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Johnson's Dickson – Episode 11

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Episode 11
At first I felt like saying no and resisting, but I
remembered all I could stand to lose. I was
almost going to conclude that the middle-
aged man was never going to succumb until I
saw him stand up from his bed. I was packing
up his plates when he did, and in the closest
it has ever come, I saw his d–k dangerously
poking through the light fabric of his pajama
trousers! It was just a few inches away from
my face and despite being in his trousers, it
still looked very huge and defined! I felt like
stretching a hand and grabbing it or at least
picking it up with my mouth, but I couldn’t! I
was suddenly too scared to but even at that, I
was very pleased to see his d–k erect! He
was really being pleased by the show I was
putting up! As I walked out of his room with
the dirty plates, I amply swirled and tweaked
my a-s, obviously certain he was watching.
And I was very happy to give him a third
Mr. Johnson was soon going to be mine!
That hard-on! That monstrous-looking stick
of an erection, was an obvious statement! He
may be hiding his feeling, emotions and
desires. And you wouldn’t expect any less
given that he was a deacon in his church. It
was always going to be difficult to get into
his mind, but my determination was
eventually paying off! And in a very pleasing
way. His recent erection, which he did little to
conceal, was a very encouraging sight and it
explained how much he enjoyed my last
showing. I was to give him another chance. In
fact, I was set to given him chances after
chances until he finally accepts the
inevitable! I was desperate, yes I knew that,
but no woman wouldn’t be, after seeing Mr.
Johnson’s terrific d–k! It was a d–k too
enormous to imagine!
My next encounter with Mr. Johnson came as
soon as the following day. However, it wasn’t
exactly pre-planned like the previous ones.
This was so because his wife told me a day
before that her husband would be leaving very
early for an appointment on that very day, so
wouldn’t be around. Therefore, I didn’t exactly
prepare to do anything with him. But as it
has become usual with me at those times, I
was still dressed to kill! I wasn’t doing it to
impress him at that moment since he was not
at home, but I had decided to be on
something very skimpy each time I was in the
main house. Exactly for him, anyway. So just
as expected, I was in a rather seductive outfit.
A white sleeveless polo of very sheer material
but with no bra underneath and then a dark
cannery swed skirt that barely got to my
thighs but managed to conceal my blue lacey
panties! As expected, he wasn’t home when I
reported for work that very morning, as he
had already left for the appointment in
question. Nonetheless, I began my house-
cleaning duties as required. I tidied up the
living room, kitchen and bedrooms but felt a
peculiar urge to scrub the bathroom and
toilet floors. So I got my mob ready and
began scrubbing and soon, got out of both
and then into the lobby. Discouraging
enough, there seemed to be some stubborn
stains on the lobby floor which I found
difficult dealing with by just the mob stick I
had. So I decided to handle them with a
brush which should be more effective when
used with even more detergent. I got on all
fours and began scrubbing. As I did, my shirt
picked up dampness here and there. My
heavy boobs stretched it further down
causing it to dip into water occasionally. My
very short tight skirt, pulled further down too,
exposing my blue panties and the start of the
crack of my plum buttocks! I couldn’t really
help this as trying to adjust it up would
always result to wetting the skirt too. So I left
it that way.

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