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The Best Guys – Episode 3

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Episode 3


Mama Betty sent Audrey to call Pearl while she also sent Eva to called Nora , both Ladies arrived at the same time, they met Mama Betty in the kitchen supervising the maids who were cooking, She asked them to sit on a plastic chair which was given to them by Audrey and Eva, She was also given a chair to sit on, she sat next to the two Ladies, she smiled at them and said…


MAMA BETTY:How was your trip Nora? NORA:I won’t lie Ma’am, it was so stressful MAMA BETTY:I know sorry dear! NORA: Thanks ma


MAMA BETTY:Have some rest today okay.


NORA: Okay ma’am


MAMA BETTY:You must be Pearl


PEARL:Yes Ma’am, Pearl!


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MAMA BETTY:Not only your name is pretty, You are also pretty PEARL:Oh thanks Ma


MAMA BETTY:You are welcome dear, Mr Garrick has told me about you, The reason I called both of you is actually because of the boys, Nora doesn’t need to listen to this, but she has to testify to whatever am going to say here, It’s about the boys, you see there is something about one of them and that’s Aiken NORA:Oh yes! She needs to know about that right now


MAMA BETTY:Yeah that’s why I sent for her,(She paused for awhile,then she said) there is something about Aiken, When you ask him for anything, maybe you want to do his makeup, or his hair treatments and other stuffs like that, So if you ask him this and he seems to ignore you, try to ask him again, but if he is not answering you, please don’t bother to ask Aiken anything, you can just come to me directly or you should talk to Logan thier manager, you must of have heard of him before


PEARL:Of course everyone knows Mr Logan


MAMA BETTY:Good, If you are having problem like this with Aiken just come to me or better still go to Logan, I will prefer you to go to Logan directly, he will help you out, believe me on this, You won’t have problem with Earl, among all the boys, you won’t find Earl disturbing, He is very lively and friendly


NORA: Exactly, no matter what you asked him to do he will listen to you immediately, as long as it’s not going to hurt him, he will obey you


MAMA BETTY:And Ian, He really doesn’t have problem, but he loves things to go quietly, He believes that it is normal for him to experience lot of noises when he is with his fans and in public, but as long as he is in his house, he won’t want that noise, he despises it a lot, and if he is not ready to do anything, he will tell you immediately, unlike Aiken who ignores, Ian will tell you if he wants to or if he doesn’t want to, he won’t allow you to stress yourself, And Axel is somehow like Aiken but alittle better than Aiken, He is not that quite though, but sometimes he likes to ignore intentionally, and that is if he is meeting people for the first time, but the moment he gets along with you, believe me you will love him, among all the boys, Axel is hard to resist and ignore, there is no way you won’t like him, even if he starts his crazy attitudes which will definitely irritate you, am sure Nora understands that


NORA:Of course I understand that, let me break that down for you, what Mama Betty means about his crazy attitude is that Axel loves ladies a lot, he can be a playboy when he is at home, He flirts a lot which you will find somehow to be irritating but there is no way you won’t like Axel more, because it’s like he is

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holding people back to love him more, But believe me he is the cutest and kindest among all, So that’s it about him, it may take him some time before he gets along with you, But Ian and Earl dont have problems


PEARL:I understand everything, and I really appreciate all these informations, I will keep them at the back of my mind, I won’t forget them


MAMA BETTY:Good and please try to talk to your girls please PEARL:I will do that right away ma, Thank you ma


MAMA BETTY:You are welcome darling….


Some few guards are in Aiken’s room,Just like they have been instructed, they are busy checking every corner of the room,they checked if the cameras are Working and other things, after checking his room they went out of his room closing the door,they arrived at Ian’s room to do the same thing,after Ian’s room they checked Earl’s room,They checked everywhere in his room to see if everything is clear in his room also, after Earl’s room they checked Axel’s room and every corner of the room,After the boys rooms,they inspected the surroundings in the house,they checked all the cameras in the house to make sure that all are working…




Two guys sat next to eachother, One of the guys was busy reading a novel while


the other guy was taking a nap, The guy with a novel was putting on a white


pant(trouser),a white fitted top, He placed his white leather jacket on his laps, His


white sneakers with the touch of gold, he was extremely handsome, looking fresh


and clean, Meet Earl the most lively one among all the boys, The other guy who


was taking a nap was putting on a black pant, black top, his black timberland, his


black leather jacket on his laps also,he was putting on a golden necklace and a


golden wristwatch,Meet Ian the most fashionable member, a young man came to


them, he was putting on a wine suit, his black shoes on him looking so manly and


handsome with his smilling face ,meet Logan TBG’s Manager/PA/Secretary and


special adviser, He came in standing at Earl’s front who was busy with his novel,


Earl noticed that he is not saying anything so he dropped his novel ,he looked up at


him, Earl looked so tired though, He found Logan staring at him while he forced


himself to speak…


EARL: Uncle What?


