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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 2

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Chapter 2


Iyna’s p.o.v


Right now am seated Infront of the mirror why Tobi is Making me up, even when I object to it she still says no.


“I can’t believe I’d have to look like a ghost In a shell this night ” I said rolling my eyes.


She scoffed.


“Iyna why do you like saying rubbish,if you talk again I will apply this red lipstick on your forehead”she said teasingly .


“Tobi…I think everyone in the club will have to run away by the time they see my face ” I joke.

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“Yeah whatever…can you just keep quiet already….am almost done with the make


over ” she did some things again and started clapping her hands.


“You go Girl, look at how beautiful I’ve transformed you..,gosh if I were a boy …I will toast you right now ….”she said happily.


I looked at myself in the mirror and truly i kind of look different,but the make was


light and I look pretty and nice.


“Thanks babe” I said hugging.


“Yeah anytime”she said .


We finally dressed up and held a cab to the destination of the club house , am wearing an off shoulder slim fitted gown a blue one, you could see some part of my cleavages showing,and my long sexy leg also to the view, my hair has been packed up to reveal my beautiful neck, and I wore little earrings to make with my dress,

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While Tobi is putting on a pink dress infact it’s shorter than mine , but hers has only one long hand while the other is armless.


She left her hair down, and her make up is out of this world.


We came down from the cab and we walked into the club with Tobi cat walking majestically like she own the place.


One thing I love about my friend is, she doesn’t care what they think about her


…but can you believe even at her unexplainable wayward life …she’s still a virgin….yes…she’s still a virgin and same goes to me .


But am not as bright as she tho, am a very calm person and am the indoor type.enough about us…so we walked into the club and everyone is dancing.


It’s only the many colors light that was glowing on the dance floor, we walked to the bartender and filled some drink.


“Iyna…let’s rock this place baby ” Tobi said and pulled me up as *shape of you * by Ed Sheeran…. started playing.


Gosh this song is so wonderful,we joined the others In the dancefloor and I start whynning my waist, moving with the music rhythm….


Well I know how to dance ok, when I was much younger I do dance with my neighbors children, so from there I became a very good dancer but not very like veryyyyy good .


As I and Tobi kept dancing to the song, then my eyes caught a very handsome sexy looking man seated at one of the couch with another two guys but the guys were busy talking to the women beside them and then one of them stood up and went to the dance floor with the girl ….the sexy looking one his eyes was on me and I


started feeling uncomfortable.,I really hate it when guys look at me like that …but what can I do?…am very beautiful and it’s not my fault. Nicholas p.o.v


I and my friends were sitted on one of the club couches when I saw two ladies walked into the club, gosh they both look sexy but the one in blue dress caught my attention and she looks more beautiful,suddenly I desire to have her in my bed for tonight .



I kept staring at her all the while as she and her friends smiled , drank some whiskey I guess then the friend pulled her to the dance floor as *shape of you by Ed Sheeran* started playing.


They both started dancing,she began moving her hips in a sexy way , and I felt my Lion grow hard .


What the…I’ve not even touched her yet …not even that close to her, then her eyes finally met mine and my heartbeat started to slow down.


Gosh, she’s so beautiful,shes looking so out of this world,the club light of different rainbow colors made her so much beautiful, kelvin and Jack stood up and left with there girls and only I sat looking at the beautiful goddess before my eyes.


But she looked away, what the …I thought she was going to come to me, cause once anyone and I make eye contact,she will come to me but this girl looked away or didn’t she see me ?she continued dancing with her friend till a guy came and said something to her and she shook her head then the guy turned to her friend and they both started dancing.


Oh maybe he asked her to dance with him and she refused,hmmm…this girl seems different, why don’t I try my luck, after all I hate girls who play’s hard to get. Gosh Nicholas I can’t believe your doing this, for the very first time in all your life , your approaching a woman.


I walked gently like the gentle man I am to her but her back was turned so she didn’t see me …I reached for her arm and touched her she swiftly turned and our eyes locked .


She blinked one two three times,and I smiled at her .


“Mind if we dance together? I asked I know she can’t resist me no women resist me.


She stare at me for a while and shocked my ego.


“Am sorry …but I don’t think I want to dance with you”she said and I suddenly was shocked.


Damn no girl dare refuse the almighty Nicholas Hensmith, but this girl….


Am not gonna let her off the hook easily, she turned and try to walk away but I grab her wrist.


“What the hell is your problem?she shouted but the music was really loud but I could still hear her.


“I want a dance with you ..,and I get what I want ” I said sternly.


How can she say no to me, no one dares it.


“What do you mean you get what you want? She pulled her hand from mine .


“Don’t you dare ever in your life stop me again….go dance with other girls and


leave me alone ” she yelled and turned to go.but i grab her back, she dare not walk out on me , I could make her life miserable for this act of talking to me anyhow. But what she did next shocked me , she slapped me. What the


Iyna’s p.o.v


The guy was disturbing me,and he doesn’t want to let me go, I really hate people like this …I don’t know how it happened but before I could stop myself i slapped him, and all the people gasped with wide eyes as the music stopped.

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Oh my God, why did the music stop and everyone is looking at me like that ,God I hate when people look at me like that , the first thing that came to my mind was too run out which I did thank God no one stopped me.


I ran out of the club with my heart in my hand and I felt someone running behind me calling my name to stop it was Tobi.


“Tobi am going home now ” I said and quickly stopped a cab I entered and she followed and we drove off to the house .


God I dont know why am feeling this scared,but the look on his eyes that instant told me I was in a big trouble.


We reached home and I quickly sat on the couch.


Tobi was angry .


“Why did you do it Iyna …do you know you have brought problem upon us? She said angrily.


“But Tobi the guy wouldn’t just mind his damn business, he was just hitting on me …and I told him no but he still refused, you know how I am with guys ” I said. “How can you reject to dance with a multi billionaire when other girls are dying to get his attention? ” She asked and I looked up at her .


“That Is the case tobi, am not other girls you know how this things are to me, I hate men trying to have their way with me what if he ask for sex” I told her , yes after what has happened to me I don’t think I can trust men, who knows he might even want to have sex with me if I decide to dance with him , those hungry bastards, I know if I agree to dance bad things will happen, maybe he will get me drunk take me to his home and have sex with me , no I don’t …… Tobia stared at me like I’ve grown five hundred horn’s.


You really think so huh? do you realize who you just slapped Iyna ….? She asked




“Who …isn’t he a human just like us ?or is it the fact that his a billionaire? I asked .



“I can’t believe you this girl…so you want to tell me you don’t know the hensmith’s family? She asked .


Well i think I’ve heard the name before but who cares .


“Maybe, maybe not …but what does that get to do with the club guy? I asked taking off my shoe .


“That means …you just slapped the HENSMITH’S HEIR iynaama hayes” she shouted.


And my eyes shoot out like Bob and my mouth hanged open in shock.


I just slapped one of the hensmith.


Am finished.



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