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Love Affairs – Episode 30

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Episode 30





Mike, the head of Counter Criminal Unit, sat at a desk in his gigantic office. He was reading out dossiers of criminals from a laptop.


Across him sat Agent Dennis and Alfred Bright. They were casually dressed and listened with keen attention.


“Samson Figgo,” Mike’s voice was loud, “, Exact date of birth not known, a notorious lout, murdered his parents when


they tried to force him into the seminary, came into limelight in the series of coups during the military regime, believed to be connected with the murder of Williams. He’s an international sniper, rumored to have been killed while


stealing from a night safe in France but many claim he’s still alive, believed to reside somewhere in Tunisia.” Mike clicked on the mouse and scrolled to another name, “Adams Killerberg,” His picture appeared, “born on 17th July, 1978. He’s a tall albino and a cold-blooded killer, spent his childhood in and out of jail, became a pick pocket at

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seven and later graduated to burglar and murderer at twelve, was disowned by parents after he was caught raping a nun at thirteen,


later became a thug to Major General Robert Smart but was thereafter dismissed by him,


believed to be connected with the murder of Chief nedion and had not been seen since


his death. He’s a possible murderer of President Williams. His location is believed to be somewhere in Halvina state.” He paused, looked at the two agents and saw they were attentive. He turned to the laptop, clicked repeatedly on the mouse until the cursor got to Lucia Brime. Her picture appeared and he read, “A prostitutes, assassin and dropout. Country of origin


assumed to be somewhere in Central Africa, loves taking risks, was a close associate to


Hillary Gunters and Theodore Philips when they were alive, is connected to most hardened criminals within and overseas, attempted to murder a hospitalized officer but was arrested, murdered three cops


and escaped while being transported to the police headquarters, rumoured to have been spotted in most of the outskirts of the country.


Where about, not yet known.” The next was Rowland Reagan. Mike relaxed and shifted the

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laptop nearer to himself, “Short, mean-looking and strongly built. Drives joy in spilling blood and seeing others suffer, had a foster mum whose where about is still



not known, formed a gang at eighteen, abandoned the gang after two months and became an international


sniper and assassin. He’s reputed to be a master in all sorts of crime: theft, murder, Molest, assault, et cetera, suffered from kwashiorkor at ten and murdered the doctor that tended him. He’s a hit man for most top politicians within and outside the country,


believed to be connected with the murder of President Williams, has never been to jail, current location not known, but assumed to be


anywhere in the country.” Mike read out litany of other dossiers of criminals from the


database of CCU and finally shifted the laptop aside. He raised his eyes to them, “This is really complicated. We’ve many possible killers but we’re looking for just one killer and


that’s where our problem lies. This killer, whoever the hell he is, is a cute professional who knows how best to do what he does.” He scratched his forehead with a finger, “When


President Williams was murdered, no one knew the direction the shots came from and no one saw the sniper leave the stadium. The gun discovered in the stadium, believed to have been used to kill Williams had no fingerprints on it and this compounded issues. Now


Williams’ daughter has been killed, no one saw her murderer and prints were not left on her car. One obvious thing about this is that the


both murders were committed by a single person.” He smiled a brittle smile, “As things stand now, it seems we’ll be chasing the shadows but,” he shook his head in negation and forced a smile, “that’s not true.” He paused and started again, “I think we’ve got a lead,” he was smiling, “you know who I mean?”


He looked from Dennis to Alfred and his smile was replaced by meanness, “She’s the only female in our database:


Lucia Brime.” He watched the two men incline immediately. “We find her and she takes us to the killer we’re looking for.” He smiled, “Everyone looks on us to make this week remarkable. I hope we perform a miracle. The best of CCU working with the best agent of the police’s intelligence is enough to make that miracle possible. I can say that this is the last hope for this country. I


personally have faith in the both of you and I hope this week adds your names to the



immortal pages of history.” He scratched his forehead, “I’ve sent your mobile numbers to all the nation’s dailies, in case someone has information.” He stood, “Everything you’ll need


has been provided for by the president. You know the implication if we don’t beat time.”


He became a bit nervous and it showed in his voice, “You stay together until this is over.” He


bent to a printer which stood beside the desk, plugged a cord from the printer to the laptop and switched the printer on. He typed some


commands in his laptop and clicked on the print icon. In some minutes, copies of the


dossiers came out from the printer. He arranged and stapled them and gave it to Alfred, “I need situation reports every three hours.” He moved his gaze from Alfred to


Dennis and smiled, then, he became serious,


“Call me if you need anything.” He stretched a hand and they shook him in turn. As they


stood to leave, Mike said with smiles, “Good luck. I hope you preserve the reputation CCU


has already built,” and they left the office.





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