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The DNA Test – Episode 6

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The DNA Test (episode 6)


Most times, the first person to get to the police station isn’t always the one that wins the case. An innocent mind fears no accusation, but a guilty person is usually up on it’s toes in fear. The unbelievable revelation by the doctor, as regards Belinda not being the true mother of her son of 6 years was alot to digest. Like how on earth is that even possible? How can Ace DNA Test result come out Positive while Belinda’s own came out Negative? How can the dots be connected and figured out? Well, it’s apparent that the truth was no longer far fetched, as every hidden secret was about to be uncovered.


Deep down in the doctor’s mind, he had already figured what could have went wrong but he didn’t want to attack the confused couple with questions or intense probing. The atmosphere was tensed already so the doctor figured it was best to let the couple take their time to digest the shocking revelation.


“Doctor this is a joke right? Please don’t tell me you called us out here today for this clown show?” Belinda flared up in disapproval. At that moment, everything still felt like a movie to Ace, as he was still trying to connect the dots of what was happening right in front of him.


The doctor expected Belinda’s reaction so he wasn’t too surprised that she didn’t believe the test results. Like who would believe such information? How can you tell a woman that birthed and nursed her baby right from infancy that her child wasn’t hers? If you were the one, wouldn’t you laugh at such information? It’s clear you would because it sounds less authentic and reliable. Never in a thousand years



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did it ever cross Belinda’s mind that her baby was switched at birth; never for once did such thought cross her mind. To her, the results were mistaken and needed to be done over again.


“I know you are confused and so am I too, but that doesn’t change the reality of things now. To be fair and safe, I suggest we re-do the DNA Test for both of you again so we can clarify this confusion once and for all” The doctor politely suggested. On seeing that there was no other option of determining the truth, the couple agreed to run the test again and this time, they would do it together and at the same time.


Immediately after the couple agreed to carry out the test again, the test materials were extracted from their body and taken to the lab right away. There and then, Ace wired another money for the Test of both himself and his wife. It annoyed him slightly that he was losing a lot of money due to the new development but he let the whole thing slide just for clarity sake.

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After everything was done, Ace and Belinda left the hospital more confused and scared than they initially were when they first came in. Throughout the ride home, they didn’t utter a word to each other because they were both deep in thoughts. The atmosphere in the car was very awkward that they even avoided eye contacts. At this point, it was safe to say that their marriage had officially began to take a turn towards destruction and danger. The truth was still hidden, but for how long more? It was just a matter of few days before everything comes to broad day light. Quite unfortunate indeed!


When they arrived home, Belinda hurriedly opened the door and banged it behind her. At that point, she was at the verge of losing her mind so she figured it was best to isolate herself from her husband, just for things not to blow out of proportion.


Immediately Belinda alighted from the car, she hastened her steps and went inside the house. Without eating or saying “Hello” to the house helper, she entered inside her room and locked the door. Ace was still in the car trying to wrap his head around everything that was just happening so fast. It killed him deeply that he was gradually losing the relationship he once had with his wife all because of the whole DNA Test issue.



At that moment, Ace began to regret ever conducting the test in the first place because it felt like everything was just coming back to hunt him. If only he knew that there was more coming ahead, then he would have began to figure out a way to stop it before the worst happened and things goes out of his control forever. The young man didn’t want to lose his wife nor family, so it bothered him that things were taking a scary turn.


After about 30 minutes of being inside the car, it dawned on Ace that Junior was still in school so he headed out to his son’s school to pick him up. It was a 20 minutes drive to the school but before he got there, they had already closed and Junior was playing in the school compound with some of his friends.

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A coincidence happened that fateful afternoon. It happened that Rita was contacted to clean the school classrooms and premises after school hours. That very day, she came with her son ‘David’ to the school so he could assist her.


As they cleaned the classrooms, Rita told David to help her throw some trash into the garbage bin outside. The little boy took the trash and headed outside to dispose them but was distracted by the fun play that was going on in the school premises.


