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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 3

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Episode 3


The real gist begins when I had my

third child – a boy. The second was

also a girl but she came after I had

turned 24 as I began finding it

difficult to conceive. But just after

her, the boy came, in exactly 3

years. They were all beautiful kids

and I always remain grateful for

them. However, it appeared as

though the coming of the third

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would bring a lot of difficulty for

us. Chika was still working then

and was even doing some minnow

jobs during the weekends to see

that ends met. I too had to raise a

little stall just in front of our

shanty house where I sold locally-

made soaps I had produced

myself. When it began looking like

hawking the soaps was more

effective, I began doing so. But

this exposed me to a life I had

forgotten for a while. I began

mingling with men again and just

like before, I ended up putting up

little or no resistance and started

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f—–g like some wild chicken all a

new. I was usually heavily filled

with c-m each time I returned

home since I would have bagged 2

or 3 mean dicks during the day

and even though Chika never

seemed to suspect anything, I was

soon attracting the suspicions of

neighbours. The only edge I had

was that these men usually

bought a great chunk of the trade

I visited them with, so was being

financially rewarded each time.

But this began gradually turning

ineffective immediately Darlington

our son was born. In fact, I soon

found myself visiting these men

without any reason other than to

f–k and even when I never got

money in return, I was still very

fine and satisfied. This was so bad

that when Chika announced to me

that we were going to move from

Lagos, I felt like a broken woman! I

was now a s–t! Simple!

We moved from Lagos to Abeokuta

in the coming months. Chike was

transferred to his office’s new

branch at the Ogun and given that

we never had much, it was always

going to be impossible for us to

stay apart. So we moved with him,

forcing the kids to change schools.

And this was where I met the

Johnsons.(More Stories @ I hadn’t thought it was

going to be possible getting to

know people like that, but it

happened. It was just like every

other night. I had returned from

marketing some of my soaps (I

began the trade again) and met

Chike home quite early. After

serving him dinner and f—–g

ourselves silly, he told me he got

an offer from a friend. At first I

thought he was referring to a new

job offer which should of course be

superior to his, so began to adjust

to hear him out. But he didn’t say

so. He said instead a friend of his

in the office told him that their

Deputy Branch Manager, was in

need of a housekeeper. I didn’t get

the thing initially so I asked him if

he was interested, to which he

laughed and said yes but for me. I

got confused and asked him to

explain. So he explained that he

would want me to pick up the job

while he continued with his

driving role at his office. I wasn’t

exactly pleased as I felt the job

was the most demeaning I should

ever think of doing. But after he

narrated how good the potential

employer was, I decided to give it

a try. We were going to be given

an apartment within the Deputy

Branch Manager’s residency. And

all I was required to do was to

keep his home tidy while they paid

me. His wife was a nice woman so

was always available to cook for

the home.

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