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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 8

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The world became void like God had taken his own children, living Nelson behind to be tortured by dead souls. He craved for death to take him, but he remained strong day by day, ripping the deadly fruit of his father. One could see him running out from their house, wearing just a trouser without shirt. Blood and bruises covered all over his body like one being attacked by wild animals. A large wood with blood stain also rested in his hand. Immediately he ran out to the lonely street, he saw those who had been after his life; dead souls. They looked horrible like zombies, coming out from nowhere.


“Leave me alone!” Nelson shouted. He could hear the echo of his voice repeatedly on the street.


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“Set us free!” the dead souls chorused.

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“I’m not God!”


“You must set us free!” they began to run after him. Nelson tried to run, but fell down in a way his face kissed the ground. He raised it up to see a man smiling and smoking weed before him.


“Dad?” he called on him.


“Yes?” the man stretched his hand for him. Nelson grabbed it to find his feet on the


ground. “I’m sorry, son” the man added..




The faintly sweet odour of the weed filtered into his sleep. At first he rejected it. It wasn’t true. But the odour persisted, growing stronger. Finally, he opened his eyes to discover that he had been dreaming. But how can the weed smoked by his father in the dream still smelling in reality? He wondered and looked around in the dark room to see outline of two persons seated at the foot of his bed and their cigarettes


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glowing. “Oh, not again” he muttered and put on the light to see Sam and Charlie. “I guess this is not about losing my money to Joe again”


“No, Nelson. It’s about you being in more trouble” Sam replied.


Nelson stood up to recall the previous night lecture they received from Ben. He also remembered they had an appointment of meeting a man who could be of help to them. He glanced at a wall clock. His mind deviated from that back to what Sam said. “What do you mean I’m in more trouble?” he asked.


“The governor called, requesting to speak with Delgado” Charlie replied.


“And the press are here to learn the cause of his death” Sam added.


“Is that why I’m in trouble? Delgado killed himself”


“Did he really do that coz I wasn’t there?”


Nelson ignored them and rushed into the bathroom.. Minutes later, he began, walking boldling to the exterior part of the research building in his suit, looking handsome and mean. Workers greeted him on his way without him responding, but the sound of his shoes sent emergency response to them.


“Sir, the governor is on the phone again” Ernest hurried beside him with a phone.


“I don’t wanna speak with the governor. Tell him that” Nelson replied without slowing down his pace or even looking at Ernest’s surprising face.


Ernest stood at a spot, staring at the phone in his hand. “How can Nelson reject the governor’s call and had the guts to let me tell him that? That was rude” he thought and never delivered the message coz he didn’t even know how to position his mouth to tell the governor Nelson’s response.


Nelson stepped out of the gate to see crowd of Press with their camera and microphones. He stopped, ready to answer their questions. At that moment his image was the next thing on the television of every home in the city. While Sam and Charlie watched him from a window upstairs.



“Sir, there is a rumour that Mr Delgado took his own life. How true is that?”


“Very true” Nelson replied.




He forcefully took the microphone from the female press, then began. “If I tell you the reason why, you all will drop your cameras, take a gun and put a bullet in your heads. There was never a cure to V2. Delgado lied! And this disease is beyond human comprehension, and science cannot explain it, not even what religion can solve. Victims of this virus aren’t dead, rather their souls are trapped, and we are doing everything possible to ensure that they are released, if not, the world will be taken by these souls. No single being will remain alive. Trust me, I have seen it in my dream, and I wouldn’t want to experience it in reality. That’s why Delgado killed himself. Therefore preventing yourselves from the virus is of no use coz if the souls of this victims are not released, your case will be worst than theirs” he handed the microphone back to the lady. Nobody reminded them to make way for him to pass.


There were expression of perturbation and tension on the faces of everyone in the city. Their eyes opened the more after the enlightenment. Truly, the world was about to be destroyed before God would do that.


Nevertheless, Nelson entered into the front seat of a black Rang Rover that was already waiting for him. He looked at the driver which was Jane then smiled.


“That was a nice speech” she returned the smile.




