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Everything You Are Not – Episode 11

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Sapphire: crying from now till eternity is not going to solve a thing. I think it’s high time you grew up and just tell someone, anyone the truth! Everyone is sick and tired of your petty lies


Julia: stop! Just stop! I’m not lying! Unless there is something you lots are not telling me!


If Solomon did not rape me the night I stayed over at his Hotel, then I can’t be pregnant!



Sapphire: what the fish are you talking about? Didn’t you tell us you slept in a different room?


Julia: I did!!!! Maybe he sneaked in at night! Maybe…maybe I don’t know! I don’t know anything!!!


Sapphire: I suppose… anyway! Auntie wants to have a word with you. She is upstairs.

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Julia: just leave!



Sapphire: right away, madam



(Julia staggered upstairs where Claudia was seated like an investigation officer ready to interrogate a terrorist)


Julia: auntie, you sent for me?


Claudia: I did. Have a seat.


Tell me, Julia. What’s all this I’m hearing?


Julia: auntie, I have no idea

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Claudia: now, I’ll take everything but not you lying to me. Who is responsible for the pregnancy?


Julia: auntie, I’m not pregnant. I swear by my life


Claudia: can I stop you right there! Stop swearing by your life because you might just regret it. A qualified doctor confirmed you pregnant and you are here denying it?


Julia, are you so naive that you can’t remember when you got down with a man? Okay! Let me come down to your level. It doesn’t need to take an hour, it could just be 5 minutes. You don’t need to do it twice, once is enough to get you pregnant. So, since I brought you here have you had sex with anyone?


Julia: auntie, I have not had sex with anyone. Not even in my dreams.



Claudia: gosh! I’m about to lose my legal justice warrior mind! I bet you this is bringing the best out of me! Julia, don’t make me raise a finger on you. I haven’t done that to anyone in 20 years, if you make me do, it’s not going to be funny! Now, tell me! Did you have sex with anyone before I brought you here?


Julia: auntie, I did not. I have never had sex in my life.


Claudia: oh! Hail Mary! A second saviour is about to be born. Who would thought that another Jesus would be born in the house of a sex worker!


Julia, go inside right now and get dressed we are going straight to the hospital to


get rid of that miracle bastard inside of you! You have 5 minutes to come back


here. Im waiting.




Sapphire: Julia! Julia!


Julia: what!


Sapphire: Solomon is on the phone for you


Julia: tell him to burger off!


Sapphire: He said he left his passport with you and he wants to book his flight back to London


Julia: I have his passport when he is ready, he can come collect it.


Sapphire: He told me to bring it for him.


Julia: Better! It’s in my handbag. Take it from there and give to him. And oh! Take his phone with you too.


Sapphire: this is how you lost your blessing with your petty lies!


Julia: Sapphire! I’ve had enough of you calling me a liar!



Sapphire: but that’s what you are, my darling. You can’t even tell believable lies. Mtchewww! Let me go dress to kill and see if he’ll like me. I’ll invite you for our wedding


(Claudia took Julia to the clinic while Sapphire made her way to Solomon’s hotel dressed in a very revealing black dress. Luckily, Solomon was seated under a tree almost at the entrance of the hotel glued to his mobile phone, so Sapphire was not faced with the hassle of looking for his room number…)


Sapphire: oh hi!


Solomon: Hi…


Sapphire: come on! Don’t be so cold on me! You can’t punish a girl for the sins of another girl. (Join Group) https://t.me/topsterstories Solomon: not sure I know what you are talking about..but yea! Have you got my passport?


Sapphire: Erm, yea sure! But I am not giving it to you here. At least buy me a drink!


Solomon: I see. I’ll give you some cash so you go to the bar and request what you want. But that will be on your way leaving.


Sapphire: come on! Don’t be so abrupt!


Solomon: sorry I don’t mean to be rude but I am really pissed off at the moment and I can’t take any of these dramas. If you need a drink, I’ll pay for it just hand me over my passport and walk.


Sapphire: I’ll give it to you in your room or no where else!


Solomon: is this supposed to be a threat? Well, if it is, try another shot. This didn’t penetrate


Sapphire: the choice is yours and I have two minutes to wait here.


Solomon: hehehe alright! Let’s go to my room!


(Sapphire followed Solomon to his hotel room and because she walked behind him, she closed the door when she walked in.


Solomon sat on the bed, Sapphire stood right in front of him, and aggressively yanked off her dress revealing a two peice brief comfortably seated on her spotless chocolate skin. Captivated by the wonders of creation, he couldn’t get his lustful eyes off her yet he couldn’t get the words out of his mouth either


Being a mind reader, If asked to put his facial expressions into words, I would say “damn it! She’s smoking hot”


But just as tension was building up evidently in Solomon, Sapphire grabbed her dress with the same speed she yanked them off and covered herself up and took him on…)


Sapphire: Now that I have your attention…. have you sat down for a minute to


think how stupid you’ve been in your dealings with that poor girl?


I mean why do you all do this!


I don’t get it! She’s pregnant so what!!! I’m sure she told you her life story! That girl has little or no education. She hardly knows a thing about sex education and everything she should know at her age.


Let me ask you, Mr Solomon the wise one, if you saw her on the street pregnant and begging for food, wouldn’t you help her?


Why do we humans treat our pets way better than we treat our fellow human beings.


Julia needs everything but desertion.


She needs to be shown another side of humanity that She has never experienced before.


What would be our fate if God treats us the way we treat others? Tell me!


Here is your passport, I’ll take my leave now. I pray you or someone close to you is never in Julia’s shoes!


Solomon: Erm, erm.. please don’t leave, Sapphire don’t! Your words shot right at the heart of my self esteem and I have to confess that I am ashamed of myself….please take me to Julia.


Sapphire: go find her yourself! *Walks out*



To be continued..


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