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How I Killed My Husband – Episode 8

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“I loved my husband! I loved him and I had faith he was going to change. I never knew it would come to this ” I blurted out.


The court room became noisy as people whispered to themselves.


“Silence!” The judge said, hitting his gravel on the table.


“So, Mrs Erica,you thought your husband was going to change and that’s why you did not tell anyone?” Miss Ned asked.


I did not answer. I could see her face full of doubts.


“Hmm. Your Lordship..that’s all for now.” Miss Ned said and sat down.


Mr Osai stood up and faced the judge. “your lordship I will like to call the mother-in-law of the suspect to The witness stand.” He said.


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Mama was ordered to come out she walked to the witness stand and stood there looking straight at me with eyes full of evil.


“You are the mother-in-law of the deceased right?” Mr Osai asked.


“Yes I am mama replied.


“Please tell this honorable Court your name ” Mr Osai ordered.


“My name is Isabel Davis. And I’m the mother of the deceased.” Mama replied.


“do you in anyway know about your son and his wife quarreling like do you do you have the experience of your son raping his wife?” Mr Osai asked.


“Of course not! My son would never do such a thing this even woman is lying against my son because she has killed him when all this was going on she never told anyone this woman is lying against my son!” Mama shouted, pointing furiously at me.


My eyes welled up in tears. Of course I knew she would deny it. I badly wanted to run up to her and tear her apart but I held myself from doing so.


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“Mama! How could you say this! You were there! You were always there!” I cried.




“Mrs Davies, are you aware that’s your son’s wife I mean your late son’s wife was pregnant but she lost that pregnancy due to a fight that occurred between them?” Mr Osai asked.


“Yes! I knew about it. When a woman proves too stubborn and smart to be corrected,the hard way becomes the best way to treat such woman!” Mama blurted out and the people shouted.


“Jesus Christ! It was true after all!”


“Wonders shall never cease!”


The people continued murmuring I til the judge stopped them.


“Hmm. Touch just told us the truth woman.

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So, you’ve been aware of how badly your sin treated his wife but you did nothing about it?” Me Osai charged.



Mama was shocked, realising she had given herself out but it was too late for she could not take back her words.


“But.. but…” She stammered.


“My Lord,Im done with her.” Mr Osai said and mama was ordered to go back.


She did but not after she looked evilly at me.


“My Lord,this us a case of self defense rather than a care of murder! My client was raped! Abd beaten!, She even lost her baby.


Tell me,who it would be that would not take a drastic solution!” Mr Osai said and breathed in.


“My Lord,that will be all for now.” Mr Osai said again sitting down.


Miss Ned stood up,this time more fiercely.


“Mrs Erica has no prove. She’s got no prove about the rape issue and the mother inlaw here told us she had no idea.


This is a murder case!” Miss Need said, looking towards Mr Osai who stared daggers at her.


“And must be really dealt with.” Miss Ned replied before sitting down.


“I have one more thing to say.” I suddenly said. They all focused on me as I prepared to tell them what Samuel had been doing with me and how he had sustained his money.


Just as I prepared to talk,The door opened at the back.


Everyone turned. I looked up too and saw Blessing with the female doctor I told my story.


I was both confused and exited to see Blessing.


But I couldn’t understand what the doctor was doing in the court.


“Of course,she has a prove and it’s right here before everyone.” Blessing said as people began to murmur again.


Mr Osai sat down as Blessing and the doctor was called to the witness stand. They introduced their selves before being interrogated.


“On this particular day…..I was at home….” Blessing narrated all that happened.


She told the court everything in details.


She told them what she witnessed and experienced that day and how she told me about it. Everyone was shocked.


The the mama tried to hide her shock,it was boldly written on her face.


“Not only that.” The doctor said, bringing out loads of pictures. They contained pictures of my bruised body.


The court screamed in unison on seeing it. I wept.


The court became emotional.


After a while of weeping,the court was silenced.


The judge hit his gravel on the table and looked all over the court room before giving out his verdict. “I hereby grant you bail in two days time.” He said as the court jubilated.


I’ve never felt so relieved in my life.


The judge raised and started heading out with some of the police men.


Blessing walked up to me as police men prepared to take me back to my room.


She was looking so gloomy and her eyes were puffy.”ma.” She said, sniffing.

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I looked at her, sensing something was not right.


“What’s… wrong?”


I asked her,not daring to believe what I was thinking. “It’s.. it’s.. your son.. Christopher.. he’s dead.”






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