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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 16

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I finished up with breakfast and sat in the living room. It was Saturday and I wasn’t going to work. Daxton already left for work.. I guess.


So I was practically the only one at home. Dexter texted so we could hang out but I declined. I still couldn’t bring myself to face him. Not after the stupid thing I said the previous night.


Staying alone at home wasn’t fun at all. I couldn’t even concentrate in the movie I was watching.








Someone knocked on the door and I went to get it— it was Daxton.


“you’re back already?” I noticed the worry in his face. Daxton snubbed me and brushed passed me. He walked upstairs and I returned to my movie. Daxton joined me later and sat on a couch next to mine.


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I had my eyes fixed on the movie but I could feel his eyes on me. I glanced at him and our eyes met. He didn’t look away and neither did I. We stayed that way until I finally looked away.


It was awkward.. Really really awkward.



I lost interest in the movie I never had interest in and I just wanted to hide in my room. Daxton wouldn’t stop staring at me.


He got up and joined me on my couch and my heart exploded. Every crazy thought was going on in my head.


He didn’t talk, he just concentrated on the movie. I couldn’t breathe again. I started stamping my feet to calm my nerves but my heart was racing.


“I’m not understanding the movie” he said and looked at me


“That’s because you just got here” I said


He arched a brow “really? Then tell me what’s happening”


“Well.. I don’t really know”


“you don’t?”


“I wasn’t paying attention to the movie”


Daxton chuckled and turned to the movie. He was acting really strange.


“I’ll be in my room” I said and got up


Daxton grabbed my hand and dragged me back to the couch.


“You’re running”


I shivered when he touched my face “I’m not”


He smiled and placed a hand on my cheek. I let him caress my cheeks slowly then brought his face down to mine.




He laughed and pinned me down to the couch “I’m not Daxton”


I exploded “Dexter?!”



He laughed harder. I raised my hand to hit him but he caught my hand in the air and held them above my head.


“you pack so much strength for someone your size” he smirked


“Dexter I’ll….” before I could complete my statement, he covered my mouth with


his. I froze as Dexter kissed me. His lips were hot against mine and I responded with so much yearning like I had waited my whole life for it. He slowly let go of my hand and brought his hands down to my waist. I shivered and he stopped. “are you cold?” he asked softly


I shook my head, waiting for him to continue but he didn’t. We stared at each other for a while then he sat up and pulled me up.


“Are you interested in this movie?” he asked and I just shook my head. I couldn’t talk. “Then let’s go out”


“Or we could just stay here” I said


Dexter looked at me and his mouth curved in a lopsided smirk “Doing what?”


I almost laughed.


Doing what?


Watching time fly of course.


“We could find some other movie” I suggested


“or we could kiss until Daxton gets back. I didn’t want to stop you know”


I looked away as I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was trying so hard to forget that kiss. “Why did you have to show up acting like Daxton?”


“I wasn’t acting like Daxton. You assumed I was Daxton”


“then you should’ve told me you’re Dexter when I first called you Daxton”


“there’s no big deal in knowing who is Daxton and who is Dexter”


“But I can’t”


Dexter shrugged “that’s up to you”


I sighed “Where do you suggest we go?”


“To my house. Daxton would be back soon and I wouldn’t want him seeing us together”


What was Dexter even thinking?


He just kissed me and now he wants us to hang out in his house. We weren’t even a couple. I rolled my eyes and looked away.


“What are you thinking?” Dexter’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts




“if it’s about the kiss then I’m sorry”


He’s sorry?


“but I don’t regret doing it. In fact, I plan on doing it more often” I picked a throw pillow and threw at him.


“Chloe?!” Dexter laughed and caught the throw pillow “I’m just trying to be careful”


“careful about what?


“Careful about everything. Chloe, I’m really scared about everything” Dexter was saying “Henry, Daxton, the fake date, you, I think they’re up to something and I don’t want to get hurt by any of it”


I understood what he meant. Dexter was right in a way.


I smiled and placed my hand on his “you know what Dexter?”


He looked at me but didn’t say anything.



“I never realized it until now that I love you. Even when I said it last night, I wasn’t really sure.. And I don’t care about anything. Henry, or Daxton, or the fake dating. it’s you Dexter”


Dexter smiled and kissed me. Just exactly what I wanted.


“I love you” he said and broke from the kiss then pecked my cheek


I giggled “so there’s nothing to be scared of”


“I hope so”


I also did hope so.


Dexter and I spent time together. Talking and laughing and fighting till late in the evening then he left. I felt lonely, like a part of me left with him. Dexter was just the best part of my life.


I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Daxton returned from work. He walked straight to his room and didn’t come down until dinner was ready. We ate in silence, only talked of few things when necessary and when we were done, he returned to his room.


I went to my room and counted the Colton stuffs I had stolen. I had succeeded in stealing 17 out of a million Colton stuffs.


I sighed and sat on my bed, waiting for Dexter’s call or message when Daxton knocked on my door.


I was shocked at first and scared to open the door. What if he noticed I’ve been stealing from him?


Daxton knocked again and I opened the door. He was just standing there, looking relaxed. No dark expression like a expected, no glares.


“I was wondering if you came across a little mirror lately?” he asked


The ‘C’ carved mirror I stole.


