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Thank You Next – Episode 3

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I walked down the hallway to the cafeteria and the hallway was half empty. Only the students that belonged to the music club, cheerleader and karate classes were still around.


_He did say ice cream right?_ so I thought the cafeteria would be a good place to look for him.


I got to the cafeteria but no one was in. Like it was dead empty, you could hear a pin fall. Then I heard the door open and turned around.




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_So much for wasting my effort coming down here._ “I thought you’d be here already.” I smiled.


“Actually I was about to leave from karate class then I saw you walk by.” He said “Oh great.” I rolled my eyes.

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“So how about that ice cream?” He smiled.


He was so cute I could squish his face.


“Let’s do it!” I chuckled.


We were walking in the parking lot down to his car.


“So you’ve been in this school since when?” He looked at me with those blue eyes with sprinkles of silver.


_Oh don’t tell me this guy doesn’t know me_ “Since kindergarten.” I flashed him a ‘duuhh’ look.


“Oh pardon me.” He smiled and opened the door of his car. It was a red saloon car.


Just before he got in, he realized I was still standing outside then he rushed out again.

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“Uh sorry, I haven’t done this before.” He said nervously and opened the door for me to get in.


_What a gentleman_


“Where are we going?” I hung my purse round my waist and adjusted the belt.



“Izlets!” He said and looked at me. He seemed pretty excited but that place was not my favorite place to go but either way I smiled back. At least I managed to.


“What’s wrong?” He asked.


“Nothing.” I said plainly.


“If you don’t like the place we could ch-”


“No no no it’s fine.” I gave him a reassuring smile. I didn’t want to stress my date.


So we got to the restaurant(izlets) and ordered our ice cream. It was way more delicious than I thought.


“So what happened between you and your ex?” He had already gulped down 3 huge bowls of ice cream and wanted more.


_What an appetite he has_


He was already looking like he was gonna explode and I was getting disgusted seeing him like that. The waiter brought one more bowl he ordered and he started rushing it like he hadn’t eaten in days.


I felt embarrassed, he was getting the ice cream all over his face and mouth.

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“Nathan.” I said and dropped my ice cream cup.


“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”


“Wh- what? No.” He looked up for a while and went back to his ice cream.


_I’ve had it!_


“I’m leaving.” I said and took my purse from the table and started exiting the restaurant.


“Wait Nicole.” I heard him say while I was already at the door.



So I got outside and waited for like 2 minutes and he didn’t even come after me.


_What a jerk_


I rolled my eyes then went to where I could take a cab. It was already dark and it was about to rain.


“Lord save me from this mess.” My house was about 12miles away from here, if I started walking I would be drenched in water before I get home.


I couldn’t get any cab so I started walking.


_Its not like I’ll catch a cold or something. Its just a little rain. What harm could it cause me?_


It finally started raining and I wasn’t anywhere close to home.


“Could this day get any worse?!” I yelled and a tear escaped.


I was still walking in what seemed like misery for a while then I heard a horn behind me. So I turned around and the windows slid down.


_God thank God it’s you_


It was Dave, Max’s friend.


I got in the car with my wet self and shut the door.


“What happened to you?” He asked and I could clearly see that he wanted to laugh at me so bad.


“Come on. Laugh it out.” I bit my lips so hard so I wouldn’t cry.


“Chill Nicole, I’m not gonna laugh.” He was serious but I just turned and he burst into laughter.


“How did you- how did?!” He said amidst laughter.


“Focus Dave or you’ll get us killed.” I said a little coldly.


“I’m sorry.” He gave me the puppy eyes.


I quickly looked away so I wouldn’t have to look at his jerky face.


“Okay we’re home.” He said and parked right in front of my house.


I opened the door so I could step out.


“Should I follow you maybe?” He asked.


“No. I’ll be fine.” I got down and shut the door so hard then he drove off.


“Idiots!” I scoffed.


“Mom!” I knocked on the door the she opened up for me.


“Oh my God sweety what happened?” She welcomed me with open arms of which I ran into ’cause I really needed motherly hugs at that time.


I didn’t say anything I just cried on her shoulder.


_I’m really emotional_


“Come here, let’s run you a warm bath. Oh poor thing.” She said as she led me upstairs to my room.


I loved my mom. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me.













Just when she thought she liked him


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