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Blood Doctors – Episode 26

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Jack pov

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I slowly open my eyes.


The planks where still on me.


I use my strength to push it all out from me.


By the looks of things, the eclipse is over.


Nicole did this to me, he will surely regret it.


“I make a promise this day, Nicole Granduwella, I will come back and finish you off. I will destroy you even if it means destroying myself. I will kill you even without the help of my father. Nicole, I will come back for you”. I said.


My spirit came out of Jack body and vanish back to the black blood realm.


I open my eyes and saw my self there this time around am in my real body.

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An old witch called.


I stood up, wore my cloth and went to meet my father.


“Son, you are back”.


He asked.


“Yes father”.


“So how about the eclipse, did Nicole made it”.


I bowed my head in shame.


“Am sorry father, have failed you. Nicole and rebecca were able to make it to the ritual”.


Father angrily stood up and threw the glass statue close to him.


He shouted angrily.


“Why will you fail me like this”.


I quickly bowed.


“Am sorry father, I promise to make thing right”.


“Right? That is not possible, we are done for”.


I stood up.


“No father we are not. I Elias Amacius, the next ruler of the black blood, vow to you this day that I will destroy Nicole, and make rebecca ours. If I have to die so be it, I will find all possible way to kill him”.


Nicole pov


“So you all are vampires? “.


Rebecca asked again for the fifth time.





“Wow so all this while I thought I was the only one, there were a lot of vampires”.


She said.




“Wow, but why didn’t you guys kill those wicked black blood”.


“Well that is an answer known only to my grandfather”.


Rebecca pov




Was all I could say.


I mean isn’t this amazing.


The Granduwellas are vampires.


Am not the only one.


“But, Rebecca, who are your parent? “.


Nicole asked.


“Well my mom is…… Is hmmmm….. Is…… Have forgotten her name”.


I said trying to remember.


Such silly me, how could I forget my mom name.


“Silly, you forgot your mom name”.


He said in a savage manner.


“Don’t be a savage. Its been years since I saw her picture and I don’t even remember her or know who she is. She died when I was born. I only do see her name in a book. She is a vampire while my dad is a human”.


“Human? “.


He asked and stood up.


“An hybrid? “.




“Wow. An hybrid have never exist before”.


He said.


“Really? “.


“Yes, you are the first”.


“Wow, that is good right? “.


“Well don’t know yet. But don’t tell anyone yet, let me be the first and last to




He said.


“Am I evil? Are hybrid evil? “.


“Don’t know yet. But don’t tell anyone”.




I hope hybrids are not evil.


Right now I don’t know who I am.


I will make sure to know who I am.




Now that rebecca and Nicole are mate, they will have to be together.


They are like, betrothed to each other.


They are destined to be forever.


Lucius pov


Richard came to my room and I know at that moment that he came to ask for my permission to stay alone again.





He called bowing.


“You came to seek my permission again right? “.


asked. “Well sir…. “.

“Oh can go”.


I said interrupting him.


Its high time I let him go.


“Sir? “.


He asked obviously shocked.


“You can go, if that is what will make you happy”.


I said.


He smiled.


Richard pov


“Thank you grandpa”.


I said happily.


This is one of my happiest moment.


“But you have to promise me that you won’t go away from your respondibities as the first grandson of this family and as a vampire”. He said.




“Promise sir”.


I said.


Am really happy right now.


This is just so great.



Aaron pov


I looked at my luggage which was on the bed.


Am leaving the mansion.


I need to fulfill my dream.


Am going to apologize to my family later cause i know they won’t allow me to go if I tell them.


Am leaving without anyone knowing.


“You are leaving? “.


Someone asked.


I turned to see Nicole standing by the door.




I said.


“Don’t lie to me, I can read your mind”.


Oh shit I almost forget, that is one of his new powers.


“Ok. You are right, am leaving, I have a dream and I want to achieve it”.


“But grandpa will be so mad at you”.


“Yes and that is why am leaving without anyone knowing except you”.


I said.


“Well brother”.


He said walking towards me.


“I wish you good luck”.


He said.


I smiled and hug him.



“Take care of everyone one here”.


I said.


I took my bag and left.


King Amacius pov


Gosh ,unbelievable, Nicole is now the most powerful vampire and its nearly impossible to defeat him now.


My granddaughter is with the Granduwellas.


She is with Nicole as his mate.


This is so making me angry.


Elias have failed me big time.


But this is not the end yet.


I will destroy them one by one.

















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