LOGAN:Are you ok?


EARL: Am fine just a little bit tired, and did Bro Mike and Bro Jason said a doctor is at home waiting for Axel?



LOGAN:Yeah, A doctor is at home waiting for him, He won’t stay with you guys for the autographs


EARL:But fans will notice that


LOGAN: Sure they will know,But Mike will try to post to the page on why Axel will leave the airport before you guys(Ian woke up and said)


Ian:Bro do we need to do this autograph, Like I feel like going home the moment I get to the airport


LOGAN:Am afraid you can’t, It’s an order from above


EARL: Please don’t talk about that man, am scared of him please (Logan smile so also Ian was forced to smile)


LOGAN: Don’t worry you won’t use more than an hour at the airport


EARL:That one hour looks like a million years to me (Ian just smile so did Logan) LOGAN:Let me check on Aiken


EARL:Ok(He left hi seat and took four steps to the front, A guy was on sitting down resting his back on the chair, but he covered his face with a jacket, a golden headsets was on his laps, meet Aiken the introverted member, Most richest among them all and also the oldest one, Without touching him Logan left him alone, He dare not touch him since he covered his face with his jacket, it showed that he doesn’t want anyone to touch him…..)


At the airport thousands of Fans are all screaming and waiting for TBG’s arrival, The securities are trying thier best to make them to move back a bit, but the fans are not ready to miss thier golden opportunity, The soldiers arrived at the airport, at the same time the guards also arrived, they all rushed in immediately, the fans began to scream more and more, they all kept on shouting TBG!!! TBG!!! Suddenly few guards and Soldiers came out with Earl, The Moment they saw him they all screamed out so loudly, Suddenly another set of guards and Soldiers came out with Ian, seeing Ian approaching, the Fans screamed out more and more,Not too long Aiken came out with an hefty guy, This guy was putting on black all through,his black sunglasses looking dope on him, meet Ivor one of TBG’s special guards, he came out with Aiken who was in black top and black pant, black timberland, same dressing mode as Ian, the only difference was that Ian was putting on his own jacket while he was putting his own on his waist, he had his golden headsets around his neck, the moment they saw him coming out they all screamed out his name, the boys all stopped walking to gather together,so also the guards and soldiers stopped walking, even though the boys are still far from them, they can all see the boys from afar, not too long Logan, Mike and Jason came out



to speak with the boys, the fans began to be worry as Axel is yet to came out, Logan and Mike went in back…


Fans: What’s going on, where is Axel, Where is our boyfriend, Oh my God is he ok, can someone please talk to us,AXEL!!!!!!…(The fans began to get more worry, suddenly Logan and few guards came out so also Axel came out with a guy who was standing next to Axel,he was looking so hefty and he has the same dressing like Ivor, meet Hugo TBG’s special guard, Axel was putting on an oversized white hoodie, He covered his head with a black beanie and also used his hood to cover his head to hide his face,he was putting on a white pant and a black timberland, other boys are backing thier own bags but Axel’s bag was held by Mike, Suddenly Axel stopped walking and bent down, he was unable to walk again, The fans began to scream out as they all knew that Axel was definitely sick, A guard tried to hold him,But Axel told him not to be bother, he forced himself to stand up while he put his hands in his pockets, he kept on looking at the floor, the fans are unable to see his face as Axel walked passed them while Hugo and the guards and some few soldiers covered him from the fans,Mike also followed them,they arrived where the cars were parked, The door was opened for him, the moment he entered the car,he rested his head while his hood removed from his head before the door was closed, which made some fans to see Axel’s face, the door was closed while the fans began screaming, some are already in tears as they all realize that Axel must be in pain, The other guys moved closer to the fans while they all screamed on top of thier voices, The other three guys began to wave while smiling at the fans to say hello to them, Right from airport some fans are already posting to TBG’s fans page as they began to post thier prayers for Axel’s quick recovery…. COMMENTS


1)I can’t believe he is sick,he must have been so exhausted


2)Do you guys notice that he only forced himself to walk to the car?


3)I can’t believe it that my baby is sick


Honestly i saw his face before the car was closed,he was looking so tired


Garrick record label should please and allow the boys to rest, please they need a lot of rest


I was unable to see his face,but if I am given the last three seconds of my life,I will use that last three seconds to see Axel’s face, Like I am just dieing to see his face…


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