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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 29

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Episode twenty nine
Alexa’s pov
I got to the notice board and saw that i was paired with lee yul and wondered who that could be.
“Seems we were paired together huh” a muscular voice said and i turned to see a cute korean guy.
“I’m lee yul” he introduced stretching his hand for a handshake.
“I’m alexa” i replied taking his hand.
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“So…We’ll have to do the project together in my house cos i have a sick grandmother and i have to watch her at all time since i’m the only one who stays with her,i hope you’re okay with that” he asked.
“No problem about that” i replied smiling.
“You’re pretty though” he complimented making me blush.
I turned to see kyung seok staring at us pissed at i quickly comported myself and stopped smiling.
I walked over to where he was,”were you paired with him” kyung seok asked glancing at lee yul.
“Yes” i replied with a nod.
“Why would they pair you up with a guy,you’re supposed to be paired with a girl not him” kyung seok half yelled.
“But you were paired up with a girl too i’m the one supposed to be jealous but i’m not cos it’s just a project” i replied.
“That’s different i can control myself but you can’t,you keep blushing at every single sentence they make so how i’m i not supposed to get jealous” kyung seok said again.
“So are you indirectly say i’m a slut and a cheat cos only sluts can’t control themselves, i cant believe you dont even trust me” i replied walking off.
“Hey,i’m sorry you’re too beautiful and i feel those ugly punks will try taking you away from me” kyung seok replied drawing me back and placing his hands on my waist.
“I’m all yours okay,stop holding me that way, before your crushs strangle me with their eyes” i replied gesturing for him to see some students staring at us.
Min ah’s pov
I watched as kyung seok held her by the waist romantically with other students watching.
Alexa should enjoy him all she can cos he’ll be mine soon. I’ll make lee yul my puppet in executing my plans cos i know his weak point.
“Kyung seok will be mine soon” i muttered to myself smiling before walking off.

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