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That was it for Wale. He was fed up with his mother’s bad behavior. He called his father and narrated everything to him. he was obviously angry and was fuming on the phone.


“My son, you lack wisdom” he father said calmly.


“Dad, how can you say that?”


“You have to learn how to handle the different women in your life. From your mother to your wife and to your daughter, there are ways you handle them so they do not cause your downfall”


“My mother has never liked Farida right from time. How do I manage her to like Farida?”


“You will figure that out yourself but first and foremost, call her and apologise to her. Take her out on a date and allow her express her grievances. She is jealous Farida has taken your attention away from her; you know you are her baby. Talk to her and let her know you love her. It doesn’t mean you will visit those places she goes to with her but you will educate her on your achievements so she stops looking for solution. Don’t let her feel Farida is in charge, make her believe you are the one in control”


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“What of Farida? How do I get her to like mother?”


“Once you treat your mother right, she will treat her right too. How did you treat Farida’s mother? You made sure she left the slum they lived in and moved them to a comfortable home. You gave her opportunities which made her excel. This was



because you knew Farida loved her mother and would do anything for her. Once you begin to value your mother and talk about her in a good light, Farida will follow suit. She is a sensible girl”


“Do I tell mum Farida is pregnant?”


“Don’t tell her yet. She will see it herself. Focus on mending the bridge. Call her and see her alone. Take her to your house to stay a couple of days; she will love it”


“I’m scared. I don’t trust my mother. She is too diabolic. She Can do something against me or Farida”


“She won’t. She will never do anything against you. She loves you. You will also make it clear to her as both of you are working on your relationship, anyone who does evil against the other it will backfire. Just say it; she will be shocked and she will behave. Say it in your home. That way, you have taken authority”


“Ok dad. Thank you so much”

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“I have my own grievance. Won’t you marry Farida? Even if it is a small court wedding, do it o. I know what I am saying. Don’t wait for her”


“She has refused. She has said one marriage is enough for a lifetime. She doesn’t want anything to affect our friendship. Even if we break up, we will still remain friends”


“It can happen in marriage too. It is for the twins I am asking this. Please talk to her”


“Let me reconcile the parties first before we think of marriage”


Wale called his mother and asked her to meet him for lunch at a restaurant. She came with the woman. He was angry but decided to keep his cool. He apologized to both of them but reaffirmed his earlier decision; he wasnot seeing any pastor and the woman’s mission had ended. She was to fly back to Lagos while he spent more time with his mother.



“I told you the pastor’s knows work. See what is happening now. Your son is coming to his senses” the woman announced excitedly.


“Madam, your pastor has done nothing for me. His mission was to separate me from the love of my life which will never happen. Tell him I said so. I want my mother to get to know me better. I know she loves me and I love her in return. I want her to understand why I am doing what I am doing and hopefully she will also fall deeply in love like me. Tell your pastor that is what is going to happen no matter what he does. As we leave here, mum, I am taking you to the hotel to pick your things to my house. I will pay for an extra night and also airport shuttle to take you, madam, to the airport tomorrow. Shall we?”


Iya Wale didn’t say a word. She was happy her son wanted her in his house with everything she went through with him.


Sam’s mother decided to play the same card she played on Monica on Idara. She complained bitterly about Farida and all Farida put Sam through just because he loved her. She called Farida a slut who was with another while still legally married. She claimed Farida deserved all Sam put her through and more. She intended to file a case against Farida, Wale and Alhaji. Monica had mentioned Farida was pregnant so she said she would also claim the children in her womb as she was still married to Sam when it happened.


Idara indulged her initially but after sometime she couldn’t take it anymore. She explained to her father-in-law all Sam’s mother was saying and her threat. He told her to forget about the woman and her noise. It was such thinking that kept them where they were right now. To her, Sam was a saint. Her son was everything.


The war began when she transfered some of the blame to Idara. She claimed Idara didn’t fight hard enough to keep Sam. Where was Idara when Sam had the heart attack? Why was she living apart from her son? She claimed Idara was selfish and was only interested in what she would get from Sam’s father than the marriage.


