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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 22

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Gab (the beast) pov


I came down to earth and the sight of humans irritate me.


I wish I could just kill them but I can’t cause of that lame witch. She told me not to kill anyone for now and that is really making me boil.


Now, I just have to look for the Granduwella’s mansion.


I looked at the wristband *on my hand, it will stop me from transforming.


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That witch put it on my hand so that I won’t be able to transform and ruin her plan.


I arrived at the granduwellas gate and brought out a knife* .


I stabbed myself and fell on the floor.






Rebecca pov


I decided to go for a work today and besides its good for my baby. Have stopped going to the hospital, cause grandpa told me not to.


Reaching the gate, I saw someone on the floor in pains.


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I went close to him and he was stabbed.


He looked at me.


“Save me”.


He said and went unconscious.


What am I going to do?.


I called the security to help me take him inside.


I got him treated immediately and he opened his eyes.




I said.

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“Who are you? “.


“Am Rebecca”.


I said.


“What are you doing to me”.


He said trying to stand but wince in pain.


“I will advice you not to do that”.


He began to cry.


“Hey why are you crying? “.


“people think am a monster. They hate me. They stabbed me. I only want to make friends but they always insult me. My friend have been betraying me. His been telling people that I use to kill humans for revenge”.


I looked at him shocked.


Let it not be who am thinking would be.


“Who are you”.


“Gab, the beast of tarak”.




“You can throw me out if you want to. I will just look for a place to hide”.



Oh no.


His friend betrayed him.


Gosh, so sad.


So he is not who we thought he is.


That his friend deserve death.


“Don’t worry, I won’t throw you out. “.


I said but looked at him.


“But you have attacked me once in the forest”.


I said.


“Oh am sorry for that. Beasts are wild when they are resurrected for the first day.


But as days goes on they come back to there senses. I was wild that day cause I


was resurrected that day. And am sorry for putting you through all of it. You can


take my blood as much as you want”.


He said.


I can take his blood.


Finally I will be healed.


“Can I get it now”.


I asked.


He took a sharp object close to him and cut his hand. He took my hand and poured his blood on the black spot.


He took a cup and poured a little blood in it.


“Take drink”.


I did that and immediately, I was healed.




I felt my strength again.






In the evening.


The whole family were all back so I had the opportunity to explain to them.


“Rebecca you let the beast in here, he is dangerous”.


Nicole said.


“And you can’t trust beasts, they are liars”.


Gwen said.


“Don’t worry, have confirmed it and his telling the truth. Look at me am healed, if he meant bad, he wouldn’t have healed me”. I replied.




I looked at grandpa.


“Please grandpa, let him stay here for just a week. By that time his wound we be healed”.


begged. Grandfather sighed.


“Ok. Just a week, but if he does anything stupid, I will kill him myself”.


He said.


“I still don’t agree to this, that beast is a liar”.


Nicole said.


“Nicole? “.


I called.


“Am worried sick about you and our child. Please take him out”.


“Nicole he saved me”.


“Nicole you don’t wanna hurt a pregnant vampire”.


Mom Freda said.


Nicole angrily left.


Its just for a week Nicole.






Gab pov


I tiptoed to the room where Marcus entered.


I place my ear on the door.


“Am sure that beast is up to no good”.


Marcus said.


“Me too, but rebecca says she trust him so what more can we do. We don’t want to


put her in any stress cause of the baby”.


Lucius said.


Baby? Rebecca is having a baby?.


“And still happy about that news. The chosen one came from our family”.


Marcus said smiling.


Chosen one?




“That is why we have to protect that child with our life. Don’t want anything to


happen to her”.


Lucius said.




Rebecca is pregnant, so could it be the child she is carrying?.


I heard footsteps approaching.


I quickly ran out of there and went back to my room.


This is definitely some great news.


Now we will kill that child before its born.


I need to tell Maren.


I used the portion she gave me and threw it in the floor. She appeared in front of






“Hope you have good news for me? I won’t hesitate to expose you if you don’t have anything to say”.


“Don’t worry witch, I got some news”.


