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The Lost Princess – Episode 23

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Chappie Twenty Three






Ann decided to stop by the mall after coming back from the office Courtsey of Bella who wouldn’t stop sending her to buy junks for her.


She bought what she needed before entering her car then she zoom off.


Meanwhile Celia and Abigail were also at the Mall when Celia sights Ann.


“Abigail she’s the one” Celia informed pointing at Ann.


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“Are you sure?” Abigail asked to be sure.


“Yeah let’s go and meet her” she said.


“Why?” Abigail asked.



“To warn her to stay clear of Max” she shrugged.


“No” Abigail snapped.


“Why?” Celia asked looking keenly at her.


“You can’t do that here, it not ideal” Abigail advised.


“I don’t care if it’s ideal or not ok am going to confront her” she snapped.

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“Well it your choice” Abigail shugged picking what she wants.


“Abigail why are you like this, you are the one that advise me so what is wrong” she asked.


“Celia this babe am seeing does not look like someone to be messed with so count me out of your humiliation mission” .


“What ever no one take Max from me”: she replied walking towards Ann but before she could get to where Ann is, Ann had move out of the Mall.


Celia decided to follow her she had made up her mind to deal with the babe that stole Max from her and Ann is her victim.


Ann noticed a flashy red car following her so she decided to slow down a bit so she could inform her mum about it but before she could do anything the car over took her car and blocked the way.


Ann had no other choice than to stop the car.


She was surprised when she saw a flamboyantly dressed lady walking angrily towards her.


The so called lady knocked softly on her window, she instructed Ann to come down from her car which she did calmly.


“So?” Ann asked irritated at the whole thing.


“Am warning you to stay away from my boyfriend you bitch” Celia yelled


“Boyfriend?” Ann scoffed “I don’t know your boyfriend”.


“You want me to slap you before you can remember huh, you bitch what did you do to him that made him Break up with me” she accused.


“Wait Miss I don’t know what you are saying, you are just accusing me wrongly” Ann said innocently.


“Shut it you bitch, don’t act naive ok, you stole Max from me” she yelled.


“Oh this is about Max” Ann hissed “but he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend”.


“Am his girlfriend idiot before you come into the picture with your two goody shoes” Celia snapped.


“Are you his girlfriend or one of his flings cause I clearly told Max to get rid of his flings not girlfriend” Ann rolled her eyes.


“What! what does that suppose to mean” Celia asked foolishly.


“It means Max doesn’t consider you his girlfriend” oh Ann’s eyes lit up in recognition “you are the slut that comes shamefully into the office everyday to have sex with Max,so now he says he’s not interested anymore, you decided to attack me isn’t it stupid”Ann said calmly.


By this time a handful of people had gathered around them


All a suddenly Celia landed a slap on Ann cheeks.


“Who the hell do you think you are huh? Max saying he loves you doesn’t mean anything he’s going to leave you at the end, you bitch” Celia yelled.



“Hey listen to me” Ann glared walking closer to her. They are just few pace apart “don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on me, okay I will let that slide ok, whatever Max decided to with you is non of my business,why not channel this anger and all into your life and stop running after a man that doesn’t love you, love who will ever love a prostitute” Ann said harshly.


“Don’t you dare call me a prostitute, you are no different from me” Celia said.


“I am different from you bitch, I don’t know what slum Max took you from that gave you the effrontery to talk to me anyhow, take a look at me bitch we are not in the same league, you wearing cheap clothes and driving fancy car doesn’t give you the effrontery to talk to me anyhow not to talk of laying your filthy hands on me, now take your filthy car out of my way you just ruined my evening”.


Celia stood defiantly on the road fuming in anger.


Ann entered her car, reversed it and drove off.






“Who did I owe this honorable call?” Max asked excitedly as he receives Ann call that same evening.


“Please warn warn your bitch, not to trespass any more, Gosh I can’t believe I was humiliated today just warn her” She rants.


“Ann please what happened? Please tell me, you are confusing me” Max begged.


“The bitch that often come to the office,she attacked me on my way home today she even slapped me” Ann stated angrily.


“What?” Max exclaimed “princess am sorry,am deeply sorry” .


“This is exactly what am avoiding, I don’t want people attacking me that’s why I said you should cut all ties with them, I don’t know relationship with you will be this hard, the have crazy Nigerian babes after me all the time Max am tired” she replied tiredly.



“Am sor…..” He was saying when Ann hung up.



Who remember Celia



As a lady can you do what Celia did? .



To be continued







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