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ICE – Episode 3

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The next day.


Imogene set out to go bring the potion together with five soldiers.


She expected her dad to wish her luck instead he wished her dead.


She sadly covered her face with a veil, she hate people looking at her scar.


She climbed her donkey and left.


“My lady, how many days are we gonna spend before getting there? ”


One of the guards asked.


“A week”


Imogene replied and went ahead.


She hate been questioned.


She hate men.


She hate witches.


She hates her mother.


And she hate herself for been the daughter of that stupid Maren.










Mi so sat close to her mother sewing a cloth.


Lisa came out fully dressed looking all innocent.


“eomma, (mom) halmeoni (grandma) ”


She called excitedly.


“Ready for school?”


Mi so asked.


“Ye omma (yes mother) ”


“Breakfast is ready”


Lisa smiled and went to the dinning table.


Mrs Geum looked at her suspiciously.


“Mwo? (What?) ”


Lisa asked.


“eonje haeseoyo? (When did you do it?) ”


She asked pointing at Lisa nose ring.


“Did what? ”


Lisa asked looking at Mi so.


“I think she meant the nose ring”


“Since when did she start noticing that too? ”


Lisa asked.


“She is your grandma so be polite”


“But mom….. ”


“Aigoo. Ai (child) Don’t forget am good at English too, so don’t say rubbish. Babo(idiot) ”


“Seriously halmeoni, (grandma) have lost my appetite thanks to you” Lisa said standing up.


“Lisa, common she is your grandma so you know her for her nagging”.


Mi so said.


“Ya! neo micheosseo? (Are you crazy?) ”


Mrs. Geum asked Mi so.


“eomoni (mother) ”


Mi so called.


Lisa angrily carried her bag and left.


That is her grandma, always nagging. But they love each other but can’t do without quarreling a day. That is their way of showing love, I think.


“How did grandpa put up with her constant troubles? ”


Lisa asked walking to the bus stop angrily.


Suddenly a guy splashed her some dirty mud with his bike.


“Ya! (Hey) ”


She shouted.



He stopped the bike.


“Is he crazy”.


Lisa asked walking to him.


“neo micheosseo? (Are you crazy?) ”


She asked holding his collar. He was wearing an helmet so she couldn’t see his face.


He pushed her and drove away.


“Ya! (Hey!) Gaesekiya (you son of a bitch) shibalnoma (you motherfu.cker)


byungshina (stupid asshole) ”


She cursed.


Jihee stood in her front and frowned.


She looked at the direction where the bike man drove too.


“Ya! Nom (hey! Dick) ”


She yelled.


“Ottoke (what to do?) ”


Lisa asked looking at her dirty cloth.


Jihee brought out her hand towel and wiped the dirty out.


“Better now”.


“Komapseumnida chingu (thank you friend) ”


“Kaja (let’s go) ”


Jihee said dusting the dirt out of her handkerchief.










Ivy stood in front of the barrier waiting for someone. Elma have gone for her normal hunting.



The barrier opened and a woman came in.




She called smiling.


“Been long”.


She said.


“Yes, I think its seventeen years eleven month we haven’t seen each other”.


Ivy said.


“Yes and I must say, you’ve change alot”.


Eliza said.


“So how is my grandpa health now and how is his business”.


“all doing great, but your grandpa is still unstable”.


“The say I set my eyes on that witch, I will make sure I kill her for ruining my family”.


“That will soon happen”.


Eliza looked round.


“So where is our darling Elma? ”


“Went for hunting”.


“Listen Ivy”.




“Its time to let her know the truth”.


“What? “.


“She will be eighteen In a month and few days time. She need to start her quest now”.



“Quest? What quest? “.


“Quest of finding the sword and the chosen one”.


“Finding them? Mi so will definitely bring Carlisa here when she is eighteen, and the sword will come naturally”.


Eliza smiled.


“You don’t know a thing about destiny. Destiny will play a game on the three girls lives. Elma will be the one to bring them together. They will start as enemies, but Elma, as the key will open the door for ICE”.


“What game will destiny play on them? ”


“You will see. Tell Elma to come home now, cause its time”.


Eliza said and left.






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Elma ran home when she heard her mom’s call.


“Mom what happened? “.


She asked worried.


“Someone what to meet you? “.


“Someone? Who? “.


Ivy pointed to Elma bed room.


“You will meet her in your bedroom.


Elma was shocked and scared, cause no one has ever come to visit her.


No one has ever passed that barrier.


So who is the person?


She opened the door slowly and walked in.


Eliza slowly turned and smiled at her.


“Hi Elma”.


Elma was shocked.


Someone is in her room.


Another human is here.


She have never seen one except her mom and grandparent.


“Who….. Who….. Are you? ”


She asked.


“You really turned out to be a young beautiful girl”.


“Who are you”.


Elma asked again.


“An old friend of your family”.


“How did you pass through that barrier? ”


“Just some spell”.


“Spell? Are you a witch or something? “.


“Yes am a witch”.


Elma laughed.


“Witches don’t exist, although I wish they did”.


Eliza smiled.


“Witches exit and am one of them”.




Eliza smiled and raised her hand, immediately a flame of fire appeared on her hand.



“Oh my! “.


“Do you believe now”.


Eliza asked.


Elma looked at her shocked.

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