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My First Foolishness – Episode 4

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Episode 4


I arrived Awka with my hope built only on God, many times I have asked God for his Mercy and for his directions and he always comes to my rescue, many times, I have wondered on much God had seen me through, he didn’t abadon me even when my own mother and siblings rejected me.


God used my childhood friend for me as Vivian proved to be a good friend, immediately i arrived Awka, I squatted with her and her family and they treated me nicely unlike aunt Nneka, Vivian got a Job for me at a factory and the pay was good. I was able to send money back home and in six months I had saved alot. It was not a job for a young woman like myself, it was a hard job, but I was able to cope because of the too many hardship I had faced in my life.


As I was working, I registered myself for GCE-General Certificate Examination, sat for the exam and my Joy knew no bound, when I passed with flying colors. And then I went for a per time course in one of the prestigious polytechnic in Awka.



In three years of shifting my base to Awka, my life changed for the better, I got a better Job, I sent good money home and my siblings who were disappointed in me began to look up to me for their need. Immediately I graduated from the polytechnic, I got a more befitting Job and I began to earn more money.


My daughter was 8 years old when my mother became critically ill and I had to leave everything and return to the village because my mother insisted that I should return, I took permission from my place of work and I left for the village.


My Mother was critically ill, when I arrived, I had to admit her into the best private hospital in our village and I foot the bill, in no time, she recovered and was discharged. my mother was so surprised on how much I have succeeded that she began to cry for my forgiveness, even when I told her that I was not angry at her, she kept weeping. I reassured her that she was my sweet mother and I will never keep any grudge against her

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“I’m sorry for giving up on you, my child I’m sorry for everything I did wrong” My mother apologised and I had to tell her that she was forgiven to stop her from shedding more tears.


I had to tell her everything I went through in the hands of her younger sister -Aunt Nneka, and how I got pregnant. She was so disappointed at her younger sister. She called up aunt Nneka immediately.


“Thank you for all the torture and maltreatment you mounted on my daughter, thank you for everything, Nneka, after everything I did for you, you leashed out such maltreatment on my own daughter, if it’s not death that took my husband away, my Juliet, will never had come to your house and you won’t have treated her like your maid, my God will judge you Nneka, you are my sister who I will do anything for, but look at how you maltreated my child and pushed her into the arms of a stranger who got her pregnant and ran away. Heaven will judge you Nneka, you lied against a little girl, your niece, my daughter all because you don’t want to be exposed, Nneka, when our parents died, I put it upon myself to take care of you, I paid for your secondary School and university education but when my daughter came to you for help, you treated her badly, you couldn’t even give her a good meal or buy her new clothes, I will never forgive you Nneka, I cut all ties between us, you are no longer my sister” my mother said bluntly and hanged up.

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Immediately the call ended, My mother burst into another tears, “Juliet, i have wronged you, my child, please forgive me” She said, I was speechless, I hugged my mother, I could see why she trusted her younger sister so much, she had thought they shared a strong bond but reverse was the case. They shared no bond. After three months when I have returned to my base at Awka, My mother died.


I was shattered. I threw a befitting burial ceremony for my mother and after the burial, aunt Nneka was always at my mother’s grave to plead for forgiveness. When Aunt Nneka came to me and pleaded for forgiveness, I reluctantly forgave her for my peace of mind.


A week later, after the burial, I returned to Awka with my daughter Catherine and enrolled her in a prestigious school. I worked harder everyday to give my daughter the best life. No doubt Catherine was a carbon copy of my first love, or will I say, MY FIRST FOOLISHNESS, Chijioke. I have vowed never to have anything to do with any man, marriage was not in my agenda and the only love, I want to feel forever is the love I have for my daughter.


My late mother did a good job in bringing up my daughter as she was smart and respectful. I didn’t waste any time in telling her about my mistakes and foolishness and of course about her father, who decieved me.

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“Your father left immediately he got what he wanted, all your father wanted was to get between my legs and immediately he got what he wanted, he left without saying goodbye” I had told Catherine.


And she cried bitterly, I felt bad too but I had to tell her everything before she hears it from someone else.


Many men had asked for my hand in my marriage but I was not prepared to share the love I have for my daughter with any man and no one will love my daughter like his own. So being single for life will be the best and I was determined to let things remain that way forever.




To Be Continued




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