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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 12

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Chapter 12


Nicholas’s p.o.v


I’ve been feeling so sick for two days then today it rises , I couldn’t do anything so I just told rose I won’t be at work.


I didn’t want to tell Iyna cause I wanted to be left alone ,but I was surprised she came, I wasn’t expecting her or anyone.


She looked so scared when she saw me , I saw it in her eyes and that instant I knew she cares for me ,not just little but a lot , I never expected her to make me soup to recover, at least am better now .


This fever comes once in a while , especially if I’ve over stressed myself, I didn’t call my doctor because I don’t want him to ask me to seat at home and do nothing. And I refused to call my family cause they will freak out and force me to see the doctor and the result will end up badly.


For some reason am happy Iyna cared and came , I know Rose told her I was home

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but am shocked she came,i didn’t want her to see me in such condition and I asked her to go, but she refused.


I felt better again after the soup and drug , and I asked her to stay , I didn’t know why but I just wanted her close to me , I soon fell asleep with my head on her lap and her fingers playing on my hair .


I need to let you know now, Iyna has gotten me to fall for her, yes I’ve falling for her , I really want her and I have to tell her about it , I really don’t know how she will take it but there’s no harm in trying right .


I work up some hours later and discovered my head still was on her lap. I slowly got up and looked at her beautiful face , she’s sleeping soundly.


I adjusted her to lay on the bed well, and covered her up, I kissed her forehead and she signed but continued sleeping.


I can’t believe she successful got me to fall for her, she won my stone cold heart , I touched her hair from her forehead and admired her good look .



Her lashes were long and very beautiful, her lips so pink and small, her cheek is wonderful and her skin glows Like emerald.


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Iynaama hayes…you stole my heart like a thief, I will have to make you mine now , I need to.


After my long admiring I got up and went to take a shower


Some minutes later I came out but Iyna isn’t on the bed anymore, where did she go?


I quickly pulled on a T. Shirt and a black jeans trouser, and quickly head down stairs i hope she hasn’t gone .


Then I heard some sounds from the kitchen, I gently walked there and there stood my beauty queen making something on the gass , I lean on the door frame and stare at her cooking.


Iyna’s p.o.v


Gosh I fell asleep, when I woke up , I didn’t find Nicholas on the bed, I hope his okay ? Then I heard the shower running.


I signed, his taking his bath, I got out of bed and went downstairs to make something for him to eat so I can give him drug before I start going home .


I went into the kitchen and started making becons and eggs for him, with pancake and jam.


My neck hurts , due to how I slept , but it seems he moved me to lay well,i continued doing what I was doing and once I turned my heart beat stopped In shock.


“Oh my god” I exclaimed.


Nicholas leaning on the door frame he really scared me.


“Am sorry , I didn’t mean to scare you ” he said and I smiled .


“No problem..are you okay ? I asked .


“Yeah, thanks for earlier….”he said.


“No problem, it’s my duty seems am your P.A ” i replied.


He raised an eyebrow and came closer to me .


“What are you making? He asked .


“Umm…becons and egg …with pancake and jam ” I replied.


“I hope you don’t mind am using your kitchen without permission? I asked .


“Hell no … thanks for Helping Me tho “he replied i smiled .


“Umm.. Nicholas, maybe you Should wait at the sitting room I will be done soon” I said .


He nodded and left .



Wow his Really calm today , I thought he was gonna shout at me like he always does.


Am surprised at his behavior now.


What happened to the beast ?


After I set the meals on the dinning,i went to his room to bring his drug, once I came back his already seated at the dinning.


I walked to him gently and placed it in his front.


“Umm…you should eat well and take the pills then you can go back to bed and rest “I said.


I was moving away then he grab my hand , I turned and he was staring at me deeply, my heartbeat was racing too fast, why do I feel so nervous? “Aint you eating with me ? He asked.


I looked at him shocked,did my boss just asked me to eat with him?


“Um…no, I made it for you , and besides I need to go home it’s already so late ” I said pulling my hand away.


He looks sad, what he looks sad? Nicholas look sad just because I told him am going home what’s happening.


“Iyna it’s already too late , check the time , it’s 8:30 don’t you know we slept for a very long time , I can’t let you go home today , you should spend the night “he said.


“Umm… please, I need to go, I could still manage”I said.


“Iyna why are you being stubborn….okay just hold on” he picked his phone and


dialed a number.

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Who is he calling?


“Hello Tobia ” he said .


Oh my gosh why is he calling Tobi ?