Idara couldn’t take it anymore she responded.


“I have held my peace all this while and I can’t hold it anymore. What kind of human being are you? Everyone is wrong except you and your son. Your son cheated on Farida with me and we had your consent to do it. Was that right? It was



obvious Sam loved Farida but you wanted that bond broken by every means possible so you used me. That is what happened; you were not that desperate for a grandchild because there were options that could have been used. Farida moved on but your son couldn’t let go of her. He fought her and drove her into the arms of another man. She wanted a divorce from him; she asked for it before she travelled. She filed after she travelled. You couldn’t convince your son to forget her so she became the devil. He raped her. What did you say? What did you do? So, you want me to fall out with the family because Sam is wicked and unreasonable? You think I am not aware of his womanizing? He wanted to live alone and I wanted my children to be brought up in a loving environment. Their father had been kicked out, they still had rights in the home even if their father didn’t. I am not ashamed of my decision; I was protecting my children. You have led Sam to his doom and I never want to be a mother like you. I will never support any evil my child does. I will always lead my children aright. You and Sam are examples I will never want to be. Stepmother is a billion times better than you. She reset my brain to reason differently. If you will continue to talk down at me or make me feel guilty for something I didn’t do; then I will leave and move on with my life. I will file for a divorce too and you will be saddled with the responsibility of taking care of your son alone. Those people who took Junior threatened to come after all my children because of Sam’s stupidity, that’s why I am here. They are going to continue raping him if he goes back to politics. Was it Farida that made him renege on agreement with his political godfather. Was it Farida who made him step on toes? Is she the one that made him act so stupidly? Please, I did not bargain for what I am going through. I have cut my losses and I am moving on with or without Sam”

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Sam’s mother was speechless. She couldn’t believe Idara could confront her in such a manner. Who was she to talk to her like that? Before she could respond Papi entered the room they were in. He looked at both of them and said to his wife,


“Baby, she has spoken the truth. You never really liked Farida because Sam was obsessed with her. Now you are dragging Idara into this. I think you should step back and allow the couple live their lives. I am going to move Sam to the villa and a vehicle will bring him for therapy whenever he needs it. Go about your business. You can’t visit them without giving them adequate notice. That said, Idara, please you need to forgive Sam and take care of him. He will get better; it might not be completely but he would. You have a role to play. You will have to work when Sam can be on his own. You cannot depend on his father, make something for



yourself. This is why I always admired Farida; she’s independent. Are you? You have to be. You can start work at home. I will have the kids at weekend. They need to learn the language start their lives here fully. You can do it. No more interference from anyone. You are in charge. Let’s see how well you can handle it”


It was settled. Idara was very happy she could have her life back. They moved to Papi’s villa which was in a local settlement. It was a perfect place to live comfortably and also enjoy cheaper cost of living. She enrolled in a language course to learn German; she enrolled her kids too. The language training also helped Sam with his speech therapy as she got him to listen in on her lessons. Sam was getting overweight and so they began to go on long walks and subtle exercises. She placed them on a diet and ensured he adhered to it. Sam was on the road to recovery.


Wale spent an entire two weeks with his mother. He did exactly what his father advised and there was peace in the home. He took her out every day. She had new experiences. When he spoke with Farida, initially he would excuse himself from her presence to talk to her. He did this several times a day. He did the calling most of the time. He video called the children. Gradually, he began to allow her video call Morenike so he could see her. The twins always joined in. they called him papa and that was what Morenike called him too. The twins began to call Wale’s mother grandma and the first time Morenike called her grandma, she shed tears of joy.


Wale was excited watching the difference in his mother. She was so alive with him and while talking to the children. He gradually began to talk to Farida in her presence.


Iya Wale was surprised the kind of conversations Wale and Farida had. They ran everything through each other. It was hardly a romantic relationship. Or he had that in her absence or when he went to bed.