“I didn’t”


Daxton arched a brow “And I can’t find my favourite tea cup in the kitchen”


The ‘I love you Colton’ tea cup I stole yesterday.



“I have no idea where it is”


“There was a table cloth on the dining table this morning but I can’t find it again”


The ‘Colton’ table cloth I stole this morning while clearing the dishes.


“I didn’t see it”


“Did anyone visit today?”


I couldn’t tell him Dexter visited.




“Someone who could possibly like a ‘C’ shaped flower vase that was on the landing”


I stole that too.. Oh Chloe!


“Maybe there’s a thief”


“yea.. A household thief”


“you don’t think I stole those things do you?” I feigned anger


“I never said so” he looked above my head into my room “seems like you love using your initial for your stuffs too” he said


I looked into my room and saw the ‘C’ shaped wallet that was lying on my bed. I also stole that from Daxton’s room while he was eating in the morning.


“I bought it from the mall yesterday” I lied


Daxton scoffed. I wasn’t good at lying.


“Alright.. Goodnight” he said “That towel on your bed is really beautiful” he added and walked into the room



I shut my door and looked at my bed. Colton’s towel was on my bed.


I’m screwed.


I walked out of my room and walked to Daxton’s door. He wasn’t mad at all.


Wasn’t yelling or throwing things.


I heaved a sigh of relief and returned to my room. If Daxton wasn’t mad at me, then I’m free to steal.


I sat on my bed and Dexter’s call came in.






How’re you doing?



I’m good



I fell back on my bed and we talked for almost an hour. Dexter sang on the phone until I drifted to sleep then he ended the call. Sweet!











“… Mom will arrive tomorrow” Daxton informed me when we were in his office


I swallowed hard “So we’ve got to play fast”


“I’ll tell dad I plan on proposing to you” Daxton’s voice fell to a whisper at the mention of ‘proposing to you’ “Then we’ll plan a surprise.. Maybe Sunday night”


I nodded “That’s going to be fine”


I had to get a new job. I was definitely losing my job.


“I already secured a job for you in another company” Daxton said



“you don’t have to worry about me”


I was actually thinking of going with Dexter


“it’s the least I can do to show I’m grateful” I was surprised at that


I smiled and said “you don’t have to worry


“let me worry Chloe.. Henry is on my neck”


Seriously? He was only being nice because of Henry.


“We’ll really be disappointing your parents” I just wished we didn’t have to disappoint them. But in one way or the other, someone has to be the victim of disappointment.


“you don’t care about my parents do you?”


I do care about Dexter’s parents.


“We’ll just go on with the plan– Sunday night”


Daxton drew in a breath “Sunday night”


Sunday night it is.


I was nervous about everything. The marriage proposal and his mom’s arrival tomorrow.


Dexter called every minute to check on me and it made me feel really okay. After work, Daxton and I went home together to prepare for his mom’s arrival tomorrow.


Tomorrow’s act wouldn’t be easy at all. Dexter would be there and I had to act as Daxton’s girlfriend.



“… she’ll arrive late in the evening, you don’t have to panic” Daxton said when we were eating dinner together


“I’m not sure I can do this Daxton”


Daxton stopped eating and dropped his spoon on the table “are you worried because of Dexter?”


My heart skipped a beat. Why was I so scared? It wasn’t like I and Dexter were doing something wrong.


“I’m sorry if I’m hindering whatever is going on between you and Dexter….”


“there’s nothing going on between us” I interrupted.


Why did I even me say that?


Daxton chuckled “Dexter was here last Saturday”


“he just dropped to say hi”


“I know but if there’s nothing going on between you and my brother then you shouldn’t have kissed”


I gasped. How did he know?


“you didn’t think I wouldn’t find out did you?”


I was dumbfounded. I just stared at him.


“I’m not against you and my brother, I’ll let you go as soon as we announce the break up then you two can be together”


I just stared at Daxton. I wasn’t expecting that at all. He just took everything lightly.


We ate in silence and returned to our rooms. Tomorrow wouldn’t be as easy as I thought, I could feel it.







I dressed up in the red flowing gown Daxton got for me earlier. It wasn’t really easy convincing him not to call Sammy and the girls.


I packed my hair up in a bun and taking a last look at myself on the mirror, I walked out with my purse.


Daxton was already in the living room when I got there. He looked up to see me then he froze. His eyes appraising every inch of my body. I knew I was beautiful and even if he didn’t say it, his eyes kept repeating the words ‘she’s beautiful’.


“mom already arrived” Daxton broke the silence


My heart skipped a beat and I felt cold rush down my spine. I wasn’t sure but I wasn’t feeling good about everything. I was really scared and nervous.


Daxton and I walked outside and I locked the door then we headed to his car. “are you okay?” Daxton grabbed my hand and made me look at him


I shivered again “I’m fine”


Daxton shrugged and let me go then we entered the car.


“Are you sure you’re okay? we could go late or skip the dinner”


I faked a smile “I’m fine” but I wasn’t


Daxton shrugged and turned on the ignition. I wasn’t feeling good about this. Dexter would be there and I’ll be acting as Daxton’s girl. It just not going to be as easy as I thought.


I leaned into my seat and shut my eyes as Daxton drove off.


Whatever happens, it’s all an act.


I tried telling myself but I wasn’t believing it at all.












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