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My Boyfriend Is A Psychopath – Episode 2

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Episode 2


Jake is really friendly, the mostly friendly person I’ve ever met.



I told him all about my possibly sick boyfriend and the letter which was the reason I came back to California, back to the past I was determined to forget.


Now I believe that there’s no escaping from your past, it always find a way back to you.

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“You have a very interesting story” Jake said


I smiled ” I doubt if that’s interesting”

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He looked at his watch “it’s late already, who do you want to start the watch? ”


Sean? ” I laughed unsure


Really?” Jake’s eyes widened in surprise


I just want to get used to him, that’s all” I replied quickly as his eyes was beginning to have a knowing glint.


“I’ll be expecting an invitation card after this cause then” he winked and walked to the door


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Gosh no! We’ll never get married, not in this life” I argued


With that, I rest my case” he laughed and walked out. Gosh…. He’s sooo impossible.


At approximately an hour later, Sean came in without even knocking, what if I was dressing.


I looked up at him “why didn’t you knock before entering, what if I was dressing?” I eyed him


” If you wanted to dress. You’d dress in your bedroom, this is a suite after all”



“Thankfully, it has two entrance and a balcony, so if you’re going to go anywhere later, you don’t have to use this door but make sure you tell me where you want to go in case you get missing, I’ll know where to start my investigation” he added and plumped down on the only three seater chair with his eyes tightly closed.


I scoffed loudly and turned on my heels to the bedroom.


“He’s sure a dickhead” I muttered under my breath and slammed the door close.


After several attempt of sleeping, I changed my clothes and went to the hotel restaurant to kill boredom.


Somewhere along the line, I must have slept off and someone picked me up to my room on my bed.


I woke up the following morning to the noise from the living room.


I stood up quickly “what’s happening?”


I went to the living room and found Jake shaking his head and Sean looking at my bedroom door angrily which means as I came out, he’s looking at me angrily.


Jake looked up when he heard me enter “Two deaths happened again yesternight. The killer is using different methods so it’ll be hard to catch him. How does he move so fast?”


“I don’t know” I sat down

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“The death happened about 1.2km from here so he must have seen you somewhere” Jake said


“No I don’t think he did.” I replied and turned to Sean to find him still looking at me angrily “why are you looking at me that way?”


“I’m sorry, I was just lost in thought about your so called boyfriend. How did you put up with a maniac like him?” He asked.


Sean is sorry??!!!


Tears pricked at my eyes “he wasn’t like this, all I knew was he’s a very jealous type but apart from that, he’s very good” I replied


“You still like him?” Sean looked at me flabbergasted


“What?!” I screamed “No no, I don’t. I was just telling you how he was”


“Okay!” He sounded like he doesn’t believe me.


“I’m over him, why do you think I left my country?”


“It’s not time to argue lover birds, Sean and I are going to visit the crime place” Jake said grimly


“Will you be okay by yourself?” Sean asked


“Yeah” I nodded, still surprised by his change of attitude.


“Okay, good” Jake replied “let’s go” he turned to Sean and led him out but not before winking at me and mouthing “we’ll be back before you knew it”


I groaned and hit my palm on my forehead.


I can never go out with Arrogant Sean even though he suddenly changed his attitude this morning.


Since I’m all alone and I have it in mind not eat this morning.


I brought out my note book and started writing out Kyle’s family members name and their address.


Thank heavens for good memory I have.


When Sean and Jake comes, I’ll show them the list.



We’ll have to pay them all a surprise visit, Kyle might be staying with one of them or he should be in contact with any one of them.




get ready for me.


My phone rang.


“Hello” I said to the person on the other end.


Who’s calling from Turkey



“Am I on to Miss Della?”



“Yes, who’s this?” I asked



“This is the police ma’am, a neighbor reported something to us and gave us your number?”





“I’m sorry ma’am, we found your dog outside your apartment. He was stabbed severally and left to bleed to death”


“What??!” I screamed so loud “my best friend!!”



I’m sorry” the police man said and hug up.




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