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Heavenly Fight – Episode 7

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Episode 7


Ashley’s pov


Stop” Lisa shouted making I and Archie to turn towards her


Pls stop, lives are at stake ” she said again as she fainted


Lisa” I called as Archie caught her from falling to the floor


That was when I realized that the place we were was burning, I and Archie caused the school to burn


I felt guilty for once in my life


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Ashley ” Archie called


Don’t call me see what you ve caused ” I shouted


Oh shut up, Lisa is not breathing ” he blurted shocking the life out of me What!! ” I exclaimed as I went towards him pushed him aside as I carried Lisa


I checked her breathe but she wasn’t breathing, I put my head to her chest but no heart beat


Panic filled my heart as I couldn’t help but cry, I brought her her closer to my chest as I cried, tears fell from my eyes uncontrollably ,right now nothing mattered to me but her, she can’t loose her life cos of me


Ashley ” I heard her call


Lisa ” I was surprised she woke up


I thought you died ” I said in tears


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Yes, but you brought me back ” she said



Can the two of you stop that drama let’s find a way to get out of here, the fire has stopped and the fire extinguishers are coming up” Archie said looking through the window as he turned to us


Ashley my wounds are gone too” Lisa said as she checked her body We will talk about that later, how do we leave ” I asked


Since we have special qualities maybe we should try flying ” Archie said


From which window ” I asked


The back window” he said


sure, let’s go” I said


Archie you are the Male here so you would take care of Lisa ” I said


What, kk as far as we leave this place ” as he walked towards the window


Wait wait wait” Lisa said


Have you done this before ” she asked as I and Archie shaked our head


Are you serious, this is the sixth floor, Pls I can’t die again find a way ” she said Even though we fall we can’t possibly die” I said


Really, what about me. I will be smashed into various pieces ” she said


Can you shut up let’s do this ” Archie said as he dragged towards the window while Lisa was shouting


Pls I don’t want to die again ” She said as Archie jumped holding her as I followed suit


that was when I realized that I should have listened to Lisa we kept on screaming as we fell


Archie was also screaming as he mistakenly left Lisa


Lisa!!! ” I shouted as I no longer remembered that I was falling to my death


I continued falling as I tried to get hold of Lisa but it wasn’t working as gravity was taking it toll



Something like wings popped out of my back as I turned to look at it happy that I can save Lisa


I speed up my flying as I got closer to her but Archie was faster than I as he caught her from falling


We got down successfully


Immediately Lisa ran as she puked


You two won’t be the death of me ” she said


But your wings are pretty ” that’s when I noticed mine was golden why Archie’s was red


Thanks ” I and archie said together as we glared at each other


Now we have to join others, you two have to act like you weren’t in school ” she said as our wings went back inside

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Kk” I said as we went towards others


Sir see Archie and Ashley ” I student shouted attracting others attention


Where have you been ” he asked as he held his chest


You almost gave me a heart attack


Sorry sir, we went for a little walk” I said


We?? ” Archie asked


Shut up and play along for once” I fired silently


Lisa I thought I saw you running inside the school building ” he said Yes sir” she replied


Then how did you come out , I followed another exit” she said Are you OK, were you burnt” he asked


No sir am okay, sir can we go home now ” she asked


Yes, you can go everything has been taken care of ” he said as we left in a hurry


Archie went his way, as I and Lisa drove home quietly


I dropped Lisa at her home as I drove to mine


Miss, were have you been” my mum asked


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First day at school you can home late, second day at school you caused trouble and came home late again ” she said angrily


Am sorry mom, Pls don’t transfer me again ” I pleaded After you burnt your school ” I said


Mom, I just had a fight with someone who is just like me, am sorry it won’t happen again


Sweetheart let her be, she has transferred enough ” my dad said Thank you dad” I said as I hugged him



Lisa’s pov


After Ashley dropped me


I sneaked inside but too bad my mum caught me


Young lady were are you coming from ” she asked


Emm, mom am coming from school ” I said


Oh, I see your school caught fire ” she said


Are you ok did anything happen to you ” she asked as she checked me for any wound


Judith nothing is wrong with her ” my grandma said


Lisa to my study immediately ” she said as I knew that am in for another trouble Why did you do that” she asked as I got to her study


I wanted to bring them closer ” I answered knowing my my answer was overly stupid


And your stupidity almost caused you your life” she said angrily Am sorry grandma ” I said as I kept on apologizing




Archie’s pov


I ve always warned you to control your powers now look at what you caused ” my dad yelled at me


Am sorry dad ” I said


Sorry for yourself ” he said as he walked out


Sweetheart you should be careful ok, am sure you are not hurt” my mom said as she hugged me


Am fine mum” I said


Today was really something else





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