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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 6

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Kamila, Alfredo & Innocencia P. O. V.

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Oh wow. You are so pretty Innocencia “said Kamila as she exchange hands with Innocencia. “Thank you ma’am “said Innocencia. “Common Innocencia. Don’t call her ma’am. Her name is Kamila. She is my……. “said Alfredo as Kamila


interposed. “Never mind Alfredo. I’ll do the introduction…….(she turned to


Innocencia)……… Just like what Alfredo was saying, my name is Kamila. And I am


his girlfriend “said Kamila as Innocencia startled. “What! “Alfredo exclaimed. Kamila strike his shoulder lightly without Innocencia awareness. “Oh really? Does this mean you guys are together? “Innocencia said eagerly, feeling hurt inside of her. “Yes we are “Kamila replied. “Well let’s leave that aside….. What were you


saying earlier Innocencia? What is it you wanted to tell me? “he requested. “Never mind. It doesn’t matter anymore “Innocencia replied in an obvious pretence smile. “I’ll be on my way now. Bye guys “she added, standing up to leave. “Alright. Bye dear “Kamila waved at her until she vanished. “Why did you have to say that Kamila? We all know that we are just friends. You are not my girlfriend “said Alfredo, looking disappointed. “I’m really sorry about that Alfredo. But believe me, I don’t mean to cause you any trouble. In fact, it has no difference if I tell her the truth or not. She is not your girlfriend after all “Kamila pleaded. “Even so. Speaking the truth won’t cause any harm to you either “said Alfredo. “Alright I’m sorry. It won’t happen again “she pleaded. “It’s okay. Just don’t do it again “said Kamila. “I won’t “she assured.





Alicia & Patricia P. O .V.


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(At the cafeteria) Ronato walk towards the both of them, carrying his tray of meal with him. “Hello guys…. “he said. “As usual. May I join your table? “. “Sorry


doctor. Not this time “said Alicia. “Alright then. I’ll just sit somewhere else “said Ronato as he left the spot. “Thanks for the support Alicia “Patricia expressed her gratitude. “You are welcome “she replied.





Innocencia P. O. V.


She begin to speak horribly to herself on her way back home. “I am such a fool. I am such a fool to think that Alfredo doesn’t have a girlfriend” she said bitterly. “I just made a fool out of myself. I never expected I’ll feel hurt this way “she sobbed.


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“I have no other choice than to stay away from him now. I know I’ll get over it soon. I’ll make sure I do “she added.





Alicia P. O. V.


(In the library. She is reading a romance novel.) Unexpectedly, Ronato came in. “I’m glad you are here Alicia “said Ronato. “Well yes doctor. I’m just taking a break after completing half of my rounds. Why? Is there an emergency? “asked Alicia. “No. Not at all. I was actually looking for you just to have a word with you “he replied. “Really? What is it? “she requested, standing on her feet. “Why did you rejected me earlier from having lunch with you guys? “he asked. “You should know the answer to that question doctor “replied Alicia. “Is it because of Patricia? “he asked. “Yes it is. And you can’t blame me for that “she replied. “Did she tell you everything? “he asked. “No she didn’t. I heard everything myself. I was actually there when you pronounced your love to her “she replied. “You mean you heard that? “he got astonished. “Yes Ronato. I did “she replied. “Frankly speaking Alicia. I love her so much. But she doesn’t seem to trust me “he confessed. “Even I don’t trust you either Ronato. I just can’t shake the feeling that you are just deceiving my friend. Patricia is a good person. She doesn’t deserve to be treated badly. You don’t deserve someone like her “said Alicia. “I can’t blame you Alicia. You have every right to to crucify me because of the sins I’ve committed. But believe me, I’m trying to change. In fact, I’ve changed. I’ve quit my womanising habit. And that is because of her “said Ronato. “If truly you love her just as you said, then prove it. That is the only time I will believe you are telling me the truth Ronato “said Alicia as she left the library.


An hour later, a female patient was rushed into the hospital. Patricia went through her report and she found out that the patient slipped from the stairs. Not long, Ronato also arrived at the spot and hijacked the report file from Patricia. “What’s that, doctor? “she acted grumpily. “Hey common. Try to be friendly at times. This is work. Don’t be so grumpy all the time “said Ronato. Then he also go through the patient’s report file and proposed the patient having a minor injury. “I totally disagree with you on that, doctor. This isn’t just a minor injury. Don’t you think after the woman fell off the stairs, she must have hit her head on the ground. Can’t you see she’s bleeding right from her head? She must be suffering from amnesia as a result of the fall “said Patricia, whose face is still grumpy but speaking softly. “What! Amnesia? Just because of what? On that minor accident?



Try to use your medical sense Patricia. How could that lead to amnesia “he disagreed. “Well it’s pointless talking to you. I know what I saw to conclude on that which you couldn’t see. Even without confirming her diagnosis, I am absolutely sure of myself “she raised her voice. “And I also sure either “he raised her voice too. “That’s enough you two “Antonio appeared out of the blue. Everyone focused their attention at them. Then they both realise that they were already shouting. “What’s wrong with you two? Have you forgotten this is an hospital “he said furiously. “We are really sorry doctor Marcesa “Ronato pleaded. “Excuse me! Don’t you dare say sorry to me. You should keep the sorry to yourselves…….. The


both of you should come right with me into my office. We need to talk “Antonio exit and the both of them followed. “Oh my world! What was that? Now they are in trouble. I wonder what Doctor Gomez has caused the pretty doctor this time “said Lucia. “Doctor Gomez is the one in trouble and definitely not doctor Domingo. As far as I could remember, doctor Domingo is more closer to doctor Antonio Marcesa much more than doctor Gomez “said Delia. “Well I totally disagree with you on that. Doctor Antonio do not treat favourite. He can punish the both of them if he found them to be blamed “said Lucia. “Hey, you guys should stop your nonsense or else…… “said Christina as Lucia interrupted. “Or else what?


“she said angrily. “Leave them both Christina. Let them continue. I won’t be surprised if they both ended up being the next to go with the director into his office “said Laurette.





Antonio, Ronato & Patricia P. O. V.


(Antonio’s office) “What’s wrong with you both? Why the noise earlier? “Antonio requested further. “I am really sorry director. Patricia and I were just discussing about the nature of the patient’s accident that was recently rushed in. We didn’t know when the tone of our voices suddenly became louder “Ronato responded. “On what diagnosis? “asked Antonio. “We haven’t carried out any test yet. But I sincerely believe that the patient is now suffering from amnesia as a result of her fall which doctor Gomez disagree with “replied Patricia. “What was your own assumptions? “Antonio directed the question to Ronato. “In my own point of view, I believe it’s just a minor accident. It’s not as serious as the way she think it is “replied Ronato. “Alright then. I’ll take this as an open challenge for the both. And whoever wins the challenge, he/she would become the best doctor of the year. The result would be out very soon. The test would be carried out based on your assumption Patricia, which is amnesia. If the result eventually turns out to be



positive, then you are the winner and Ronato would be the loser. But if the result turns out to be the other way round, that is, negative. Then Ronato will be the winner of the challenge and you will be the loser of the challenge Patricia. Now you guys should get ready for the result “Antonio concluded as the two doctors gave a sigh of panic.








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