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Episode 5




Lizzy honked her car repeatedly as she pulled up in front of her house and waited


for her gateman to open the gate for her.


The two shooters with automatic rifles in a black Mercedes, slowly began to drive toward Lizzy.


The gate to her house swung


open and she drove in hurriedly. Jumping out of her car, she ran into her house and scaled the staircase in a flight. Outside, the gateman curiously watched the two men in a black Mercedes as he closed the gate. The shooters had their gaze fixed in his direction, they didn’t look like those he had seen before. Lizzy rummaged through


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her wardrobe and found the Sony camera.


She sat on the bed and went through the pictures she took in that hotel room in Sun City, there were some she would not like her husband to see. She had snapped a few pictures with some nudist men and women. There was nothing more to it, but if Steve were to see her with those nudists, he would think there was more that happened in Sun City than Lizzy was


willing to let out. Finding the pictures, she erased them and bolted out of her bedroom. Lizzy had developed her bent for nudity back in her university days, when all her friends, both male and female, raved about how curvy her body was. Now which seemed harmless might ruin her marriage. .


Harding Street.




Mayo was still in his car shaking. What the mystery caller said about Eve and Stanley had left him stunned. He had recalled who Emilia was, about a year earlier, they had spent a few weeks together in Accra. Mayo


had for long forgotten the things he said in anger during the weeks they spent together. Now he must find Emilia and


convince her that he did not mean them. If Emilia would not listen to him, then he will


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have to kill her to stop what had begun.


Mayo pulled himself together and drove off.




7:28 pm, Stella’s House




Stella was in the kitchen cooking up for her husband and children, the words of Mayo the last time she spent time with him at Eden Crest Suit had left an impression on her. She had grown up



dreaming a perfect marriage, but all she had done since she got married was to jump from man to man, doing things she had thought she was incapable of.


Mayo had told her she was going to have a front row in hell; that was too unnerving for her.


She loved her husband and children, but somehow she could not stop her unbridled desire for sex outside of marriage. She had tried a few times but failed woefully. While she cooked, there was sadness all over her face. Her husband who stood and watched her from the door could tell something was wrong. He came from behind and put his hands around her


waist and slowly worked them up her chest and fondled her amorously. “What is wrong, you don’t look happy? Have I done something to offend you?” he asked. With


his hands still running amok all over her body, Stella quivered and whispered for him to stop. She felt guilty for being loved


by an honest and committed man as her husband was. Her husband would not stop, unlike herself usually who would have locked the kitchen door and pulled off her clothes, rather she peeled away from him and left the kitchen.


Her husband was surprised; Stella was a damn sex maniac. He knew that and


somehow like her for it. For her to reject him meant something was wrong. Eager


to find out what was wrong, he followed her into the children’s room. Stella was


standing before the pictures of their two children, she seemed to have her interest


in their last child, a three-year-old boy.


Mayo had claimed he might be his father.


She didn’t like that. Mayo was only good for sex; he cannot be the father of her son.


Right there she decided to do something about it. She removed her phone from her hip pocket to make a call and just then a message flew into her phone. While she read it, her husband who stood by the door watched her closely. Stella’s face was so much riddled with fear that one would have thought she had seen a ghost.


The message read, “Mayo is going to kill you all.


He has just found out from Emilia that there is a tape about the sexual orgies you all often have together. He knows why Eve and Stanley were shot.”


Stella did not know who Emilia was and had not heard of her. Concerning the tape, she had no clue about it. Without her consent, hot tears ran down her face. Stella’s husband drew



closer and asked, “What is it baby? Is someone blackmailing you?” Stella was shaken down to her bones by her husband’s use of the word blackmail..






11:00 pm, A Mansion in the City.




Eve and Stanley were on hospital beds in a room which had just a ceiling fan and a light bulb on the wall and had no windows. The two of them were deliberately knocked out with drugs administered to them when they were


taken from Briggs Clinic. Eve looked around the room and felt something was odd about it. She turned and looked at Stanley, he wasn’t moving. She looked hard at him to observe if he was breathing. She wasn’t


sure he was. Her heart began to beat fast.


