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Bupe Episode 2

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Unlucky day




Bupe wondered why Mariana despise poor people.she did know to think of but Mariana.


“Why does she hates me despite not knowing me,i have to find out something,” she thought to herself before calling it a night.


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She woke up early,did the chores and left food for granny to cook. She went to granny’s room but granny was not awake. She shook her body but nothing. She called out to her but nothing happened. she was so frightened.she rushed to get water and sprinkled on her face. She opened her eyes,her mama was sweating. She took her phone to call Miguel but she didn’t have the number with her.


“Granny you be fine,let me see what u can do,”she sobbed.


“My child,go to work your boss must be worried about you,am fine,nothing is wrong,”granny told her in low voice. Bupe couldn’t leave mama alone instead she rushed to Lewis to get the number for Miguel which she used before. Favor was not on her side. Lewis deleted all the unknown contacts. She explained everything to her and Lewis assured her that he was going to stay with her granny before his mom returns from work.

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Bupe went back home and she was running late for work.she left for work but her mind was home.


She was greeted by Mariana scolding her.




“Am sorry ma’am,mama is sick and wanted to call sir Miguel.”she tried to explain.

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“Can you just keep quite for once sister, she has apologised and the reason is simple,”Miguel interfered.




Bupe started cleaning the house but her mind wasn’t at peace. She called Lewis to check up mama but the Phone went unanswered.




Mariana came out and slammed the door as she left to only God knows.


Sir was not going for work that day.


Bupe was busy busy cleaning the table in the living room.she was done and started removing the cobwebs. Sir popped in from nowhere without knowing and stood close to her.



“Ever since I saw you,my heart has not rested.i know nothing about you but still,she entered my heart so suddenly,why Bupe,”he said while pushing her to the wall.




“Sir please,let me clean please and remember I need to finish up the cooking,”she begged him.


“Just a kiss and I will leave you,”he said but Bupe managed to push away him and ran off to the kitchen.she was crying because she didn’t know what to. She thought of quitting the job but she needed the money.


Miguel couldnt follow her but instead went his room where he left his girlfriend.




Bupe started cleaning the bedrooms.she cleaned all and only one room remained. His room.she was so afraid that he might take advantage of her. She slowly opened the door after knocking.




Bum… The girl was carelessing sir without any shame.”am sorry,i didn’t that he was here.she quickly closed the door and went back to the kitchen.she finished all the chores and prepared breakfast for his girlfriend and started preparing lunch.




She was done and sat on the couch thinking of everything that has happened. She couldn’t believe that sir was with a girl in his room and he tried to take advantage of her(Bupe).


She hoped that won’t repeat itself.




She got her phone to Lewis again but still the phone went unanswered.


“Oh God,help my grandmother,she is all I have,let nothing happen to her,”she prayed a silent prayer.



She was about to call her when she was told to come tomorrow afternoon because in the evening tomorrow,they were hosting a party to welcome Miguek’s childhood and best friend.




She had some coins. She got on a taxi and got off at chisanga turn off. She went straight home.the house was closed. She went to Lewis place and found his mom who didn’t even like her one bit. She went home and asked the neighbor.


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She went to the clinic and found grandmom admitted.shehad fever and Lewis was on the bedside.


“I have been calling you but you couldn’t pick up my calls not even to let me know that mama is in the clinic.”she yelled at him.


She went out of the room and rushed behind the clinic.she cried herself out.lewis looked for her but couldn’t see her.


He looked everywhere and saw her at distance.he went on and wiped her tears.


She stood up and hugged him.”why does this happen to me,no one likes me only mama and she is in danger,i can’t even help her,why Lewis,”she cried so much that her eyes where itching.

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