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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 40

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Chapter Forty
Theme: Hospital Break
Date: 26th, April, 2029.
Time: 11:35am.
Location: Hospital.
Cara’s Pov:
“look who decided to play superhero, like seriously did you think you were immortal.” I asked Evan cheekily with a big smile on my face.
“Yeah I know right, now I know better than to take a bullet for you but… since I did survive just know you’re never gonna hear the last of my heroic saving. I can still remember how I fearlessly, gallantly ran towards you when I saw Frederick pull the trigger and then I fell fearlessly and sacrifice my self as a shield for you. I know you all want my picture as your wall paper but don’t fright I’m still here I aren’t going anywhere my dearest fans.” Evan says giving a slight charming bow.
Ethan chuckles and steps in front of Evan. “How are you doing bro.” Ethan says giving Evan a friendly pat on his back.
“Try getting shot and you’ll know.” Evan says nonchalantly.
“Oh we are never gonna hear the last of his ‘heroic’ saving are we.” Steve’s says grinning and also gave Evan a friendly pat.
“Regrettably no, is it bad that i actually wish you died, Evan.” I ask frowning.
“Oh please sis, I know you love me so much you would have been utterly devastated if I didn’t live. Besides if I die who’s gonna add more sparkle to your boring life.” Evan taunts and I rolled my eyes in response.
“Welcome back, man.” Jason says and gives Evan a bro shake.
“Thanks but can I ask what happened to your eyes.” Evan asks and I glared at Ethan, Ethan just shrugged his shoulder in response.
“It’s nothing.” Jason answers and before Evan could asks more question a devastated mum, walks into the room.
“Evan!!, Oh my poor baby, how are you feeling.” My mum asks throwing her arms around Evan.
“Ouch mum.” Evan screams in a high pitched voice.
“Oh baby I’m so sorry, so sorry.” My mum apologize kissing him on both cheeks, yeah my mum can be over dramatic at times, that’s where Evan got his gene from. Once my mum was done kissing a complaining Evan she attacks me next.
“I was so worried last night, I thought something bad had happened to you. Don’t you ever take off like that ever again.” My mum says with all seriousness.
“Yeah, I promise I won’t. Now let go of me mum.” I said breathlessly.
“Is there something I should know, like why Cara had to run off.” Evan asks looking so confused and I sigh.
“Nothing much other than the fact that Jason is a spy working for Henry and by the way I forgive you Jason.” Mum says casually and Evan eyes widen in surprise.
“Mum!!!” Me and Ethan yells together.
“What, the boy was curious and all I did was answer his curiosity. Why is that you youngster are always waiting for the right time, is not like Evan would get an heart attack over the piece of information.” My mum says shrugging.
“So does that mean Ethan is responsible for those black eyes.” Evan asks.
“You know me so well brother.” Ethan says grinning and Evan chuckle.
“Well I’m not gonna judge you or get angry at you, Jason, the fact you’re still here and actually standing means everyone here has forgiving you, so everything is cool man.” Evan says surprising all of us.
“What happened to you, Evan.” Cheryl asks.
“A near death experience happened Cheryl.” Evan says grinning.
“So is there any piece of information I should know.” Evan asks.
“Well other than the fact that Ethan girlfriend is dead and was actually killed by Frederick there’s nothing else to know.” I said casually.
“Ethan had a girlfriend.” My mum and Ethan asks at the same time.
“Yeah and she was killed by Frederick like common how can both of you miss that part.” I ask frowning.
“What are you saying Cara.” Ethan asks more confused.
“Here.” I take out the piece of paper Ethan gave to me this morning from my bag and gave it to Evan, he reads it and passed it to mum having a bewildered look on his face.
“I don’t know if I should be more surprise that Ethan has a girlfriend or the fact that Frederick killed her. That’s fu.cked up.” Evan exclaims still looking shocked.
“Oh my poor baby.” Mum utters and rush over to Ethan her arms open wide.
“No! No! I do not need a hug mum, okay she’s hugging me regardless.” Ethan says, Ethan hates hug.
“So what’s the next plan.” Evan asks and everybody looks at me.
“Ohh I have a plan alright but the first step is breaking you out of here.” I said smirking and everybody looks at me giving the what the hell look(except Evan who’s grinning uncontrollably.” Oh I didn’t fill them on the plan, infact I had that plan the minute I stepped into the hospital.
“Why are you guys giving me such look, where did you think I disappeared when we at the lobby or why do you think I have this bag with me when I appeared back, No! No! I do not want to hear anyone complain, we are getting Evan out of here and that’s it. Ethan you’ll be dressed as a doctor, Cheryl and I will be nurses. Stop giving me such look both of you(Ethan and Steve) if we leave Ethan here, Frederick and Henry could come for him so is better safe than sorry.”
Ethan sighs a little before saying, “fine let’s do this.” I stare at Steve and he nods.
“Great my first prison break.” Evan yells giddy and fist bump the air.
“It’s and hospital break, Evan.” I remind him.
“Shhh, just let me have it.” Evan says and I chuckle.
“I can’t believe we actually pulled that off.” I said laughing and plopped down on Tamara’s couch.
“What do you mean are you saying you were not sure it could work.” Cheryl asks frowning.
“Well I was 60% sure it won’t work.” I said grinning timidly.
“Cara! Are you trying to say I could have been locked up in a prison cell right now.” Cheryl shrieks.
“And you’re not, good night Cheryl, love you.” I kissed her on her cheeks before she could rain anymore Cherly tantrums on me.
I walked into the the room Tamara gave to me and lay on the bed tired, i was about falling asleep but the ringing of my phone just had to disturbed me. I opened my eyes lazily and looked at the screen of my phone, Henry, displays on it. Oh shit, why is he calling??.

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