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Life In Roody Woods – Episode 9

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Chapter 9




We climbed down the tree looking and feeling so sad. Tessy couldn’t alter a word, her mouth eas dead shut.


“Tessy I am sorry.” I said with tears in my eyes.


She nodded blankly and carried her bag, and started walking away from where we were.


“We need to keep an eye on her. She isn’t herself anymore.


“Yes I know, but it really hurts. She loved him so much.” I said cleaning my tears. “Yes I know, but we need to get out of here as soon as possible!” He said firmly trying not to break down also.


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I nodded and ran after Tessy, who kept walking without any direction.


“Tessy please pull yourself together.” I said as I caught up with her.

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She turned to look at me and her face were stained with tears.


“Steven is gone, my life is gone.” She said staring into space like she was in a trance.


“Sorry about that, but you need to pull yourself together.” I said trying to touch her, but she shoved my hands off.



“Do you think its easy? You can never know how it feels because you are not in one true relationship!” I yelled and I felt the words Pierce my heart.


“Tessy why would you say that? Because I told you about Henry and I?” I asked fully disappointed in her.


“Ladies enough of this drama! Tessy, sorry about Steven’s death but you need to safe yourself. That is what he is wishing for wherever he is right now, okay?” Ray said standing between both of us.

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“I knew you will take her side, just because she gave you her body!” She yelled again.


“I love him and that is why I gave my body to him. Please stop this nonsense and let’s get out of here!” I smacked already fuming in anger. She is taking it way to far.


“I am not embarking on this deadly journey anymore.” She said moving backwards.


“Tessy do you know we are on a hill right now?” Ray asked fearfully. “That is none of your business!” She yelled moving closer to the ditch. “Please Tessy. Okay I am sorry, everything you said was right. Please don’t do this!” I said in tears.


She turned her head to look at the ditch before looking at me. She was already at the edge of the hill. We moved closer to her with great fear. “Tessy please don’t do this.” Ray said.


“I am nothing without Steven.” She said taking the last move taking right into the ditch.


“Tessy!!” I ran to the edge but Ray held me back.


“Betty calm down.” He said holding me.


“Tessy.” I called weakly holding his arms tight.


We stood up and moved to the edge carefully to see her hung on a tree branch which punctured her tummy.


“Shit!” Ray said shutting his eyes, while I fell to the ground weeping even more. “Why??!! Why did we come here!!! Why did I embark on this journey!” I yelled in great tears.


“Betty we are here already, we need to find a way out of this place. I can’t afford to lose you too.” He said carrying me up.


“All my friends are gone!” I sobbed as we moved away from the hill.


“I am here for you Betty.” He said kissing my head.


“I want to rest.” I said after another two hours walk.


“Yes. Let’s sit here for some time.” Ray said sitting on the grass, under a tree. I moved close to him and placed my bag on the floor.


I sat very close to him resting my head his shoulders. He reached for his bag and brought out the map studying it again.


I closed my eyes tiredly, trying to take a nap.


“I found it! I found the way!” Ray said jolting me out of my sleep.


“You did?” I asked eagerly looking into the map.


“Yes, I don’t understand how I didn’t get to see this earlier.” He said happily.


“So where are we now?” I asked nervously.


“Here. Very close to town.” He said tracing his finger on the map.


“Finally we have gotten home.” I said in relieve.


“Just some hours and we are home!” He said.


“I am so happy, tho not so happy.” I said sadly.


“Yes I know but there is nothing we can do about that beauty.” He said cupping my face.


“Okay, let’s head home!” I said jumping to my feet.


Finally I can see my house again, with a new coincidental lover.

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We started walking as the map led us hoping greatly there won’t be any attacks. Soon the trees began to become scanty, the bushes were reduced and I knew we were very close to town.


“Home sweet home!” I jumped happily.


“Yes baby.” Ray said equally happy too.


We then saw the street as we moved closer, Ray was in front of me while I bent to


buckle my loosed shoe.


“Ahhh!” I heard Ray shout.


I rose my head in haste and fear too see a gaint rod puncture Ray’s heart.


“Ray!” I yelled moving closer.


He spat out blood from his mouth, and blood gushed out from his heart.


“Oh God, a trap! I will save you!” I said rushing to hold the rod, but he stopped me pushing me away.


“Go, I can’t stay another minute. It was so nice meeting you, I love you.” He said and his head bent immediately.


“Ray!! No! Not you, please wake up. I love you, please stay with me!” I yelled shaking him, but blood kept splashing on me.


“Young Lady are you okay? What are you doing there?” A masculine voice said behind me.


I looked back in tears to see a cop looking at me.


“Come save him.” I said pointing at Ray. He rushed to me placing his fingers on his neck.


“Sorry ma’am, he is gone.” He said sadly.


I fell to the ground in great tears again. Everything is useless, no treasures and no loved ones.


“Lady come with me, you shouldn’t have come here without protection. Didn’t you hear this is deadly?” He asked pulling me up.


I nodded weakly unable to talk. He moved me out of the woods and I couldn’t talk, all I kept doing was stare at Ray’s dead body.


“We will take care of the body. But we need to take care of you first.” He said putting me into the police car.





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