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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 24

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Chapter 24


Nicholas p.o.v


We all walked in and what I saw shocked me, Iyna was hanged up with her hands tied, and she wasn’t moving, there is hot water under her, oh my god, my Iyna , my baby.


We all screamed “NOOOOO”


That Instant the police short Dorris .

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We all rushed to Iyna, but she was still tied up, which means Dorris miss the target.of the rope, oh my goodness, thank God. “We have to cover the water “Nichol shouted.


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I, Collins , kelvin, and Jack started lifting the metal to cover the water , finally we succeeded.


“There is a stairs , you could loss her hands from there ” the inspector said and kelvin and Jack rushed up the stairs and gently walked through the wall not to fall, I climbed on the water which we have already covered and reached to hold Iyna as they began losing the rope finally they did, and i held Iyna close.


I got down from the metal with Iyna ,I can’t even hear her breathing.her eyes were


closed , she was unconscious.


“Iyna … please”I whispered


She looked like she has been drowned in water, she was socked with sweat.


“We need to rush her to the hospital” Tobi shouted.


And we all ran out of the building with me holding Iyna in my arms , I don’t know what the police did with Dorris and the two other , the third one is unconscious. We finally reached the hospital, and they started attending to Iyna immediately. God let anything not happen to her and my baby, I don’t want to loss them please help me .


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Soon my parents ran into the hospital followed by iyna’s parents, her brother and mother has already arrived.


They all asked us what happened, Nichol started explaining to them, I was too shock to even talk.


Before my eyes I watch iyna at the point of death, thank goodness that evil witch that called herself Dorris is dead , I can’t believe she went through all this just to end my life and iyna’s, and my innocent Iyna and baby has to suffer for it.


The nurses kept running pass us, we try stopping them to ask questions but they kept giving us signs to hold on, God am losing my patience.


“Sir she’s not breathing” one of the nurses shouted and another ran to get something.


Hearing she’s not breathing is keeping me on the edge, am going to die if they don’t


survive, am already sweating so badly, it looks like all the nut in my body has loss


then it’s like am boneless.


Another nurse ran and pass again.


I piped through the glass door, they were trying to regain her,shes lying lifeless on the bed, God save Iyna please..


“One two clear ….” I heard the doctor, a tear slide down my eyes as he kept


repeating himself.


“Nicholas please leave there ” my dad try to pull me from the door.


I started crying.


“I can’t take it if she dies, …I can’t loss them,….YOU FUCKIN DOCTOR…MAKE


SURE THEY SURVIVE” I shouted through the door, my friends and family pulled me away.


“Oh God,… mom…I can’t loss them” I cried and hugged my mom.


“Shhhhh….”she try to calm me down.


It’s been 15 minutes now, yet the doctor hasn’t come out,we all looked sad,


If anything happens to them, I won’t think twice before killing myself, baby please don’t leave me, am nothing without you, I need you in my life, my child , I want to live happily with you … please come back to me, don’t leave me my love.i cried silently.


Soon the doctor came out and we rushed him.


“Doctor how is my wife and child ? I asked .


“Doctor tell us , how is my daughter and grandchild? My mom asked.


The doctor looked in a dilemma.


“We Lost them”












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Just kidding


“They are fine ” he answered.


And I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.


“Thank you Lord ” mom said .


“She really is a strong woman, her breathing was very low when you brought her, if she would had last another long minutes before getting here, she wouldn’t had made it,it was really hard to get her to breath again, we almost gave up, but thank God she started breathing again,” the doctor said . We all smiled .


“Thank you so much doctor, please may we see her ? I asked .


“I won’t advice you see her yet , but she’s sleeping, she’s really tied, I wouldn’t


want her to be disturbed at the moment…and there fore congratulations, she’s


having a twin” the doctor said .


We all looked shocked.


“A twin ? I asked .


He nodded .


“YESSSSSSS” I jumped up, everyone started laughing..


“Thank you so much ” I said .


“Congratulations” every said hugging me .


Am so happy, Iyna and my babies are alive, I almost lost it thinking i lost her, when I saw her almost lifeless tied up to that hot water , she’s really a strong woman, she tried her best to keep breathing. Thank you so much Iyna ,I love you .


Since Iyna was still recovering we postponed our wedding to next week,



Iyna later woke up and everyone hugged her, but she really looked sick due to the stress she faced , I hugged her and kissed her , she cried silently and kept rubbing her stomach.


“My babies” she said and smiled with tears in her eyes.


“Yes…thank you so much ” I kissed her.


And we hugged again.


Iyna and her mother got back together and she apologized for all her harshness towards Iyna, Iyna loved her mom so much and didn’t waste time hugging her. And I was happy,God gave me this beautiful Angel. .





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