Before his mother left, Wale explained his decision to leave the family business and face his own. He told her she wasn’t aware of the plotting and planning against him. He left so he could be alive and also give them an opportunity which they all failed woefully. He showed her the new contract



he had with the company and his mother marveled. He also reminded her it was Farida’s idea. He told her about Alhaji and the opportunities he had gotten from him. he was still working for while managing the Mega filling stations. He refused to expose his income but he told her Farida never ask for anything; he pays in a certain amount every month and she manages it with three children. She was also pursuing her dreams and building a name for herself in different industries. He asked his mother to stop meeting babalawos and pastors and just watch out how the relationship will work. If they have been destined to be together, they would, if not, they would go their separate ways. That was all it took. She listened to him and then appealed to him to visit often as she was lonely. She also mentioned Morenike coming to stay with her. He told her Morenike has siblings, so if Morenike is coming, she would be there with her siblings.


Iya Wale couldn’t understand how her son could love so deeply. He didn’t get it from her or her husband. Her husband was not a saint; it was her hard work that stopped him from having more wives. She had to be the last and the favourite. On her way back to Lagos, she began to think back. She remembered the changes that occurred in Wale was when he met this Farida girl. Her son that was a heart breaker entered into his shell and decided to be responsible. She acknowledged it was a good thing but that was how she had a hold on him. he had been obsessed with her ever since. She wasn’t sure if Farida loved him the way he loved and defended her. Maybe she should find out before deciding on what to do.


Hugh popped the question. Monica was shocked when he did. They were having dinner at a restaurant on her birthday when he went on his knees and asked her to marry him. she was in tears; they were tears of joy. They have had an awesome relationship with each of them respecting each other’s space. She hadn’t met his family in all the years they were together but he had met hers. They had spoken on phone and sent holiday wishes but he had never suggested they go visiting. It was time to ask the question she had avoided asking so as not to appear as though she was pressurizing him.


“Have you told your family?”


“I have and they will love to meet you”


“What changed?”



“They wanted to be sure you were not with me for the papers”


“Are you for real?”


‘It had happened a number of times”


“So, when are we going?”


“Very soon. But aren’t there some people you have to tell first?”


Monica called Farida. She screamed and leap for joy. “We are planning a wedding”


“Yes we are”


‘At long last he asked you to marry him”


“I wasn’t expecting it. I expected you will go before me”


“Nah, marriage is out of it for me”


“Because Sam was a lousy husband doesn’t mean all men are. Wale is the man for you; he doesn’t have two sides to him. The guy loves you and has shown it countless times. Look at the way he took care of you even when you were pregnant for the Eni and Dayo. How many men can do that for a woman pregnant for another man? If you ask me, I will say your relationship is signed and sealed in heaven. What is missing?”


“Sam was like Wale before marriage. What happened after?”


“Sam was never and can never be like Wale. You were blinded by love and chose to see what you wanted to see. There is no comparison between the two of them. Infact it very unfair to compare them even though Sam is my brother. I have to go now and let my dad know”


“No problem”



Farida knew she was being too scared but once bitten twice shy. She believed Wale wouldn’t disrespect her and treat her the way Sam did but what if he meets someone else and falls in love with her just like she did? Wouldn’t she be another Sam desperate to keep the family together? She loved Wale with all her heart but he was a man and men couldn’t be trusted wholeheartedly.


Monica’s father was pleased with the news. Her stepmother danced excitedly. Hugh loved Monica and it was obvious when he came. Monica had never ever complained about him; they had a very unique relationship which her father felt was best for her. Her stepmother began to plan for the wedding immediately.


Monica also informed her mother and Papi. Papi had met Hugh and was glad he proposed. Her mother on the other hand refused outrightly. She told her to marry from Ibibio and not from any other tribe or country.


“How many Ibibio men have you introduced me to? You got Idara for Sam, which did you get for me?”


“You were following that useless girl up and down and working against your brother. How do I introduce you to Ibibio eligible bachelors?”


“Well, they would have been a flop like Sam; I’m glad you didn’t. I am marrying a man who loves me for whom I am and appreciates me. He understands me and we have proven we can live comfortably together without quarrel or misunderstanding. I am having an Ibibio traditional wedding because of my father and then I am having an English wedding because of him. If you do not want to be a part of it; my father’s wife is capable of handling everything”


“Have you chosen a date?”


