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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 13

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Chapter 13
I walked to the guest room.
I couldn’t help smiling I think I I’m falling for him. If he keeps smiling and laughing I will again for him again and again.
I laid on the bed, I couldn’t sleep. Having two guys in the room it’s something crazy, brother Ethan trust them so much.
Does this mean that Zac won’t date me even if he wants to, because of Ethan, he doesn’t want to let him down.
But what about me and my feelings should I just throw them in the dustbin, how could I do that.
I need to think very hard even though I know that nothing would come out from thinking but I still feel the need to think.
I should prepare myself for anything that would be thrown to me.
I got from the bed and walked outside the guestroom to the kitchen.
I need to have lemon juice or else nothing will pop out from this brain of mine.
I took some lemon juice in the fridge, when I turned I bumped into something, feeling frightened.
When i looked up a tall figure stood right in my front. He was so close the only thing getting between us was the jar that i held on my front.
“W-what you d-doing.” I couldn’t pronounce my words very well.
“I heard the door in the guestroom opened i thought you need something.” He grinned.
“Well Zac that’s creepy you know, and how did you get in here.” I pushed him aside as i walked to the counter.
“I walked through the door.”
I gasped.
“Don’t tell me that you can pass through the door.” I teased.
“You’re such a dummy, come on give me some.” He snatched the glass from me.
“Shouldn’t you be asleep now?.”
“Same goes to you.” I chuckled.
“Okay, fine.” I walked to fridge and put the juice back.
I felt him behind and pressed me against the fridge and my back on his chest.
I couldn’t breathe, I could feel my body heat up.
What is he doing? I cleared my throat.
“What are you doing?.” I whispered.
He didn’t reply.
I felt his hand run all over my back. And my legs go weak.
What is he doing? I could feel my throat goes dry.
I bit my lower lip. Damn! This feels so so good.
“Moan for me Alexa, I know that you like it.”
I shook my head.
His hands slip on my shirt.
His warm hands press on my waist.
I shiver. Why does he have such effect on me. “W-w-why y-you doing t-this.” I almost moaned. “Shhh… Just moan for me.” I shook my head “I don’t know how to.” I lied.
His hands move further to my boobs.
I gasped. This is sexual assault.
This body feels like it’s not mine. It respond to his every touch.
He squeezed them and eyes widen. I hang my head back.
As a let out a small cry. Ah!
He kissed the back of my neck. Behind my ear and trailed to my collarbone.
I moaned hard. He won, damn! He won.
In a swift he turned me my back on the stainless steel pressed on my back, i could feel its coolness.
My hand pressed, his eyes stare deep in mine.
I could feel myself blushing.
His eyes stirring up my emotions messing with my heart.
“Alexa.” He called.
He fingertips trailed on my lips.
My heart was beating so fast as if it wants to jump out from my chest, i was breathing heavily.
He kissed me. And i could resist this kind of assault.
I could not forget yesterday I even had a sweet sleep. Everything was just perfect, I only wish we can be together.
Zac i will wait for you no matter what happens, this is a promise i make for myself, even if it takes me the lifetime. I can’t be with someone else if not you.
I don’t know how will i face him today after what happened yesterday.
I walked to my room. With Ricky’s breakfast.
I had to wake up early to make breakfast so he can have his medication.
When i entered the room Ricky was sitting on the couch like bed.
He stared at he had this weird look.
“Good morning, how are you feeling?.” I grinned.
“Someone is happy today.” He smirked.
“Yes I am, because someone is getting better.”
I sat beside him.
“So, how was the feeling of coolness fridge behind your back.”
I choked on saliva, gosh he saw that.
I tried to play ignorant.
“What are you talking about.” I poked his arm.
“Oh oh you don’t know let me refresh your mind, the kiss huh?.” He laughed.
“You-you saw that.” I felt embarrassed.
“I’m, I’m impressed, Alexa I won’t judge you, I’m just happy that you’re happy, just take care of yourself okay?.” Tears welled up in my eyes.
I couldn’t help it than to hug him tight.
He is the best brother ever.
“I love you.” I cried.
“Hey don’t cry I didn’t want you to cry okay, I just love you so much that I want to see you happy.”
“Don’t let anyone to get between the both of you.”
“I love I love you okay, you heard thatt I said I love you.” I pecked his check.
He laughed.
I brushed his hair. “Get well, don’t move around to much.”

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