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If The Ring Fits – Episode 13

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He swirled me around as I giggled and he laughed too. I just stare at him. He is really handsome just like my dad.


“Do you have a girlfriend?”,I blurt out.


“No… I’m still searching”,he shrugged answering.


“That’s good”,he swirled me around again.


“Hope you won’t mind if I spend the night with you”


“i don’t think so kid, it’s almost midnight. You should be in bed by now”


“Okay then, why don’t escort me to my bedroom and then, read me a story and you will sleep by my side”

QUICK HELP: Please I need you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Please click HERE or search 'Topster Toons' on YouTube. This will go a verrrry long way for me, please. 


He chuckled, “Why would I go that…”


“Uh.. .Because you are my brother’s bestfriend”


“I will gladly do so but first, you have to go to the bedroom while I meet my friends. I will be back in a jiffy”,he kissed my knuckles and my smiles widens. That’s so nice of him.


He kissed my knuckles which means he likes me too.


“Who do you say is your mom again”,I saw Maggie blocking my way while I rolled my eyes.


“I don’t know”, I moved away and she grabbed my dress making me gasp.


“Now listen to me, you brat. If you disrespect me one more time, I will make sure i break you into two”


I raised a brow, “Is that all… Listen to me Miss whatever, Don’t let me complain what you just did to my dad. I will make sure he bans you from this palace”,I said as she let go of my dress. That’s where I saw one guard moving closer to me.


“Are you alright, your majesty?”,he asked.


“No, she tried to beat me up”


“What do you think we should do to her, your majesty”


“Erm… just take her out of the hall”, I said as Maggie’s mouth widens.


“You can’t do that”,she shouts.


“Really?.”, I asked and stared at the guard,”Please take her away”


“Okay…your majesty”,he booted as other guards joined and they carried her out as she struggles.


“I will never forgive you, you brat”,She shouted while people turned staring at her.


I moved to the bedroom, removing my gown as I wore a pyjamas waiting for Prince Williams.


I waited for about 5mins and started feeling sleepy… I was really tired. I slowly heard footsteps and I knew it was him but my eyes were heavy.


“Finally, you came?”,I said through yawns.



“I’m back..”,he sat at the edge of the bed, “Since you feel sleepy, I can go back and let you rest”


“Don’t leave, I can’t sleep alone.. I mostly sleep with my parents but they are just spending time together and honestly I don’t wanna disturb them. Do please sleep with me”


He stared at me for a while and removed his suit. He rolled his sleeves on his arms. He sat close to me and pulled me into his arms.. I could my eyes and slept immediately.. . I’m really tired.








I woke up at the 2am. I yawn and stretch seeing Nick behind me. I stood up na.ked wearing his shirt.


I kissed his cheeks and decided to take a stroll…i wanted to know if my daughter is okay.


And luckily the door is opened. I walked in Nick bedroom and past the grand hall as I was the ring glistening..


I have never seen anythinglike it before.. . It’s was glistening and I moved noise to it. I touched it and gradually pushed it on my finger as it fits.


I stared at it as it glisten on my finger. Oh my God, this means I can be with Prince Nicholas forever.


Suddenly i felt confused and rum back to Nick’s room jumping on the bed.


Nick groaned in his sleep as I took him on the bed, “Wake up, Nick”


He buckled, “Baby… it’s dawn.. please sleep. We would talk about it tomorrow”


I shook him on the bed, “No Nick wake up”, I kissed him by surprise.His fingers fixed in my hair as he made the kiss his..



“What’s going on”,he asked and i raised my hands as the ring glisten on my finger.


He quickly sat up, “Is that…”,he trailed off and I nodded.


“It’s fits…”


“Yes it fits Nick”,I said and he pulled me in to his arms.


“You know what that means baby”,he said.


“That we will leave happily together”, I said softly running his back. Then i my shoulders a bit wet.


“Nick “,I called.




“Are you drooling on me?”,I asked and he laughed.


“No… ”


“Are you crying?”,I asked but he ignored my question and I released his hug and touched his cheeks.


“Hey, why are you crying”


“It’s just that I didn’t even know that…”


“shh… “,I cut him off, “Let’s enjoy the moment”,I slept on the bed pulling him in my arms.


I’m so excited that the ring fits.


The next morning… I quickly ran to ran to Ariel’s room and I found her in Prince Williams arms.. I smiled staring at them.


“Let’s leave them alone”,I heard Nicholas behind me. I nodded and we moved to the kitchen … He helped me prepared breakfast.



I served the food and I saw Ariel wiping her eyes as she had her seat.


“Good morning “,she greeted and yawned.


“Good morning dear.. where is Williams “,Nickasked.


“Oh he is still in bed …”,she answered taking a sandwich as she took a bite.


“I hope you two have solved your problem”,she continued and Nick and I stared at eachother.


“So it was all your doing.. . You were responsible for locking us up”


“Yes I was …”,she answered and i shook my head in amazement.


“Something is strange. You barely knew Prince Williams … how come he is in your room”,I asked her.


“Because I like him and I wanted him to spend the night with me since you two were making out”


“Ooohh okay”,Nick and I both said.


“I’m telling you the truth”,she said..


“No one said you are lying..”, I answered.


She sighed, “I’m going to shower”,she said softly getting up from the chair and she


left us…




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