He stood and watched other kids have fun and play with each other and wanted to join them so bad. As he was about to walk away, he was stopped by the kids.


“Come and play with us” Junior playfully said from afar. David smiled and hurriedly joined the group of children to play. They did so many fun things and could hardly catch their breath. Everyone was having an awesome time but the play had to cease when Ace arrived and beckoned on Junior to get into the car. “Bye Bye!” Junior emotional said as he ran to meet up with his dad waiting inside the car. Immediately they drove off, Rita came outside in search of David whom she had been waiting for.


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If only Rita knew that her biological son just left few minutes ago before she came out. Also, if only David knew that the man that just drove off in a sophisticated car was his biological dad and the little boy he just played with was taking his place in his mother’s life. Small world indeed!


Since that day, Belinda still haven’t gotten herself due to what happened back at the hospital. She barely spoke to anyone asides her son and always isolated herself



from Ace. She hated him for putting her through everything she was presently going through. The fact that he was the one that instigated everything concerning the ‘DNA Test’ made her hold him accountable for the misery she was feeling.


Countless times, the scared married man tried to make peace with his wife and rekindle their love but all to no avail. Belinda kept pushing Ace away and never wanted to hear anything from him because she was dealing with a lot of emotional trauma as she anticipated the final DNA Test results. They both kept their fingers crossed till the results finally came out.


On the day the scared couple were informed to come to the hospital for their results, Belinda said a heartfelt prayer before leaving the house. She asked God to clear every doubt that surrounded the maternity and paternity of her son. It was such an emotional moment for the worried woman as they prepared to head out to the hospital.

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All through the ride to the hospital that day, the couple kept thinking about one thing or the other and barely had peace of mind. For some weird reason, Belinda was scared of the outcome of their visit to the hospital; the thought of the unknown was scary and made her palms extremely sweaty. On the other hand, Ace wasn’t left out as he was secretly scared too. After about 2 hours drive, they arrived at the hospital and made their way to the doctor’s office.


“Hello, welcome once again, please have a seat” the doctor warmly said; just to make them feel comfortable. Immediately everyone settled down, the doctor began to counsel them first and that felt quite suspicious and also confirmed their fears that something was wrong somewhere.


It took the doctor over an hour of beating around the bush before he summoned enough courage to drop a shocker. “Belinda, what you are about to hear might be highly devastating but I assure you that the case isn’t a hopeless one because something can be done to get to the root of it” The doctor said with a faint smile. He turned and looked at Ace afterwards and said; “You will need to be questioned after I say what I am about to say because so many things just doesn’t add up”.


As the doctor was done speaking in parables, he finally hit the Nail on the Head. “Belinda, your results came out Negative yet again, while your husband’s own



came out Positive. This only means one thing, which is the confirmation that you are not the true mother of your son but your husband is truly his father. Trust me when I say we use the best equipment and procedure for our Tests and it can’t be wrong Twice. There is nothing fishy and my guesses are that you might have adopted the baby from a lady that got impregnated by your husband or your baby was switched at birth with someone that was impregnated by your husband stll. These are the only possible explanations as to the situation urgently on ground. I will give you both some privacy to try and talk things out to know if any of my guesses could be right” the doctor said and walked away.


Immediately the Doctor left, Belinda was lost in thoughts and held her chest in the process. It was at that moment that Ace was hit with a sudden ‘Trans’ that took him down memory lane in a flash of light. The memories from a particular night hit him and left his eyes wide open.


The look on Ace’s face was a confirmation to Belinda that there were some skeletons in his cupboard. It was then that she picked interest and began the conversation that led to the reveal of more deep dirty secrets. “Is there anything you want us to talk about? What is going on? Tell me now I still have my mind and sanity intact because I swear I am about to lose it this very moment” she soberly said.


Immediately Belinda was done talking, the very night that Ace had an unprotected One Night Stand with a lady he met in a club, hit his memory so hard and left him totally dumbfounded.


Before Belinda could say something else, he shockingly muttered the name “Rita”.


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