Jane started the car and began to drive. “You’re bold and brave. I like that”


“Not really, but situation makes one to be” Nelson fastened his seatbelt, then turned to Jane to see her staring. He smiled. “You look beautiful this morning”



She said nothing, but kept smiling. The love between both was beginning to grow gradually.


On the other hand, after Charlie saw how both smiled at each other from the window, she became jealous. Sam noticed it.


“You know you can’t force yourself on a man” he said.


“Even when I love him?” she asked heartbroken.


Sam placed a hand on her shoulder then began to lead her out of the window.


“Love they say must come from both parties. Anything less than that is illusion.


But don’t worry I’ll make him realise how much you love him” he gave her a word


of hope.






Ben later joined Nelson and Jane in the car. They drove out of the city in search of the author that quoted Anthony Clifford on his book. It was hours journey. Sooner did they get to the place, and Ben brought out the address saying, “This is the place” he pointed at a white mansion.


“Wow!” Nelson exclaimed, looking at the magnificent structure. They knocked at the gate before a man opened it.


“Please, is this the residence of one Dr. Philip Hammond?” Ben asked.


“Yes” the man replied.


After much inquiry, they were led into the house. Inside the living room was like paradise on earth, ranging from the classic tiles and golden furniture. The temperature of the place can get one sleeping unexpectedly. They could see tortem of heavily kingdom which proved to them that Philip Hammond was a religious man. Just as they waited in a cushion, the man came out with a walking stick. He had advanced in age with gray hair on his head. The men introduced themselves.



“I just saw you on television this morning” Philip pointed at Nelson. “And i loved your boldness” he added still pointing fingers at him which means he wanted to say more. “How did you come up with the story of the trapped souls” he asked.


“Actually, that’s why we are here” Nelson told his story and the bed. He also revealed to the man that he was Anthony Clifford’s son.


Philip looked worried after hearing from him. “I knew your father. He was so much determined to research on that which is impossible like finding what happens spiritually during sex” he stood up, walking to the sculpture of God that stood beside his television. He turned with a smile. “God allowed Anthony to succeed on his research to let people know that there is a reason sex should be done only in a holy matrimonial bed. Unfortunately, the method of his research brought about V2”


“How?” Ben asked.

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“The alien he used for the research by having sex with her, had the virus. Due to the sexual act had taken place on the bed made by Anthony, and Anthony discovering what happens during sex, anyone the alien looks into the eyes, his or her soul will automatically get trapped just as it happens during sexual intercourse”


“So you’re saying what happens during sex..”


“Unholy sex” Philip interrupted Ben. “Se.x before marriage” he clarified.


“Okay, what happens during this unholy sex is that souls are trapped”






Philip hesitated, walking back to his seat. “I guess the question ‘where’ is why you are here”


“Exactly!” They responded at the same time.



Phillip smiled.(Join Group) More stories @ The soul is who you are; it is a part of your spiritual component. It is your individuality, your ‘I AM’ so to speak, made in God’s image, your ‘heart.’ Although your individual soul did not exist before your mother and father procreated you, it will exist forever. When your flesh dies, your soul goes on living forever”


“Uhm.. We are confuse” Jane spoke up.


“Do you know why they say in marriage, “two people are made one””?




“It’s because of this sex we’re talking about, and what happens during it. If two people are not made one before sex takes place their souls conflit and suffer in hell. But if two are made one, it will be a single soul that carries the fear of God and worship in his sanctuary. Dan Delzell once said that one of the places out of three places souls go during matrimonial sex is on the alter of God”


Hearing that, Nelson remembered when Ben told him about Dan Delzell, a man of God who said there are three places souls go during sex. He just learned one of them.


Ben swallowed hard, adjusted forward from his seat, looking at Philip. “Doc, are you saying souls are trapped in hell during unholy sex”


“Exactly” Philip replied, nodding his head.


“So, Nelson here is to go to hell to release the souls?”


“Not really. Since the sexual act which brought about V2, hence trapped peoples’ souls came from an alien, their souls are trapped in their planet. But this is to tell you that souls are trapped in hell if two humans have unholy sex”


“So Nelson has to go to their planet using the Tunalin”


“Yes. After this, people will see reason why sex before marriage is bad as God set the boundary” Philip concluded…







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