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My Step Mother – (Season 2) Episode 17

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Episode 17




“Oh sky, Jessy you are here” Amanda sang in with a chuckle emanating from her as she stepped into the house, Ryan hanging on her arms like he was tied there.


My heart flew out and back again, Jessy’s face changed immediately. That former masked face that hides her contempt when she uses it.


That was the same look she wore the day Papa first brought Amanda to us.


“Welcome” We replied trying to appear all smiley from the way we exposed our teeth in something that can serve as a smile.


“How is your father doing?” She asked making straight to papa who was just looking on with a smile.


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“Darling how are you” She addressed papa seating beside him on the edge of the sofa. Her hands placed warmly on his fore head and right hand rubbing his thighs.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen.


“Am fine my dear” Papa replied appreciating her with a smile.



“I hope you have eaten and what about your medications have you taken that yet?” she asked again with a concern and care oozing out from her words.


Jessy looked at me intently as we both looked on watching Amanda pet papa.


“Yes Jessy made soup and i have taken my medicine. thank you very much dear” Papa said patting her back gently.


“Uncle!!!” Ryan yelled slipping down from Amanda’s grasp and ran to me jumping into my body with reckless abandon.


My stare skipped from Jessy to papa and then Amanda. The atmosphere was tense and a cloud loomed seeming to unleash a talkless rain.


Papa let out a loud sigh buttered into a pinch of groan as he sat up.

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“Amanda please have a seat, their is something we need to discuss” Papa addressed her adjusting himself a little.


I watched on as Amanda look intensely as papa then me, shrugs and heads towards a vacant sofa beside papa’s. * *


“Williams family please come into my office!!” The doctor announced on the intercom as we all sat with other patients in the hospital waiting lounge.


It was a day after our DNA test and the result was to be announced.


The indifference in Amanda’s face when papa rebuked her about passing such news to Chioma’s parents was scary.


Her aloofness as she just hung her face in her palms looking blankly as papa spoke out, though his voice sounded weak but the tone was nothing but serious.


Still recall the way her eyes popped immediately papa mentioned that a DNA test was to be carried out to confirm Ryan’s paternity.


Her eyes turned dim and look blunt. Papa’s stern warning still made me realize he still was the man he used to be deep down.


“Listen to me carefully, If you destroys my son’s marriage with this your unfounded malarkey, you will see the other side of me”


The unchanging smell of the hospital filled my nostrils as we entered into the hospital on the day we were to collect the result of the DNA test done the previous day.



Papa walked on his on without using his usual walking stick, Jessy have changed all his medications and made sure she was always around to administer them.


Amanda walked along Ryan who always tried to run ahead of the group.


I stood behind saying silent prayers for the result to turn out negative. it may be a way to save my marriage and salvage the little shattered pieces of my life.


Amanda was strangely very jovial and cheerful since the day began. she wore a smile from the very first minute she woke up.


I had stayed in papa’s house from the day we came on Jessy’s request so that way one of us will always be available and watch papa’s health.


She gently tapped a knock on my pushing it open almost immediately like she always does.


“Good morning sky” She greeted with a smile the lip gloss she wore shimmering under the light *I wonder if she just wakes up and makes up immediately**


Her exaggerated bumz made the mini flimsy gown she wore find it difficult to cover pass her ass region even though she allowed one of the two tiny sleeves slip down her elbow.


“Good morning” I replied feigning indifference but avoided any eye contact.


“Sweety your breakfast is ready” she intoned giggling out forming a flirty smirk.


The cold stern i shot at her without uttering a word was enough to show her words held no water even though it was obvious a lot of sarcasm was buried within it.


The way she swayed her bumz in a very intense manner as she bundled herself out of the room taking each steps as slow as she could entertain still chuckling.


Now that we are in the hospital, her hearty laughs and cheerful mood sold out a transparent confidence and it scared me to imagine what is according her such disheartening confidence.


Jessy walked in into the hospital waiting lounge, her brisk hard strides were complimented by knocking sound her high heeled shoes made on the ceramic floor.


“Sky, come here” She blurted out on getting to where i sat in the lounge dragging the edge of my shirt in a bid to drag me up. not even a hello to papa and amanda.



“What is it Jessy” I asked on getting to a tight secluded corner where she dragged me to.


Away from the hearing range of anybody in the lounge.


“I gave those pills to Wilson, he confirmed that those pills are actually Haimdal’s pills just like i suspected” Her eyes blinked at more interval than normal.


I was dumbfounded. my tongue went numb and throat felt like it was tied, only my face betrayed my look being subconsciously fixed at Jessy mopping on like a moron.


“Sky it is either the doctor mistook those drugs for some other drugs or Amanda added those drugs to medications because Wilson doubts if any doctor would make such mistake” Her voice was shaky and cracked obvious fear emanating from it.


I really hope their is a rational explanation this but the second possibility scared the be-jesus out of me.


I and Jessy walked back to the lounge after agreeing to commence a close watch on Amanda. The doctor’s voice rang from the intercom just after i settled down with Jessy.


The professional smart look on the doctor’s look with a set of exposed teeth same in colour with his flowing lab coat.


He gestured us to seat down seeming like he was referring only to papa who sat down after a handshake with him.


A brown envelope peeped out from the broad side pocket of his lab coat which he brought showing it to us closely.


“This is the result to the DNA test we carried out on you people” He said while his hands worked on retrieving a slim folded white paper from the brown pack.


“According to the result, the child’s deoxyribonucleic acid strand matches yours more” He intoned casting a look at me making it clear he was referring to me.


My heart sank immediately, papa’s face maintained the smile it wore when we entered, Jessy sighed out and Amanda’s lips formed a one sided crooked smile.


The doctor handed the white paper to me which i passed to Jessy after mopping at it for more than 60seconds without understanding anything else but the names written in a scattered alien-like handwriting typical of most doctors.


Jessy looked at it, gave me a confirmative nod and folded it back.


It is canon that Ryan is my child.

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..To be Continued..







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