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Living With Guys – Episode 17

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Oh why did you do that Henry, ugh you shouldn’t have kissed her, why the hell did you even kiss her. Henry questions, using his hand to rub his face.


Uhm because you find her really beautiful and you couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her. His subconsciousness says in a bored tone and the image of Bright luscious lip, appears in his mind again.

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Okay shut up you’re not helping. Henry groans and pushed the picture of Bright sweet lips out of his head.


A knock comes on the door, bringing him out of his reverie. “Yes come in.” He says and Bright walks in.


“Bright, you know this is your room right.” He asked.


“Yeah I know that but isn’t much of my room if you’re in it. Henry I just wanted to say that, the kissed we had didn’t happen, okay. Nothing can ever be between us you have a fiancee.”


“So are you saying if I didn’t have a fiancee, they could be something between us.” Henry asked her smirking.


“Ugh did you just choose to ignore the words I said before that.” Bright questions glaring at him.


“Fine I will try not to kiss you again even if your lips are really tempting and just for the record I enjoyed kissing you.” He says and winks at a blushing Bright.


“Wait a minute is the great Bright Amos blushing right now.” He tease and Bright tries to glare at him but couldn’t, so she ran away from the room.

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Days has passed since the kissing incident and luckily for Bright, Henry kept his promise and tried not kiss her.


Bright sighs tiredly and walks into her room, she plums down on her bed but sits back up when she saw an unfamiliar note on the side drawer next to the bed. She picks it up, and examine it while frowning, she opens the note and read:


*Bright this is bayo, don’t ask any questions and follow the instructions in this note, okay.


Now first thing first, you see that nice beautiful dress on your couch (Bright raised her head up and just like the note said, the dress is laying on the couch.) The dress is for you, so I want you to have your bath then come meet me in the garden.*


Bright stares at the letter confused, she reads it again and wondered what bayo is up to, she shrugs and stands up from her bed and takes off her clothes. She might as well see where this whole thing is going to end.


She takes her bath, and put on the beautiful green sequin dress and wears it and stands in front of the mirror.


Wow you look so beautiful, I wish mum was here to see this, She smiles sadly at her reflection.


“Well let’s go see what bayo is up to.” She says and leaves the room.


Just as the note had instructed she went straight to the garden.


“Oh my God.” She breaths out in awe, looking at the beautiful decorated garden, the view takes her breath away, and just then the guys walks into the garden singing a very familiar happy birthday song, with Henry having a cake in his hand.


“Oh my God, guys. How did you know.” Bright utters surprise they would even throw a birthday party for her. She had actually given up on having a birthday party this year.


“Well we did check you up, like everything about you the day we brought you here.” Henry says in a casual tone.



“Well I should be mad at you guys for invading my privacy but I’m so damn happy and I can’t be mad right now.” She utters wiping the stray tears threatening to fall down away.


“Well we are glad you like it, here make a wish.” Henry says walking over to her.


“Okay that is childish but I’ll do it anyway.” She says smiling and close her eyes and wished to see her mum again, then she blows out the candle.


“Happy Birthday Bright.” Henry says smiling at her and she returns the smile.


“Thanks guys so where is my gift.” Bright asks.


“Oh yeah the gift, uche bring the box.” Henry says and Uche brings out a small black box from his pocket and hands it over to Henry.


“Bright this box here is from all of us and it’s from our heart.” Henry says and hands over the box to Bright, she opens it excitedly and sees a gold necklace, she takes out the beautiful gold necklace and examine it.


“H,Z,U,B&B., I guess this is the first letter of all our names.” Bright asked tearing her eyes away from the gold necklace.


“Yeah, Bright you’ve been living with us for over two months now and you’ve practically become a part of our lives, we just hope you’ll use this to remember us wherever you are.”


“Why would I need to remember you guys when I’ll be seeing your ugly faces probably for a lifetime.” Bright jokes grinning.


“Well Bright our second birthday gift to you, is your freedom. We are letting you go Bright, we are letting you go home.” Henry says and Bright stares at him unable to breathe. She looks at him shocked and blinks her eyes at him wondering if she’s dreaming.


“What did you just say.”







Living With Guys


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