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Ice – Episode 24

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‘I am a vam……. ‘


The rest of the page where gone.


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“Where is it?” Carlisa asked anxiously.



She stood up and began to search through the drawer and old wardrobe. A bookfell down.


‘Must read’


Was what was written on it.


Carlisa opened it and sat down.


“Hi Carlisa, its your mother Rebecca. Am sure you found your dad’s book if you haven’t then I will just explain everything to you. A prophecy came, your family will get destroyed but three girls will be born to bring back the family. I don’t have much time with me, am pregnant with you sweetie. I know you must be shocked cause you thought mi so is your mother. Am the most powerful vampire and your father too is the most powerful vampire. We where both destined for each other. In a search for the truth about my mother, I got poisoned by a beast. I searched for the cure, I made a very big mistake, I invited him to leave in the mansion with us not knowing I made a very big mistake. He destroyed everyone. I survived, your grand mom and grandaunt survived, your aunt also survived with our family friend, Eliza. The poison was mixed with the antidote and Eliza told me I won’t last long on earth. Mi so was my best friend. We where both intern in the granduwellas hospital. The antidote and the poison was absorbed by you and that made you a wolf, the first wolf after they where extinct for a century. You are a vampire cause me and your father as vampires. And you are also a witch cause I tried been a witch but I failed, so it was transfered to you. I always wanted a happy life, I wanted the life humans have but I could not have that life. Sorry for bringing you into this world of war, I suppose to give you a happy peaceful life, but I gave you a hard life. Am really sorry baby. Your dad died all because of me, the family that accepted me was destroyed cause of my mistake. Am really sorry. I love you baby, I love you so much’


Carlisa couldn’t go further, she was too shocked to say a word. She stood up as tears flow down her eyes.


“Mom is not my real mom? Am a vampire werewolf and witch? Why? This can’t be real, mi so is my mother am not a supernatural.” .







Maren smiled from her palace watching what was going on. When Carlisa mistakenly alerted her, she turned on her big crystal to watch what was going on. She was surprised to see a girl entering the mansion. She was more shocked when she also read about Carlisa been the chosen one.


“This is going to be fun, I will use the chosen one as my toy. I will make her do all what I want”.


She said with a smirk.


She spoke into the crystal.


‘Remove your bracelet, remove your bracelet’ she said.


Catlisa heard the voice and was confused, she removed the bracelet.


Immediately she did, she felt electric surging through her body.


Two demon king where alerted so they went into her body.


Carlisa eyes became red, she began to go up, when she was close to the ceiling, she let out a loud scream which formed a huge thunder and that caused a blackout all over LA.


Carlisa fell down unconscious.








The seer who Elma visited stood up.


“The prophecy have been changed. The chosen one have changed her destiny”.


He said and stood up.


“The chosen one will bring destruction, the only thing that can save her is love,


only love.”


He said.








Maren watched from her palace, she did not send the demons, they must have entered on their own. She recognize them as, Zeus and Lucas, her enemies.



She pushed the crystal which fell down, in annoyance.


“My long time enemies are back”


She said.








Eliza rushed to where Elma, ivy, Freda and Vanessa where.


“Aunt what could have caused the blackout”. Elma asked.


“We need to save Carlisa, she is in the mansion.”


“What?” They heard someone said.


They all turned and looked towards the door.


“Mi so.” Ivy called


“Carlisa is in the mansion?”




“Then that is good, at least she knows the truth now” mi so said.


She was able to locate there house through Dan in the hospital.


Eliza looked at them worried, the seer just communicated to her. He told her that


the destiny have been changed and that Carlisa needs to fall in love as soon as


possible. He did not tell her the new destiny but he sound like it was trouble and


that worries her a lot.






Alex drove his car to the mayor’s house. He wore his mask and came out.


He walked to his office.


“What is happening? Why is there a blackout? This have never happened before.”



“Yes I know, we have tried finding the cause and we discovered that it was a very powerful thunder that caused the damage.”


“What thunder is as power as that? ” alex asked.


“That is why I called you here, research on it. The people needs answers.”


“I will definitely find the cause”. Alex said.








Imogene felt new powers after Carlisa incident.


She looked at Nana.


“What just happened?”


“It seems like, the chosen one have removed her bracelet.”


“What? Is she so powerful, I felt a bit powerful.”


“Yes she is, and the reason you felt more power is because you two are connected.”


“Connected? Connected with what? An electric wire?”


Nana gave her a knock on her head.


“It seems you watch lot of movies on earth. Electric wire? Seriously?”


“Then what are we connected with?”


“You are connected by destiny.”


“Why should we be connected by destiny?”


“Sit down.” Imogane obeyed.



Nana told her all she needs to know about ICE


“So am destined to work with the chosen one. No, I am to work for the chosen one? Never, I won’t and will never be her servant.”


“You are mistaken dear.”


“Aunt please stop joking like that, don’t every make that joke. I need to get some rest.”


Imogene said and left.


“You will find out the truth soon.”













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