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In Love With My Brother’s Best Friend – Episode 22

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Chapter 22


I had a dream


I got everything I wanted


But when I wake up, I see


You with me



And you say, “As long as I’m here


No one can hurt you

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Don’t wanna lie here


But you can learn to


If I could change


The way that you see yourself


You wouldn’t wonder why you’re here


They don’t deserve you”





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I look up at him and my cheeks turn crimson.



He wiggles his eyebrows grinning.



Idiot. We don’t say a word we just stare at each other.



I could feel my eyes as they get heavy. Suddenly Zac picks me up with a bridal style.



He walked to the bathroom.



“I will help you.” He said.



I blinked for a while, does he want to wash me.



His hand unbuttons by skinny jeans.



“Ah, no! I will do it.” I cry.



“You’re sleepy you will end up falling asleep in the bathtub.



He said concerned.



He is not lying sure I will fall asleep.



But he can’t see me na.ked.



Holly shit, my boobs are exposed, I immediately wrap my arms around my chest.



He stared at me awkwardly, with a smirk on his face.



Look I’m not wearing a shirt and I’m not covering anything am I.” Pervert! Who is he trying to convince?


“Do you have boobs, no you don’t.” I am a flare-up.



“Well, I already saw them no need to hide.” He pulled me close to him.


His hands roam around my waistline.



I push him out.



“Get out, I need to shower.” I close the door on his face.



Troublesome Zac.



I decided to use a shower instead of a bathtub. After a while, I came out wearing my pink pajama.



Zac is already asleep.



Shameless pervert!



I smile when I think about what took place earlier.



I lay down beside him. And hug him tight, I drift slumber.






Today I almost got late.



And all of this is Zac’s fault, sleeping beside him, give me some kind of peace I have never felt before and I would like to get used to this.



He always runs away from me, I thought that he would be gone, when I woke to see him beside me it gives me joy.



I prepared for school.




Into the kitchen, I bumped into Ricky.




“Hey! What are you doing you’re not allowed to move around so carelessly.”



“I’m fine now, so today I’m moving back into my house away from you guys.” Ricky had a lopsided smile.



I coughed.



“What about your aunt and uncle?.” I asked.



“I will have a deal with them, mom won’t complain.” He said.



“Do you really have to move? We are okay you can stay here like forever!.” I said sincerely.



“Listen Ethan is coming back in two days’ time so, I want you guys to spend some time alone.”



“Thank you so much.” I squeezed him with a hug.



“How is the relationship about you and Bianca?.”



“Old news.” He said.



“Okay, you’re so cute very cute.” I pinched his cheeks.



Ricky is so cute and has kissable cheeks.



So so cute.



“How can you compliment another guy when your boyfriend is here.”



I was startled by Zac’s unique raspy voice.



“Ah, when did you come in.” I didn’t see him.



“Don’t change the topic.” He pulled me in his arms.



My cheeks get hot.



“Jelly jelly huh?.”



“Is it so? Well, my sister in law Samantha will be my sister too.” He grinned.



“Don’t ever say her name, I hate her, ah, no hate is a strong word I dislike her for my brother and for you.”



Ricky and Zac both laughed.



“Oh Ethan, one day I will carry your children so you have to treat me right, Ethan! Were you looking at Ariana’s butt is it because hers is bigger than mine, Ethan! did you see how Alexa rolled her eyes at me, Ethan! I love your little sister, Aaaa! I just dislike that girl, she just my brother’s money.” I said imitating her.



The boys laugh harder.



“I think you should consider that as your career, you’re so good at imitating,” Ricky said.



I rolled my eyes.



“I’m getting late guys.” I dragged Zac with me.



And wave at Ricky, he’s leaving.



“I’m getting late!.” I complained.



“When you talk non-stop this is bound to happen.” He smirked.



I glared at him.



“Come on drive!.” I yelled.



30 minutes later he parked the car and I got off.



“No kiss?.” He asked.



“Kiss my butt.” I stuck my tongue out.



“Today I will have to whip that butt.” He chuckled.



“Y-you! You dare.”



“We shall see, today it is you and I.” He smirked.



I stomped my feet, I got in the wanted to peck his cheek instead of my lips locked with his.



He is so shameless.



I pulled away and got off the car.



I ran to my class.


Zac is arrgghhh!!! Impossible.





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