“Am listening”.


“Rebecca is carrying the chosen one”.


“on her head or mouth”.


“Witches are so dumb. She is carrying a child in her womb and that child is the chosen one”.


“Chosen one? I haven’t heard anything about the chosen one except the last one and since the last one disappeared, chosen ones became extinct”.


“Not anymore”.


I said.


I heard footsteps again.


“Someone is coming, bye”.


I said and poured some water on the floor, I quickly use a mop to clean it up.


I ran to the bed and sat down.


“Hi Gab”.


Rebecca said standing by the door.


“Hi rebecca”.


She came in.


“What are you up to, won’t you come downstairs to eat”.



“I will but not now, I can’t seat with people who hate me”.


“You have to for them to grow fond of you and like you. “.


“No I can’t, they don’t like me for who i am”.


“Common now Gab”.


“Sorry I can’t”.


“Ok fine then, I will bring the food upstairs”.


She said and left.


I wish I can eat her, I would have done that since the beginning.






Maren pov


The chosen one?.


I brought out my spell book together with my mirror.


“Show me what a chosen one is”.


I said and recited some spell.


Some writings appeared on the mirror.


“The chosen one is the most powerful supernatural being. Its an hybrid and a werewolf and a vampire must be their parent. They have the power to do unimaginable things”.


Werewolf and vampire blood.


But rebecca and Nicole are not werewolves.


Maybe Gab heard wrong or those Granduwella’s are crazy.


But come to think of it, they will not lie about a things like this. And Gab so much want to kill them so why will he lie?.


“Show me the power of the beast blood”.


I said and casted a spell.


Another writing appeared.


“The beast blood is a medicine used to cure the poison of same beast. Its harmful when its used on a pregnant woman. Cause when the child adsorps both the poison and antidote, the child will become a werewolf”.


On no.


No, no, this can’t be.


I won’t allow this happen.


I will kill that child right from its mother womb.


That child will not see the sun or the moon.


It will not know its parent cause its gonna die.






Nicole pov


Am still suspecting that beast.


I now his up to no good.


Am really worried about Rebecca and our child.


I don’t want anything to happen to them. They are my life and are very precious to me.


I must find a way to throw that beast out of here.






Richard pov


Is this what pains feels like. Is this what dying feels like?.


As if am been cut into thousand pieces but its keeps coming back and I keep getting cut.


Love, when you are in love, you don’t care for anything else. You don’t care whether you will die for the sake of love.



Am not scared.


I don’t regret telling Jane how I feel, the only problem now is, she will have to live without me.


But she will move on as time goes on.


Am really sorry jane, I will have to leave you soon.




Mom called entering the room.


I smiled at her.


“Richard why? “.


“Mom it was meant to happen”.


“First it was Aaron, don’t know if his still alive, secondly it was orchard and now you”.


She said sadly.


“Don’t worry mom, am just going to another world”.


“Why are you all leaving me? “.


“Mom? “.


Richard called seeing his mom sad face.


“Is that the girl you fell in love with”.


She asked.


“Yes mom”.


“She is pretty”.


She said and forced a smile.


“Mom please takebcare offer when am home”.



“But what if we can find a solution to make you stay”.


“Mom, there is no solution. That is the vampire rule”.


“I wish you where not a vampire, I wish we all are not vampires”.


“Then we would have died since”.


“But I will not see it, I will die before you do”.


“That is not it in all cases”.


Vanessa bowed her head.


“Are the granduwellas going to keep reducing like this? “.


She asked.






Jane pov


I wiped my tears after I heard it.


I was eavesdropping and I just found out that richard is a vampire.


But that is not the problem


His leaving, his dying.


Why now that our love story haven’t gotten to a page.


I opened the door and smiled at him.


“Richard, here is your tea”.


I said giving it to him.


He collected it from me.


“Thank you”.


I must find a way to help him.



Yes, vampires take blood and that gives them strength in the movies have watched.


Maybe it will to a real vampire. I will give him my blood even though it kills me,


as long as he live, then its ok.












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