“Not yet; I will keep you posted”




Farida was 25 weeks gone. This pregnancy seemed different from the first twins. She was a lot more energetic and the morning sickness ended early. With the



wedding plans on the way, she appealed to Monica to choose a date when she would have had her babies. It was not a decision Monica could take alone.


Monica had invited her in-laws for lunch in her house in order to meet them. Hugh had an older brother who was unmarried; he was a writer and popular columnist. And a younger sister who looked out of their league. She was a model and an English actress. Their parents were small business owners who trained their children and allowed them to excel in their chosen professions. Hugh was a rebel and would be the first to get married.


Monica had to get Farida to put her culinary skills she acquired into action. They cooked up a storm making what each family member liked and also some agreeable Nigerian dishes for them to taste. The house was neat and the dinning table set. Farida did all the arrangements while Monica watched with keen interest taking pictures as she placed each item so she could replicate it.


Dinner was wonderful. Everyone let down their hairs. Monica and Farida wore one of their African pieces which caught the sister’s eyes. She was interested in the skirt Monica had on and also wooden decorated hair comb farida had in her beautiful long hair. That was how they introduced her to Sisterz Fashion House online. They gifted her some pieces which she quickly tried on. They took pictures together which she posted on her Instagram page with a post about her soon to be sister-in-law’s craft and directed her over one million followers to patronize them. Their Instagram page and website blew up. They left the food and attended to customers which impressed their guests. The guests also enjoyed all the Nigerian food served.


Hugh’s parents wanted Monica to visit them too. They agreed on a date that would fit everyone’s schedule. It was amazing to Monica and Farida that they practically had to get out their phone and sync the proposed date so everyone was aware. They were a high technology family. Once Hugh was happy with Monica they were too. All that mattered was Hugh’s happiness. And he was obviously happy.


With the orders came more work. Farida couldn’t travel because of her condition which left Monica doing the main work. People from different countries and culture in Africa contacted them to showcase their products and if they met the



standard. They did. Each new ‘find’ earned a picture on both their website and Social media pages. It always sold out.


Wale called early one morning. He had a dream which he couldn’t recall but it bothered him. It was about Farida and the twins. He was very worried. He called her that morning and she sounded alright. He asked when her next doctor’s appointment would be and she said it was a few days away. They talked about other things.


He went to work but strange things were happening to him. He wore his button wrong, kicked a stone and nearly fell down. He spilled coffee on his shirt and his laptop. He received phone calls but there was no one on the other end. He thought he saw someone in his office. He called his dad and shared with him.


“What was your dream about?”


“I think I saw Farida. I am not sure but it looked like it”


“Your spirit is connecting with a spirit. Calm down and use your intuition; it will guide you”


Wale was scared but he did what his father said. He calmed down. He closed his eyes for a few minutes and then he knew what he was meant to do. He picked his phone,


“Farida, go to the hospital immediately”


“Why? I am fine. There is nothing wrong with me”


“I said, leave whatever you are doing and get to the hospital. Do not argue with me”


“Ok, let me finish ….”


“Leave now! What is wrong with you? It is not a time to be stubborn” he dropped the phone and called Monica.



“Monica please I don’t want to scare Farida but I am having a bad feeling. Please take her to the hospital. Donot allow her argue”


“You have never spoken like this before. I am on it”


Wale booked a ticket to get to the UK. there was only Emirate Airline flight with a three hours stopover at Dubai. The journey would take fifteen hours. He was told if he could get to Ghana, he could catch a direct BA flight to Heathrow. He went for it. He had to be in the UK as soon as possible.


“Farida, lets go. Why are you wasting time?”


“Wale sounded strange. I hope his mother has not put him up to something”


“It is better same than sorry, let us go. Just pretend and let them examine you”


They came out and Monica drove to the hospital. As they got to the counter, Farida felt a tingle down her leg. Then it was followed by tingles. She observed she had not been able to hold pee for some days now. As it dropped and she moved, an observant nurse who was passing by saw the color of the supposed urine on the floor. It was greenish which meant the babies were in distress. Immediately, Farida was taken to the examination room. truly it came from her. The babies hearts beat dropped. She was rushed to have a scan done. Everything was happening so fast that it looked like a movie.