She tried to get up from the bed and then found her feet were chained to the bed. She almost fainted with fear. Raising her voice just a little she called at Stanley, “Baby! Baby! Get up baby!” Stanley did not move or answer her. At this point she was getting beside herself; she whispered to herself, “This is not the way it should end.


Please baby don’t die on me. Please.”


Tears welled up in her eyes. Determined to get to Stanley, she dragged her bed closer to


Stanley, using her legs which were shackled to the bed.




12:34 am, Steve’s Bedroom




Clara and Steve were sitting on the bed na.ked. They had just been rattled by the message Stella forwarded to them. As


though their phones could explain the message, they stared at them in shock. Over and over again, they read the message Stella had sent, “Mayo is going to kill you all. He has just found out from


Emilia that there is a tape about the sexual orgies you all often have together. He knows why Eve and Stanley were shot.”


Turning to Steve, Clara asked, “Steve, do you know who Emilia is?”. “No, I don’t.”


“How about the tape, do you know anything about it?” “I don’t,” he lied.



“We often made videos of ourselves together making love, but they never make it out of the room. If someone outside the seven of


us knows about the videos. Then one of us is responsible for that… Christ! This is not happening,” Clara said as she got out of


the bed and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. While she was in the bathroom, Steve placed a call to a friend of his, a retired military officer,. “Someone else knows about the videos, who did you talk to about it.”


“I didn’t talk to anyone about


it,” replied military officer. “Why do I feel like you are lying?” “Because you don’t know who to trust now. Believe me man, I did not tell anyone about the videos.”


“Well, whether you did or not, some woman called Emilia knows about the video and she has told Mayo about it. Get out of the city now. I will go under by morning.”


“Steve, how about your


mate, did she make it?”.


“She is here. I will fix her before I leave the city. She knows the buyer; it won’t be long before she figures out what this is all about.”


Steve got out of the bed, stark and went over to his wardrobe and removed a jackknife. Hiding it behind his back, he went toward the bathroom. Clara was in the shower with her hands around her neck, thinking about what was happening to them. Steve opened the door and entered the bathroom. Clara saw him coming, but had no reason to be afraid of him. He stretched his left hand toward her


and she yielded her body to him thinking he wanted them to have a round in the


shower. Just then, Steve’s phone rang in the bedroom. He knew the ring tone was


assigned to a particular caller, he retreated from the bathroom still hiding the


jackknife behind his back.




01:40 am, A Mansion in the City.




Eve held Stanley’s body firmly in her hands, hoping her touch would wake him from


death. While she cried over his body, the door to their room creaked and opened slowly. One of the doctors who treated them at Briggs Clinic came into the room.



Another man with an AK 47 slung across his shoulder followed behind him. Seeing


she had dragged her bed closer to Stanley’s bed, the man with AK 47 yanked her off Stanley’s bed and pushed her bed back to its position. Eve fixed her gaze at the doctor, to make out what he was saying with his eyes. He was saying something to Eve by winking his eyes repeatedly, but she wasn’t getting it. Seeing Eve wasn’t getting his message, the doctor gave up and turned to the man with AK 47 and said, “If you want to find


whatever you want this man to give you, you have to help me get him to a proper hospital.” Eve looked from the doctor to the gunslinger and yelled, “He is dead!. He is not breathing!” The man holding the AK 47 rang an alarm on the


wall before bolting out of the room. Seeing the man had left the room, the doctor whispered to Eve, “Stanley is not dead, we knocked him out with a drug. The people


holding you here are looking for something, but someone else doesn’t want whatever it is found. Whoever that is, is the person who tried to kill you two. Keep acting like Stanley was dead. We will get


you out of here.”


“Who are the we?”


“Those who want you and Stanley alive.


They called us while you were still in Briggs Clinic.”


The door jangled and some men came into the room with the other two doctors.




Question: Will Clara be killed by steve?.


Who are those that want Eve and Stanley




Who are those that want them alive? .





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