“Yes, I just want to tell you Iyna won’t be home tonight” he said . “Okay …so you aint home,okay then …bye” he said and faced me . “Why did you call her,? I asked


“Because I want you here Iyna, and besides she said she went to see her new boyfriend, and she left for 3 hours now , and


She went with the house key , that she’s been texting and calling but you aint receiving any “he said .


She’s been calling? I quickly rushed to my bag and found my phone .


I scroll through it and it was true , I have about 10 miss calls from her and 5 messages, I quickly opened the messages.





*Iyna when will you be back today ,you didn’t answer my call* 2


*Iyna why aint you replying me, I want to tell you I will be out with Jacob today* 3


*I’ve called again and your not picking, could you please call back?* 4


*Iyna am getting worried, where are you, I took the house key, I can’t leave the


door open, I came to your company,but one of the staffs called Rose told me you


went to prince charmings house , maybe you should sleep over there am not sure I


will be back tonight*




*Iyna am so angry at you, you aint even answering my calls or replying to my messages, or are you busy with your boss?…infact I won’t text again goodnight*


I stare at the messages,i blinked one two three times, she will be so upset with me .


I called her.


It’s ringing but she isn’t picking., please Tobi pick your call .


I decided to text.


*Tobs am really sorry , Mr hensmith was so sick and I had to take care of him, I fell asleep at the *process* and umm….my phone was in my bag throughout, am so sorry girlfriend*


I waited to see if she will text back but instead my phone started ringing,she was


the one.


“Tobs” I said .


“Iyna just keep bunch of messages for me once your back home , I wanna know everything that happened in Mr hotties place, bye” she said cheerfully. “Wait …Tobs


But she already hanged up.


This girl is crazy , I drop my phone back in my bag and when I turned Nicholas was staring at me .


I can’t believe I will have to spend the night with him, all thanks to Tobs ,I gently walked to the dinning and sat down .


“You should eat Iyna …I know your hungry ” he said as he began to eat .


“Ummm….this is delicious”he said and I smiled.


“Am glad you liked it,”I said and I started eating too gosh am so hungry.


After eating I packed the plates into the sink to wash , Nicholas offered to do it but I refused and told him to go to bed, which he did .



After everything, I went to check up on him, but he wasn’t on bed , where did he go?


“Nicholas”I called.


No answer




No answer.


“Mr hensmith”




Where is he , but I told him to come here right or am I in the wrong room?.


Just then I felt someone hugged me from behind and my heart jumped, it was


Nicholas he started kissing my neck , I closed my eyes , gosh his touch is magical.


What is he doing to me.


“Iyna….” He whispered but I remained silence his lips is really taking me to the




Then he gently turned me to face him, and we looked into each other’s eyes, In the deem of the light I could see his eyes clearly, it showed something….love ….no

never that’s impossible…. maybe…. lust….


I was breathing so fast as he Run his hand in my hair ,he bend gently and I don’t know where I got the courage from but I pulled him hard and crushed my lips to his .


And we began kissing passionately,his hands everywhere and I wanted more I pressed myself to him, and he lifted me up,i wrapped my legs around his waist and we continued kissing till I felt my back pressed on the bed.


He started kissing my neck,face belly all parts of my body and I moaned out loud,gosh his lips does miraculous things.


Before I knew what was happening i was taking off his shirt,and he was doing the same to mine.


I really what him and I can’t deny it ,our cloths where discarded soon and I lay in only my under wears which is my B.P


My eyes was tightly closed, he started looking for something,but couldn’t find it .


“Shit…” He cursed.


“What’s wrong? I asked .


“Umm….I don’t have any …….


“It’s okay …”I cut him off.


“It’s okay ? He asked .


I nodded ,and he came back to me , well you can call me what ever names but I can’t hold it back anymore, I really want him.


“Your so beautiful Iyna ” he stare at my na.ked body like his won a lottery .


And after all the body pleasure he positioned himself and pushed inside of my at once.


Oh my gosh , am gonna die , it pains alot he noticed and stopped maybe with a surprise face .


“Iyna…. are you a… virgin? He asked .


I nodded.


“Fuck!”he cursed and started moving away but I pulled him back.


“I hope you aint planning to leave me like this … finish what you started” I said and he looked at me quietly.


“Iyna …are you sure? He asked .


I nodded ,I really want him ,he can’t just get me na.ked and leave me like this,


everything flew out of my brain at this moment, his touch gave me desire I’ve


never felt before, my stomach was weird flipping, I want to feel it, if this is a sin


then God am sorry.


And that was it.


I lost my virginity to the beast whom am already inlove with ….but what will


happen tomorrow?


Find out in the next episode

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