…hahahaha…is really funny to say that Richard is not romantic at all…but he is improving though despite sometime he try too hard and you will see that he wasn’t born to be romantic…there is a difference between when you force yourself



to do something and when something comes natural …Richard force himself to be romantic but watching you and Betty it comes natural for you…Betty hardly mention it though…but I see it anytime I come around…and I commend you for your effort…wish Richard will learn from yo…


Tony was already tired with the long talk and he has no choice than to cut her shut…


“Thank you Viva…I will let Betty know you stopped by…alright…later




Viva saw that Tony was dismissing her as he took one foot backward inside, if she doesn’t act fast he will jam the door to her face and go inside, but she will not let that to happen…


“ I also need your help…please don’t say no..i could have come through Betty but since she is not around I really need you to help me with something…if not that Richard has travelled he would have done it…


“okay…what is it?


“is my room bulb lamp holder…the bulb is not coming up and I have tried to change the bulb but to no avail…please can you help me…be your neighbours keeper…hahahaha…don’t mind me I just love laughing…please…can you help?


Tony looked at Viva full face and the way she plead…he could have called an electrician to come help her check it but looking at her she wants him to come and do it…but he doesn’t really have much idea about a electrical work so he decided to ask her if he can call his electrician who lives a stone throw to come check the lamp holder for her


“aaah…no Tony if I need electrician I would have called one myself…I don’t need a stranger coming in and out of my room…it makes me uncomfortable…if you want me to call Betty first then I will call her…so that she can approve…I guess you need her consent to do that…we are all neighbours…c’mon help me come check it…except you don’t want to help me at all…



“…okay..i will come check it when I’m done with what I’m doing…hope that is okay…


“alright…I will be waiting then…thanks


Tony went back in and locked the door while Viva went back to her apartment…she dressed the whole place and wore her bum shot, she removed the bulb from the lamp holder and cut the wire that is connected to the bulb that will make it work, she did everything possible so that Tony will find it hard to fix it, in that way he will spend time with her as she has always wanted, as she was finishing up she hard the door bell and ran to open the door, Tony came in with his screwdriver and some other home tools to check what the problem could be, Viva walked in his front with her bum shot and tan top as she led him to her room, as Tony got there she showed him the landholder that got spoilt, Tony started checking the wire and every other thing and found out the wire was cut off, it never occurs to him that it was Viva’s handwork,…he mentioned it to Viva


“The wire is bad and it need to be change…can you manage with the other room light until Richard comes back from his travel…or I call my electrician because I don’t know how to do the connection…


“no…no I can’t manage… I will be so scared at night if it is not fixed…is there no other way we can fix it…I can’t wait for Richard he will take time before he comes back…like a month or weeks and that’s too long, and as for the electrician…I told you I’m not comfortable with a stranger in my room alone with me…except you will have to come with him…please..


“okay…I will call an electrician but Betty will come with him…I know you will be more comfortable if my wife comes around…you will be more comfortable with her than with me… I will tell Betty once she comes back to come over and see you and I will call the electrician to come fix it…if not you can stay in another room till when Richard comes…at least you have a spare room here…but if you can’t then Betty will come stay with you for the period while the man fix the light…you will love Betty’s company more…but there’s nothing to be scared off, the security here is tight..



“oookkkaaay… I can’t sleep in another room aside mine…and you know Betty Is a woman like me…in fact I’m more bold than Betty, Betty is fragile…you know her more than i…I just needed a man figure around…you watch what happened everyday on the television, when a man see’s women they seem to take advantage…what if he decided to do something else instead of fixing the light he came to fix…and he decides to take advantage of two helpless women… me I’m safety conscious… Richard is not around he would have fixed this…


“you don’t need to worry Viva, the person I’m sending is not that kind of man…my electrician can be trusted…but if you are still not comfortable then I will just come with Betty…both of our presence will sure make you comfortable…


“hmmm..okay o…this one you want to come to my house with Betty just because of a land holder…you two are going to be my august visitors…hahahaha…it seems you are scared of coming alone or you can’t possibly do something without Betty’s approval…c’mon be a man… don’t take offence to that…but I can’t be begging you like this just to stay around because I know if is Richard he will safeguard your home while you are away…I see no crime to my little request Tony…all I need is your presence…it won’t take long and the work is done…then you can return to Betty…I know that Betty will not mind…










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“I’m not scared Viva…and all I want is for you to be alright while Richard is away…no problem I will come with the electrician tonight…


Tony left, he didn’t want to be alone with Viva who was looking all seductive…and same time he definitely didn’t want to turn her down because of fear of having a negative thought for another man’s wife, he flashed back again to how Viva was looking that evening, she was very pretty, and has curves, if she walks alone on the road she will be mistaken for a single sister who have never



giving birth before, she was very beautiful and tempting, staying alone in same room with her is not right…he is a married man and no matter how beautiful she is she is a married woman and he has to respect that fact, and he respect both Betty’s presence and absence and will never do anything that will hurt her, he loves his wife dearly, he doesn’t notice any other woman once he is with Betty, Betty is all that matters to him nothing else, he has to tell Betty first before going to Viva’s house,


Viva saw that Tony was trying all means to resist her just because he want to remain royal to his wife, he understand he loves his wife and it will be difficult at first to get him to her side but she will keep trying until she succeed, Tony was rich and good looking too, and he is the type that give in everything when he loves, she will definitely find a way to lure him out of his comfort zone, it may not be today but she will never stop trying




Tony later came back that night with an electrician as he promised Viva, he stood while the electrician fixed the lamp holder, Viva urged Tony to take a seat with her but he told her he told her that he was alright standing, he stood close to the electrician and avoided looking at Viva who was still on the bum shot she was putting on and a tan top earlier which exposed all her laps and some cleavage, she walked passed Tony severally but Tony mind was on how to get back to bed with Betty who was getting the children ready for bed before he came down to Viva’s house, after the electrician was done, he looked at Viva fully as Viva spoke with Tony, Viva met his eyes and he looked away,


“Tony…you see why I didn’t want an electrician here…can you see the way he is looking at me…this people makes me uncomfortable…I know exactly what I was saying before I asked you to come with him…talking about my dressing…this is the way I dress. Either when Richard is around or not…I feel comfortable this way…I can’t go covering up just because of somebody doesn’t feel comfortable with me…I like being free whenever I’m in my house…and this is my person right from time… I don’t like the way your electrician looked at me…doesn’t he know I’m a married woman…he insult me with his looks


The electrician quickly apologised…


“My apologise madam…it was just a look I didn’t mean it as an insult…


Tony also apologised to Viva before leaving with the electrician, when they were out of hearing the electrician said..


“so she is married…I never knew…her dressing was too raw…and she is beautiful and fresh too…but that her dressing is just out of this world…I tried to look away though but I couldn’t













“she is a married woman and you have to respect that fact, when next you are contacted…just go do your work and leave…either married or single treat them alike…women don’t like being uncomfortable around the men folks…don’t let your attitude towards them send a negative message…


Tony later went back to Betty, who was already in bed waiting for him, she asked him if they were able to fix the light for Viva and he replied her, as he held his wife in bed…he flashed back to Viva again and her seductive attitude, he waved it off, he must be crazy to be thinking of Viva while in bed with his wife, as he kissed his wife that night he totally forgot everything about Viva,


Viva knew her seductive charm was almost taking effect, even a common electrician fell for the charm but Tony refused to fall, she will step up her game, and try harder next time, she may probably succeed, she is not giving up yet… Tony is a big fish and she wouldn’t want to miss her chance…he may probably end up being hers instead of to a naive Betty…


To be continued





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