Wale called Monica as he was about to board the flight from Ghana to UK. All Monica could say was “Everything is happening so fast; how did you know?”


“Know what?”


“She is having the babies today”


‘’I am on my way. Please stay with her. I beg you, do not leave her side. I will be there soon”



The scan showed the was very little amniotic fluid left in the sack and the babies were distressed. What they didn’t tell Farida was that one of them had the cord round his neck that caused the distress for him.


She was wheeled for emergency C section. She wasn’t happy about it but she had no choice as the medical personnel were only interested in saving the babies. Farida asked Monica to call Wale. She told her to relax, Wale was on his way. They put her to sleep for the surgery while Monica watched them from the glass.


They brought out the two babies. They carefully removed the cord from the neck of one of them. Monica cried when she saw him; he looked almost lifeless. The other one had to be suctioned before he could cry. They carried them away to the paedatrics surgeon to attend to them. Once they were taken away, Monica looked at her friend. She had been stitched up but she was still unconscious. They couldn’t risk her watching the birth of her babies and realizing there was a problem; a serious problem.


Farida was wheeled into her room. Monica knew it would take a while for her to wake up so she went after the babies. She saw they were still battling with the baby. His coloured had changed; he looked better unlike before. He didn’t cry still and was placed in an incubator with tubes connected to him. When the doctor came out, Monica asked him “How is he doing?”


“We are hopeful. He seems to be a fighter. He can’t breathe on his own yet but thankfully, his is alive and hopefully will remain so. She came in good time; if she had stayed another day, both of them would have died. We hope there will be no permanent damage to his brain because of the lack of oxygen”Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


‘What of his twin?”


“He’s a boy also. He is fine. Perfectly ok. This little man protected his brother as best as he could”


Two boys; Farida had two boys. They were not out of the woods yet but they were hopeful. How did Wale know? He was so certain something was wrong. Was Farida right? Did his mother have a hand in this? They almost lost their babies and there was no sign anything was wrong. Wale had a lot of explaining to do.



Wale arrived the hospital straight from the airport. He had tried calling Monica but she wasn’t picking up. He got to the reception and asked after Farida. He was directed to her room. Farida was awake but still drowsy. He rushed to hug her. He was thankful she was ok.


“Where are the babies?”


“They are in the nursery; let me show you”


Monica took Wale out and explained everything to him.


“Nothing will happen to him; it has been averted”


“What do you mean?”


“The plan was to take both mother and the babies but they failed”


“How did you know this?”


“I just know. The children are born for a purpose and they are the first set of twins in my lineage. I had to call my father about my strange dream and occurrences. I wasn’t satisfied, I called Farida’s mum. She was promised to call back. She called me when I landed Ghana and informed me what happened and the outcome”


“You now believe in diabolic things?”


“No, Farida mother and grandmother are Muslims. I know they will not sit back and watch their child being destroyed that’s why I called them and the calm in their voice gave me hope”


“If Farida hears this, she wouldn’t like it”


“It is the truth. The most important thing has been done. She is fine and my babies are fine”


“Your sons you mean? You never asked the sex of the babies”



Wale broke down in tears. He had two boys; wo sons from his loin. He couldn’t believe it. He remembered Iya Agba’s word, “A battle line has been drawn. Face your God squarely and encourage Farida to do same. I know you young people have doubts about religion but from the homes you both come from; there is so much envy and jealousy. Both of you are stars and you will both make it. That is why your union met with a lot of hardship until both of you were determined to be together. Never let anything separate the two of you otherwise you will lose your glory. Her shine will rub off on you to make you shine brighter. Your shine will rub off on her to make her shine brighter. Hold on to each other and build yourself in your faith”


He thought she was just mumbling but it had proved she knew what she was saying.


To Monica’s greatest surprise, Wale asked for the chapel and he was directed to it. He spent an hour there talking to God. He didn’t know how but he found himself being able to confide in him about everything. When he came back, he felt better. He smiled at his Farida and said; everything is going to be alright.

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