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Forbidden Passion – Episode 48

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Chapter 4 ⃣8 ⃣


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)


Continuation From the Last Episode:


“Why are you staring at me like that? Do I now look different to you Tyler that you can’t recognize me anymore?” Royal demanded as if he doesn’t know the reason for Tyler’s hard stares.


Jeffrey walked in with extra two chairs for Royal and River to sit. He placed down the chairs opposite the one Tyler and Beauty were sitting. So once they sit, they will be facing each other.


“Ignore the riffraff Tyler and focus on what brought us here in the first place.” Beauty said, bringing Royal attention to her. She placed her hand on Tyler’s



shoulder to calm his anger which worked a little for he was breathing deeply with his eyes closed. Once she noticed he was calm, she removed her hand from his shoulder.

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“Why do you want to see me, princess Beauty?” River asked as she and Royal sat down and Jeffrey who hadn’t left stood behind them. Their hands still clasped together.


“First of all I now go by Queen Beauty and not princess.” Beauty corrected with a force smile.


“A queen?” River asked, pretending to be surprised to hear that the first time.


“Yes, I am now the Queen of vampires and not a mere princess.” Beauty said, confirming her statement.


“Oh I see, and when did you call the rest of the kings and Queens of the supernatural to celebrate with you because I thought as tradition demands, for one to sit on a throne the presence of the other King’s and Queen’s must be present and you did the opposite, well aside for that, your father is much alive because he left this kingdom a day ago when I called for an urgent meeting which you and him both attend and as far as I am concerned, your father, King Leon is still the King and hasn’t announced his retirement for you and your mate to step in, or did he?” River ended her long speech with a question look on her face.


“He told me himself privately that I should take over the kingdom and aside from that, my mother sent for him when she wrote him a letter stating in the letter for you to come and he has gone to meet her and soon both of them would return to witness my marriage with my mate Tyler.” Beauty answered with a straight forward face that would fool anyone but not River.


“Really?” River question with a raised eyebrow of which Beauty nodded her head.


“In that case, bring the letter she wrote.” She added.

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“What gives you the impetus to order me around, River?” Beauty bellowed in anger, this time it was Tyler who placed his hand on her shoulder to calm her



down. Beauty took a deep breath to calm herself once Tyler’s hand came in contact with her shoulder.


“Because I am the late Millennium wolf King daughter who shall soon ascend the throne with my rightful mate as the King and I as the Queen, so that gives me the impetus of ordering you around princess Beauty.” River responded.


‘Not for long.’


Beauty said in her mind as she eyes River.


“I have heard you.” Beauty said finally with a tight smile.


“Point of correction, always put your highness when you are addressing me and my mate.” River told her, smiling widely and staring into her eyes, daring Beauty to say a word against that.”


Beauty forces herself to nod her head.


“So what brings you and your mate here that made you both wait for two long hours?” River asked now ready to hear them.


“Tyler speak up, something irritates me here.” Beauty said to her mate.


“Maybe it’s from your hair, or your clothes that irritates you, you never can tell.” River told her with a shrugged shoulder.


Tyler cleared his throat and River turned her gaze to him, to look at him.


“Yes Tyler, what brings you and your mate here?” River repeated her question.


“Well, I came here to challenge you.” Tyler said in much courage.


“To challenge her? For what?” Royal spoke this time around.


Shifting his gaze to meet Royals mocking eyes, Tyler answered. “To challenge her for the throne of the Millennium.”



Jeffrey helped River to gasp out aloud.


“Did I hear you right or you didn’t know what you just omitted out?” River said after getting over her shock.


“What you heard was what he said, he wants to challenge you for the throne. Or are you surprised, River?” Beauty responded for Tyler.


“I wasn’t talking to you Beauty, I was talking to Tyler. So you want to challenge me for my throne?” River asked, still staring at Tyler.


“Yes, I Tyler, challenge you River for the throne of the Millennium.” Tyler repeated himself again with seriousness in his tone.


“A challenge, not that I can’t beat you, I am just thinking if that is what Beauty had told you to say….to challenge me, right?” River asked, amused by Tyler’s statement.


“Beauty didn’t force me to, I am doing it by my own free will. I should be the one sitting on that throne with my mate not anyone else.” Tyler said eyeing Royal and then continued. “It is my right.”


“Then I accept your challenge Tyler, just know, there is no going back.” River told Tyler.


“I know, and just so you know, I am going to defeat you cause the throne was mine to begin with.” Tyler said with confidence.


“Alright then Mr challenger.” River said with a smirk on and twisted her neck a little so her face was facing Jeffrey. “Jeffrey, send the kingdom messagers to go to every kingdom and tell them about the challenge.” She told him.


“Yes my Queen.” Jeffrey said with a slight bow.


“When are we fighting?” River demanded.


“Tomorrow.” Beauty answered for Tyler who nodded his head in agreement.


“Tomorrow.” He repeated Beauty statement.


“Alright, Jeffrey, tell the Messengers the fight will happen tomorrow.


“Okay my Queen.” Jeffrey said and left the throne room. She returns her gaze back to Tyler. “I hope you remember the rules concerning your challenge?” She asked.


“I know the rules, River, I should be the one asking since you just came back.” Tyler said to her.


“If that is all, you may leave my palace now.” River told them.


“Of course.” Beauty said and stared around the throne room as she and Tyler stood up to leave. “Just get ready to leave this kingdom by tomorrow River, because we are taking over.” She said sweetly and put her hand around his waist, they left, her head held high.


“How can you accept his challenge River, surely they are up to something.” Royal said as soon as the door closed after them, he was up to his feet. “And not to point out, you are a female and he is a male.” He added.


“Relax my love, I have a feeling that Beauty is behind this and she will be the one I will fight tomorrow, not Tyler.” River told him with a smile.


“And how do you know that?” He asked.


“I don’t know, but if you watch Beauty, there is something up her sleeves, so I am always ready to expect the unexpected. She might be the one who I will fight tomorrow. Don’t be surprised when you see it.” River replied to him.


“Okay, but if it is still Tyler you are going to fight tomorrow, I will be the one to fight him, not you.” Royal told her.


“Anything you say is fine by me my love.” River said with a smile which Royal reciprocated.





As soon as the door closed behind them, beauty whose hand was still on Tyler’s waist disappeared along with him and they reappeared in his room.


“Why didn’t you tell her you will be the one fighting and not me like we planned?” Tyler asked.


“Oh I will tell her when tomorrow comes.” Beauty replied.


“I am fighting her tomorrow and you will tell her tomorrow? Does that make sense to you?” Tyler demanded.


“Yes, don’t be afraid, my love. In one of the rules states that, if a challenger has injury before the fighting date, the Challenger mate or his siblings would take his or her place so that is what we are going to do.” Beauty answered him.


“But I am not injured.” Tyler said.


“You are not now, but you will before tomorrow my love. When I have defeated River, the throne is yours. And as you are crown as the King, so will I be crown as the Queen. Together we shall rule the whole supernatural as we fit.” Beauty said and started laughing loudly.


Her plan will work and Tyler will sit on the throne of the Millennium.






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