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ICE – Episode 2

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Elma carried the dead animal on her shoulder.


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“Gosh it heavy……. I wish I had a super power I will prefer super strength right at this moment”.


She walked home.


“Momma, grandma, grandaunt. Come out”.


She called and dropped the jaguar to the floor.


Ivy, Freda and Vanessa rushed out.


“What is it? “.


Ivy asked worried.


“Why are you three looking worried I just called to show you guys this big animal I killed by myself”.


Ivy sighed, while Vanessa and freda smiled.


“I thought something has happened to you. Your call was alarming”.



“Really? I never knew I could make you three fear”.


She said.


“So where did you see this one”.


Ivy asked looking at the lifeless jaguar.


“In the jungle….. My first big hunt”.


“How is this your first big hunt? “.


Vanessa asked.


“This isn’t big”.


Freda said.


“You have killed bigger animal than this”.


Ivy said.


“Really? Is there any animal bigger than this? “.


“Of course there are”.


Ivy said.


“Which are? ”


“Elephants are bigger than this”.


Freda replied.


“Wow then I will have to kill an elephant to make an history”.


“You have killed an elephant before”.


Ivy said.




“Last week”.


“Really? Wow am awesome”.


“Yes you are”.


Ivy said.


Elma smiled.


“I need to visit my diary”.


“Ok go ahead “.


Vanessa said smiling. Elma smiled and left.










Immediately after the meeting, Carlisa left after telling her friends goodbye.


She sneaked back to her room, its just 4 in the morning so she have two more hours to sleep before school.


She sat on her bed after wearing her pyjamas.


“Mr. John is unbelievable, why do he want me to do that job, Its risky”.


She said.



Her phone rang.



“Annyeong chingu (hello friend) “.






“Sup? “.


She asked.



“Hmm? “.



“John seonsaengnim? (Mr. John?) “.



“Oh ya. That man. He actually want me to do a dirty job for him”.



“Which is?”



“Bringing his drug runner from the airport”.


replied. “So? ”


“I rejected it”.



“neo micheosseo? (are you crazy?) ”


She yelled.



“Mueoseulyo? (What?) ”



“Life time chance”.



“You mean opportunity ”



“dakcheo(shut up) olmayeyo? (How much?) ”



“5 million won”.



“Mwo? (What?) Five million? Must change your life, but you are denying the chance”.


“Please speak Hangul(Korea) ”



“Are you real? Am I joking? Its just a simple task”.



“Arraseo, arraseo (okay, okay) ”



“Mwo? (What?) ”



“I will do it”.



“Good dear”.



“You mean good girl”.



“dakcheo amkae (shut up b*tch) ”


Carlisa heard a footstep.



“Bye I will call you later”.


She said in a whisper.



“Arraseo(okay) ddo bwayo(see you later) ”



“Annyeong (bye) ”


Carlisa said and disconnected the call.


She then pretended to be asleep.


Her door opened.


Miso came in.


“She is sleeping? But I thought I heard noises”.


She asked.


She turned and left after doing a double check.


Carlisa opened her eyes.


“That was close”.


She said .


She picked her phone and place a call to Mr. John.


“Hello Mr. John”.



“Who? ”



“Its Carlisa speaking”.



“For Christ sake this is just four, I came back from the club thirty minutes ago. I have an appointment by nine. I just gat five hours to relax”.

He said and yawned.



“seki (son of shit) ”



“What? ”


Mr. John asked not understanding what she said.






“So want made you distrub my sleep”



“Well am in for the job proposal “.



“What? ”



“Am gonna do the job”.



“Awesome. Good. “.


He yawned.


“We will talk more tomorrow, but don’t change your mind”.


“Babo (fool) ”


Lisa said immediately she disconnected the call.








Ivy sat together with Freda and Vanessa.


She looked at her calendar and smiled.



“Its just a week and a month to Elma eighteenth birthday”.


“Yes, and Carlisa too will be eighteen soon. Finally our family will be back together”.


Freda said smiling.


“But mother am getting scared, Elma still behaves like a child. Will she be able to


handle been an hybrid”.


Ivy asked.


“Someone who can kill an elephant, a lion, an hyena, an anaconda, a jaguar and many others. Tell me, what can’t she handle”. Vanessa asked.




“She is right Ivy, Elma is more than who we think”.


Freda said.


“Am just worried “.


Freda held Ivy’s hand.


“Don’t worry darling, just think about the positive side of it”.


She said.


Ivy smiled and looked at the direction of Elma’s room.










Gab sat down close to Maren who was receiving a pedicure.


“Maren are you sure about imogene going to get that potion? ”


“Yes Gab”.


She stood up.


“Imogene is strong enough, she will be able to handle those guardians. ”



“You know how important that potion is, it is the fourth ingredient for the spell to make the chosen one vulnerable, and you know the guardians of the temple are very powerful”.


“Yes I know. The chosen one will be eighteen soon so I have to risk it. And besides she have improve in swords skills and spell. She will be able to handle it” Maren said without any emotion.


“Well, I hope you are right”.


Gab said and sighed.








Imogene stood by her window looking at the abandoned prison from her room. Chat or Please, kindly download our mobile app to enjoy more stories IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE SO…just search for ‘TOPSTER STORIES APP’ on google and then, click on the first link???? Its been years now and its been locked.


She wanted to go in, some years back but she was punished.


She was told that some powerful prisoners are there, but who could they be?, she always ask herself.


“Don’t even think of going there”.


The oldest witch said.




Imogene called smiling.


She hugged her tight.


Hana, the oldest witch is like a mother to Imogene. Imogene began calling her Nana at the age of three, she wasn’t able to pronounce Hana then.


“Am not going there”.


Imogene said.


Nana smiled.


“I heard you are going to collect a potion for your mom”.


“Yes Nana”.


“Well that potion is not ordinary, it is very powerful and sacred so you need to take care of it”.


“Okay…..? “.


“The journey to the temple where it kept is a week. So you have a long journey”.


“What? a week? “.


Imogene asked.


“But why me? “.


Nana smiled.


“Don’t worry dear, its an easy pixy tasks, you just have to blow the guardians




Nana said.


“Guardian? Shit I hate guardians. Are they men or women”.




Imogene looked at Nana shocked.


“My parent should just kill me”.


She said.


Imogene hates the male gender, she hate hearing their names. And all thanks to Gab cause he made her hate them when he constantly said he wish she was a boy.




She called irritated.















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