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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 9

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Chapter 9



Drunk Claire



Claire’s POV


“Actually, Claire, I have something to tell you….”


Oh no! He’s not in his right senses, whatever he says isn’t going to make sense, I need to get him home before he says something he’s going to regret later.


Just then, I spot the woman from before walking towards our direction again. She shouldn’t come and bother us again.


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“Claire, I…”


“Alright, I’ll get someone we know who’s going home to share a cab with you, I’m really not comfortable letting you go home alone” I cut him off.


He sighs.


” Sounds like a fair plan” he said.


I saw one of our interns who’s going home, I beg him to help Derrick get home and thankfully he agreed. I went back into the club.


“You’re back, I see you managed to ditch Derrick” Charlotte said immediately she sees me.


” What you did back there wasn’t cool” I told her.


“Oh, come on, we both know he’d prefer to have you around instead of me. Here”

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she hands me another shot. “The night’s still young”


I roll my eyes, but accepted it anyway. One after the other… Soon I lost count of the number of shots I’ve had.


The floor begins to spin uncontrollably.


“Okay I’m going to be the responsible adult now” Charlotte said. ” Where do you live Claire? We need to get you home”


I giggled.


“You’re not going to believe where I live! No, no, you’re not going to believe who I live with….. ”


That’s enough drinks for you, young lady” I heard Lucas’s voice cut me off. I frown.


” Lucas?! You are Mr Knight’s secretary” Charlotte exclaimed.


“Nice to meet you. Rest assured, she’s in good hands, I’ll bring your friend home, safe and sound. I’m the designated driver” he told her.


“you know where she lives? ”


” Yup”


Charlotte hesitate for a while.


“Okayyy” then she walked away.


I did a double take at Lucas, he look kinda cute this evening, ugh, this alcohol is


really getting to me.


I pinched his cheeks.


“Ow! Ow!” He winches.


I give him The most innocent smile I can conjure up. Lucas sighs.


“The things I do….” He trail off. “Come now, Claire” he led me out of the club.


“That was a damn close call” he whispered under his breath.


” You nearly told her about your special living arrangements”


“You’re right! I didn’t get to tell her, I have to go back and tell her that I’m living with…. ” Lucas covers my mouth with his hand as he continues to drag me out of the club.


I grunts as I’m flung into the back seat of the fanciest limo I’ve seen in my life.


“Wow” I awed. “It’s as big as my bedroom back in morfield”


“Drive” I heard Killian’s voice ordered. His cold voice sends shivers down my spine. But by now, I’m too intoxicated to filter my thoughts.


He sounds angry.


“Sounds like someone is angry” I blunt out.


” You were about to blurt out our secret. Of course I’m mad! ”


” Oops. Sorry” I muttered. ” I’ve been thinking….. ”


I don’t care what you’ve been thinking, Claire”.


You must have known about Timothy, that bastard copied my design and you knew. But how……. ”


I don’t know what your are talking about” he interrupt me.


That night…. We’re you the one who tidied my notes? Did you carry me back to my bedroom? ”


Killian stares out of the window wordlessly.


“Let me make it up to you” I slides myself across the seat….. And onto Killian’s


lap, straddling him. Even through my fuzzy vision, I see him swallow nervously.


“What are you doing?” He asked.


From this distance, I can smell a mix of wine and whisky on his breath.


He’s just as drunk as I am.


I wrap my arms around his neck.


“Has anyone ever told you, you’re hot? Like really, really hot? ” I asked him.


He chuckled. He grabs my arm and tries to pull me away, but it only prompts me to lean even closer to him.


“Why don’t you wanna find me in your bed na.ked? Why is that even a rule?”



“Claire, Claire. You’ve certainly had too much to drink” he said, but I’m not getting any of that. Being drunk made me bolder than before.


“Do you not find me attractive enough?”


In that moment, I feel a pang of desire hit me. Have I always wanted to know the answer to this? I guess I have. I thought I was content with the idea of working as both his intern and his housekeeper, content with the idea of living in the same space as him….. But could it be that I wanted more?


“Claire, what’s wrong?” Killian asks me.


“Sorry. You’re right. I’ve had too much to drink”. I try to slide off his lap except…..


He wraps his arm around my waist, locking me in his embrace.


“Is that how you think I see you?” He asked, I gasped when I meet his gaze, for all I see is desire. Pure desire.


“Fucking hell!” He muttered.


He crashes his lips against mine without warning and pulls me impossibly close to him. Without hesitating, I open my mouth and he eagerly delves in, nipping and sucking. I’m lost in his taste, lost in his scent. The kiss was wild.


“Mr Knight…..” I called.


“Fuck. It drives me crazy whenever you call me that” he breakers the kiss and leans his forehead against mine, both of us panting.


His eyes are still hooded with desire.


“Are you sure you want this?” He asked me.


“N-no….. ”


” That’s okay” he plants a soft kiss on my lips this time.


A wave of exhaustion hits me and I feel my eyelids getting heavier……




The next morning….


Ugh! Why is it so bright?


Ow, my head!


Wait… I’m back in my own bed? How?


Flashbacks of my kiss with Killian play back in my head.




No, no, no, no!


I quickly change out of my dress from last night and dash out of my room.


“K-killian? I mean, Mr Knight?” I’d better go back to last name basis even though I was all up on him last night. I look around, but didn’t see him anywhere.


He’s not around… Could he be in his room? I walk to his bedroom and knock, but there’s no answer. I turn his door knob, it’s unlocked.


I peer inside the dark room and sure enough, there was Killian, sprawled under his covers, topless.


“Mr Knight?” I called, he shifts in his bed, groaning lightly.


Guess I’m not the only one with a bad hangover. I shut the door behind me and slumps onto the floor. I touch my lips as I think back to how Killian ravaged them last night. I feel a blush creeping over my cheeks. The throbbing headache return.


Ugh, I need my hangover cure to think straight.


I head to the kitchen and ransacked the cupboards and fridge to concoct my very own hangover elixir. The secret is to add plenty of orange juice, I feel surprisingly



healthier after drinking it. Killian didn’t sound too rosy either. He probably had just


as much to drink as I did last night… That’s how it led to….


My passionate tryst resurfaces in my head.


Argh! But I really should bring him a glass of my hangover cure. I could take this opportunity to talk to him too….. But I don’t think I have the courage to face him now. No I can’t, not after last night.


I haul myself into my room and try to do some work to take my mind off everything.


A while later, I heard a knock on the door.




I shuffle unwillingly to open the door. Sure enough, there was Killian standing at the door.


“About last night……”


Oh my God! What is he going to say now? Please don’t fire me because of last night, I prayed in my head.


To be continued







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