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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 32

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Episode thirty two
I walk towards the table were i, kyung seok, nam shin and ji soo usually sat as soon as kyung seok saw me coming he stood up.
“Eun woo lets go seat somewere else” i said while eun woo nodded.
We finally found a seat and when we settled i turned to see min ah seating beside kyung seok smiling.
The loud speaker in the cafeteria blared loud.
We’re gonna do something different this year that is the science and social science are gonna be working with the art on the various plays they they’ll be doing.
Names of student grouped together are:
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Min ah,kyung seok,bong soon,lee yul and ji na.
Ji soo, mi so, kim , eun woo and pil suk……….
Also for all the students in their senior year are gonna start fighting for the position of mister and miss senior year. The date will be announced.
“mia i cant stand that school anymore maybe its time i come back to nigeria” i said after explaining everything i had been facing in school to her.
“Hey it’s okay,dont worry i’ll help you in whatever way i can but you’re not coming back to nigeria” mia said making me smile alittle.
We talked some more before i fell asleep.
Do u guy still want kyung seok remember eun woo is crushing on alexa too

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