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Thank You Next – Episode 11

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“No way!” Thelma yelled over the phone.

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It was a cool Sunday morning and mom didn’t still unground me. I kept myself busy with movies on Netflix since my mom didn’t even let me in the living room.


_Yea she can be that harsh_


I was in the middle of a movie when Thelma called to freak out on the picture of Nathan I sent to her. She was literally laughing her ass out. And I just couldn’t enjoy the moment any better.


“What the hell Nicole! This is so hilarious. I’m posting this.” She said laughing.

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“No no no.”


“Why? I thought you want revenge on him?”


“I’ve come to realize that he doesn’t really deserve it. I’ll just use the picture to tease him a little.” I giggled.


“What ever you say babes. But this? this is amazing! How’d you do it?” She laughed.


“He couldn’t keep his libido in check!” I chuckled.


“Alright gotta go.” She said and cut me off.


Just as I was still laughing at the picture, I heard a knock on the door.



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“Mom! Leave me alone.” I yelled, I was still angry at my mom though for not believing me. I pleaded and pleaded with my best puppy eyes ever but she didn’t listen! She was as stubborn as I was or even worse.


Then the door squeaked open and my jaw dropped at the cutie I was staring at.


Yea, it’s the grey eyed guy again, Shawn Gates.


“My mom let you in here?” I asked knowing fully well my mom wouldn’t do that.


“Uh… Yea.” He smiled and put his arms in his pocket but that smile wasn’t genuine.


“What is it?” I put my head down, expecting the worst from him.


“I just want to let you know that what you did to Nathan was–”


“Bad I know, I’m sorry.” I said sincerely.


“No! It was amazing and hilarious.” He said and his mood changed all of a sudden from cold to happy and excited.


“What?” My face brightened.


“I’d love to go out with you sometime, I need a crazy girl around me.” He said and his countenance changed.


“Oh okay!” I chuckled.


“C’mon sit.” I gestured for him to join me on the bed.


“You know. I never thought I’d see you again.” He said staring right into my eyes.


“Me too.” I tried hard not to blush but his eyes were staring deep into my soul.


“I’m sure you didn’t miss me.” He said and tickled me.


“Heck no I didn’t!” I said laughing.


“Really? You didn’t?” He pushed me to the bed and went on top of me tickling me and I was just laughing my ass out.


“I found your weak spot.” He said tickling the part right above my navel. And truly, whenever I was tickled there, I almost fainted with laughter. Everything was going till I started choking on my own saliva.


“What? You’re coughing already?” He said letting go of me. I’m sure my face started turning red ’cause I saw the concern on his face and that was the last thing I saw then everything just went blank.




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I opened my eyes slowly and saw my mom sitting beside me, patting my head and beside her was Shawn.


“Sweety are you okay?” She asked, tears dropping.


“I’m fine.” I said, sitting up straight.


“Shawn? What happened?” I asked.


“I’m sorry Nicole, I think I tickled you a little too hard.” He said, flashing smiles at me.


“No it’s fine.” I smiled.


“Nicole you really scared me. I thought you were pregnant or something.” Mom said wiping her tears with the back of her hands.


“What?!” I yelled, really disgusted by what my mom said.


“You know mom, this whole thing is your fault.” I snapped and she just stayed still waiting for me to speak.



“If you had allowed me go out or something, I would be with Thels right now not bothering about some guy in my room tickling me straight to unconsciousness.”


“Nicole I–”


“You what?!” I snapped cutting her off.


“I just want the best for you.”


“And this is your best for me? Locking me up? Mom I’m 18 for Christ’s sake and I’m tired of being mommy’s girl!” I yelled and Shawn cleared his throat.


“Mrs Blues, please unground her.” He pleaded.


Mom just looked at our faces and smiled sadly.


“Okay fine. You’re ungrounded. I completely understand you’re a big girl now.” She giggled holding my cheeks.


“I’ll leave you two now.” She said standing up.


“Thank you so much Mrs Blues.” Shawn said.


“Oh it’s fine, since you’ll be going out with her more often. What we talked about? Be nice to her.” She smiled and left us.


“What was she talking about?” I asked confused about what she meant by ‘going out with her more often’.


“Just forget it Nicole.” He said and ran his hand through his hair.


“You should get some rest.” He said standing up.


“Wait. I’m fine now.” I said smiling.


“So what’d you say we go somewhere?” He grinned.


“Cool! Time and place?”


“Have you ever been to a casino before?” He smirked.


“A what?!”












Who can guess what her mom meant by ‘going out with her more often’





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