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His New Secretary – Episode 7

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Episode 7





Reed’s POV


Ella ” I called but she was already unconscious. What the hell is she doing in a party? The last time I checked , she doesn’t like partying so what changed ? Gosh ! I crease my forehead and picked her from the floor . Thank God I came with my boys , they took that ingrate away


Boss we should…” I didn’t let him complete his statement when I cut him off


Kill him immediately”


Please Mr Reed I never knew she is your girlfriend, spare my life please ” that nerve of a guy begged . I’m pleased he knows me

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Now you know, in your next life you will never try to take advantage of any girl ! Take him outta here ” I yelled and started walking to my car with Ella in my hands



I dropped her at the back seat and equally sat with her ..


Drive you fool” I shouted at the driver and he started the engine ..


I don’t even know why I didn’t say anything when that guy said she’s my girlfriend.. I was somehow happy to hear that ..

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But why ? That I can’t tell or did I have any liking for her ? Nooo! I don’t think so . My heart belongs to only one person which is Harley. She’s the only one I love and I promise never to loose hope till I find her again.


It’s been 15 years she went missing or rather disappeared, I have searched for her all my life but couldn’t find any trace of her thou I’m not giving up on her till I find her . I must and I will


She’s my first and only love since childhood so I can’t fall for anyone else


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Ella’s POV


I woke up with a migraine!


Ah” I shouted as I sit up in the bed , no w comfy bed rather . Where am I ? I looked around the room and saw that it was well decorated and beautiful.



Not even in my life will I own this type of luxurious room .I was busy admiring the room when someone walked in ..


” You are awake ”


Mr boss what am I doing here? Did you bring me here ? Oh my God! What have you done to me ? I just hope it’s not what ..”


Will you shut up once? Don’t you get tired of ranting? I saved your ass in the party yesterday or oh I could have left you there to be raped by that stunt “he yelled and went out of the room . It was then the memory of yesterday came flashing in my head .


From Following Zach to the party and…


Oh my God !


I gasped as I remembered, he saved me ! How can I be so foolish to have forgotten. I just pray he wouldn’t kill that man . He walked in this time holding a tray


Here take this soup it will help you gain your strength ” I collected it and drank a little.


Thanks for the soup and for saving me ” I said .


I thought your pride will not allow you to thank me ” he said rudely. Just now he was being a gentleman and now a complete asshole , I guess he is a bipolar.


I’m not like you Mr Reed not an ungrateful human being, if you can excuse me I have to go home and prepare for work as I’m a working class lady” I said and jumped out of the bed luckily for me, my bag was at the side so I picked it up and walked out of the room


I already informed my driver to drop you and no need to come to work today, I’m giving you a day job. Don’t ever go to the party again ” he said authoritatively.


Yes dad ” I replied sarcastically and left , who is he to command me ? Just


because he saved me he wants to take over my life … Impossible .


” This way ma’am ” his driver said to me



” I’m not ma’am please I’m Ella , you can call me Ella ”


I’m sorry ma’am , I’m on the boss order I can’t call you by your name ” he said and smile lightly at me while I hissed . Boss my foot !




Reed’s POV


Harley please don’t leave me again ” I pleaded and held her hand


I’m not going anywhere Reed , I’m right beside you ” she replied and kissed me


Thank you Harley, I miss you ” I said and put my head on her shoulder


I miss you too baby” she replied buy before I could say anything else …. She disappeared…






“Harley!” I shouted as I woke up sweating profusely. I have been having this reoccurring dream ever since I remembered her …


But she always told me she’s right beside me which is not true ..


“Harley please I want you, come back to me soon ” I said and wiped my tears




Who is this Harley self…

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