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Married Twice – Episode 18

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Chapter Eighteen




The two love birds were now done with whatever fun they had.



They were now walking towards the car.



Sharuna heard the door to the car opening, and she placed her left hand on Kesmanee.



“Don’t”, she said

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He stopped and turned to her






They were now leaning their sides on the car



She slowly raised her left hand to his face.



Kesmanee kept mute, watching her in awe, watching what the lady in front of him had in mind to do


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It was almost night, so they weren’t easily seen by people around.



As she placed her hand on his face, she started moving it round his face, feeling everywhere.



She first felt his eyebrows, then travelled to his eyes.


She caressed it.



Then moved to his nose


Hmm, it was a pointed one



Then her hand travelled to his ears, feeling the lobes.



Kesmanee just stood smiling, leaving his lady to do whatever she wants to



Since she couldn’t drool with her eyes, let her use her fingers.



Kesmanee held onto her waist with his two hands all this while, staring and smiling at her


Her hands kept roaming his face, till it came down to his lips.


She caressed it, and cupped his chin.



The moment was romantic and tensed, none was ready to spoil it



Slowly, her fingers came back to his lips, she moved it to and fro.



Then she brought her own lips closer to his.


It was a passionate kiss.



“I love you Kes”, she whispered softly into his ears.



Kesmanee smiled


His wonder lady



“I love you too baby”, he whispered back.



“Thank you for everything”, she smiled



“You are welcome. Now come on, let’s leave here”, he opened the door for her, and helped her sit.



Then he turned around and entered, and they zoomed off.








Sharuna was playing with mud outside the house.



She was trying to mould, trying to make a sculpture.



Kesmanee drove in.


He alighted and went to her.



He stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw her.





The blind girl was moulding.



“Hey dear”, he called, moving further



She looked up and smiled






“Oh my God! Sharuna you…… you can mould?”, he asked in awe



She nodded, still concentrated on what she was doing.



“Yeah, surprised?”, she asked



He shook his head



“Surprise is an understatement dear, I’m perplexed”



He took a closer look at what she was doing.


He gasped



She was making a sculpture of a man in war; a warrior.


An ancient Indian warrior.



Oh my goodness!



“What you doing?”, he asked thinking she wouldn’t know.


“A man in a war apparel of course”, she replied



Now, Kesmanee was thrown off balance



“Oh my God!”, he exclaimed



“Don’t be surprise, I think it’s a family thing. Mom told me that this was what my father did to earn a living when he was alive”, she explained.



“This is unbelievable. How do you do this? I mean, you can’t see?”



She smiled


“Well, I study with my fingers”



“You have really given me a package of surprise today, I’m glad”



She laughed.



“Well, I’m sorry you have to stop that now”



“Why?”, she looked up



“You should get dressed, I want to introduce you to some of my business associates, they’re waiting at work”



“You didn’t pre inform me Mr”


She was slightly angry



He laughed


“Come on, don’t be angry. It’s urgent that’s why. I’m sorry”




She was almost done with the sculpturing anyway.


She got up.



Kesmanee went to help her.


“Where should I lead you to?”, he asked.



“The kitchen, to wash my hands”



And he lead her to the kitchen, turn on the tap in the sink to wash her hands.



Kesmanee stood by and watched her


“As regards pre informing you”, he said, “tomorrow is my birthday and I will like you to come spend the night with me in my abode”



She gasped





He laughed


“Don’t be scared. I’m not gonna do anything to you at least not now, I just wanted your company for the night”, he leaned towards her and whispered into her ears


“I just want you to be beside me on the bed”



She let out a laugh.


“Naughty you”, she said



“Yeah, I’m only naughty when I’m with you”, he smiled.



“Well, the information is noted. I will inform mom today”



By now, she was through with washing her hands and was about walking out



“Let me go get dressed”, she sauntered into her room.



He watched her leave


“I’m absolutely lucky”, he chuckled.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



For those who doesn’t know, there are blind people who are capable of doing extra ordinary things.



Love y’all










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