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In Love With My Brother’s Best Friend – Episode 19

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Chapter 19



When all the tears are rolling down your face And it feels like yours was the only heart to break When you come back home and all the lights are out And you’re getting used to no one else being around


Oh, oh, I’ll be there


When you need a little love, I got a little love to share


Yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna come through


You’ll never be alone, I’ll be there for you


I’ll be there, I’ll be there for you

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I’ll be there, I’ll be there for you


Oh, I swear, I got enough love for two


You’ll never be alone, I’ll be there for you




“Why would you stay with a broken toy.” He chuckled.


“Because I like my toy so much, no matter how much it can be broken it can be fixed, no matter how severe the cracks are, the pieces can be put together nothing is impossible.” I purse lips.


“Really is that possible.” He mused.


I nodded. “Yes, it is.” I moved face close to his and studied it carefully.

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“You’re beautiful too beautiful.” I kissed him between his eyebrows.


His long dark eyelashes are very beautiful.


“But not like you.” He wiggles his eyebrows.


I giggled, “Come with me.” He picked me with bridal style.


“Where are you taking me?.” I pouted.


“You will see.” We got in the car.


And drove away, I tried to wreck my brains. Where could he be taking, but this brain of mine was useless nothing came out.




He turned the stereo and heavy metal was play:


One more drink


, he



increased the volume.



One thing I noticed about him, he really likes to listen to heavy matal and Rock.


I listen to him as he sing, he have a nice voice.


He didn’t miss even one note. And I love how he moves his hands, and how the expression on his face changes in every note so intriguing.


I couldn’t stop myself when he began to rap I sang along.



You lost me, you’re not a hero, you need me


You’re always talking about loving and then blah blah blah


Sometimes you want me, nah, sometimes you don‘t


Don’t give a about your wishes, you know I’m done


You’re living in bubble, shame; I’ve given up, time for change


Just need a new beginning, new wheels, a new vision


In time I’ll get better, for now I’ll keep your sweater Forgetting… Ah, no need to fake it


He looked at me unbelievably.” You’re great.” He praised



“Just trying, I’m horrible.” I thought.


“No you’re not, I would really love to hear that again.” I felt blood rush to my face and I blushed.


Gosh! When did I become shy?


This is crazy. “Sing with me.” He said.


And I shook my head. “I can’t.” I blushed.


“Come on just once.” He grinned.


We both sang the verse together



One more drink for the very last time, aha-a You let it fall, I’m brave, I’m leaving tonight Aha-a, aha-a, aha-a, aha-a


One more drink tonight for the last time



“You did very well.” His hand on the steering wheel. His other hand brushed my cheek.


Suddenly a crazy car drove towards. I panicked.


My heart sped up.


“Watch out!.” I screamed.


But he kept on staring at me and our eyes locked. I felt myself zoom in.


A glint of light shone in his eyes, something in my mind telling me to calm me down.


He won’t hurt me he won’t hurt you…


Somehow he dodged the car but he was still looking at me.


He broke into smiles. And he laughed shaking his head.


He was happy, he held my hand and kissed it.


He winked.


‘You just trusted a sociopath with your life, Alexandra, you placed your life in his hands’ some in my head. Knocked in.


My eyes almost popped out.


And I did, I beaned.


Joy spread inside of me.


What’s happening with me?


The car halted, and when I look around I don’t see anything but a row of trees. And the only sound of birds chirping.


I light from the car.


“Come on.” He held my hand and walked to the woods. This seems like a horror movie.


Only the sound of small breaking branches and dry leaves.


I heard something like rain, flowing water.


“It’s a flowing river.” Excitement and fear I felt both.


“Are you try to kill me and throw me in the river.” I teased.


“Well if I wanted to do that it would be so easy, I won’t have to come this far.”


I rolled my eyes, “If you can.”


“I can.” He cracked up.


“Shut up.” I chuckle.


“You asked for it.” He snickered.


“Go away.” I hit his shoulder.


Oh my! His wound, it downed to me.


I regret how I bit him.


We arrived at a very beautiful view.


“How did you find this place, it’s far away from people.” I giggled.


“I murdered someone and threw that person here, that’s how I found it.”


I gasped and peek in the water.


“Joy killer.”


“Why don’t you believe me.” He gazed at me.


“I trust my lo… I mean whatever I feel for you can’t be wrong.” “That’s fine, you said so then don’t believe me.” He shrugged. I facepalmed him and stare deep in his eyes. “That’s it, liar, you see you’re lying.”


“Is it true that when you look into someone’s eyes you can see through them?.” “Yup, just like you.” I poked his chest.



He shrugged. “Well, I only see two round big balls, that change from white to red.” He snickered.


I rolled my eyes.


“Look they are even capable of rolling.” He teased and I cracked up, bursting to laughter.


“You are fu.cked up, come here.” I dragged him to a rock.


“Your wound.” I made him sit.


“It doesn’t hurt, I feel ‘nothing remember’.” He said.


“But I feel it for you, you get wounded and I feel the pain.”


“Take off your shirt,” I ordered.


“Just say you want to see me na.ked.” He stood. And took off his shirt threw it on my face.


I grabbed it, he started to remove his pants.


“Hey what are you doing?!.” I yelled.


“To swim, what were you thinking dirty-minded.” He snickered.


Hmph! “I’m not, you can’t swim with your clothes off, hey why are you taking off your Calvin Klein underwear.” I covered my eyes.


“Because it’s my fav, and I don’t want it to get wet.”


He loves white hm.


He came close to me.


“You’re wearing just underwear stay away from me.”




He cracked up to a point tears came out.


A smile crept on my lips. As long as he keeps on laughing I feel awesome and the best part is that I’m behind this tears of joy.



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