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Blood Doctors – Episode 11

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(Short episode)


Sophia pov.


The next day.


I went to the hospital.


I don’t know what is really wrong with ne, but all I know is that I want to find out


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the secret of the Granduwella’s.


Isn’t it strange.


I took out my phone and went to my Google app.


I searched on the Granduwella’s hospital.


I read through he history.


And it shows that the Granduwella hospital is a century old.


It is a hundred years old.


Mr. Lucius is the owner and founder of the hospital, so how is it hundred years.


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Mr. Lucius don’t look like someone who is hundred years old.


And beside, he might be in his late twenties or thirty years old before he build the hospital.


But he looks so young.


And how can he be a hundred years old and still look strong.


Something is not right here.


I must find what their secret is.


I said and quickly screenshot it.


“Nurse sophia, the head nurse want to see you”.


A nurse said.


I smiled and left with her.




Rebecca pov.


I arranged my files well on my desk.


Dr. Nicole will be having two surgeries today, and I am his assistant.


I really regret all I said to him.


I really have to apologize.


I look at mi so who have been avoiding me since I came to the hospital.


I will apologize later.


I came out of the office so that I can give a nurse a file which will be needed urgently.


I hurriedly walked to her.


I heard someone call my name so I turned to see you who but I ended up bumping


into someone in my front.


My file and his file fell down.


I look at him.


“Am so sorry Mr. Paul”.


apologized. He smiled at me.


He bend down and began to pick up his documents, I also bent down to pick mine. He then stop picking his own and collected the document I was holding.


“This document”. He said.


He looked at me.


“Dr. Richard is really looking for it”. He said.


“Yeah, am going to give it to a nurse to give it to Jim”.


“Well, I will have to give it to him my self, cause there is something important which I have to do”.


He said. “Ok”.


I said.


“But please, help me take this file to Dr. Marcus. The vice president”. He said giving me the file he was holding.


I collected it from him. “Ok”.



“his room is at the fourth floor by your right. Please be fast and also don’t get angry


at anything he do or say to you”.


He said and left.


I stood up and went to Dr. Marcus office.


I knocked on the door when I located it.


“Come in”.


A masculine voice said.


I open the door and went in.


I bowed.


He was facing the titled glass wall, so his back was facing me.


“Good afternoon sir”.


I greeted.


He slowly turned.


Immediately I saw his face my mind drifted off to another place.




“Kill her”.


I heard his voice.


I was little then.


I was just like five but I was still crawling.


“Please don’t”.


My father begged.


“She is evil so we have to kill her”.


He said again.


“No, I will not let you do that”.


my dad said.


(End of vision)


I came back to my senses.


“Are you okay”.


He asked.


“Yes sir, I actually came to give you a file. Mr. Paul told me to bring it here”.


I said still shock at my vision.


“Ok drop it”.


He said.


I walk to his desk and drop it there.


I bowed and left, but he called me back.


He looked at me for a while.




He called.


I stirred at him confused.


He look at me shock for a while.


He then smiled.




“You can go”.


He said.


I bowed and left.


Strange family.




Marcus pov.


I sat down on my office chair.


That can’t be Emedin.


She looks like her.


Emedin is been locked at the kingdom of torments.


Well Emedin is the princess the black blood vampires sent to earth to destroy us, but she met with an accident caused by me and she lost her memory. So that can’t be her, might be her lookalike.


it just can’t be Emedin.




Jack pov.


Last night, the witch gave me the knowledge of the humans.


I feel and behave like them.


For me to destroy the Granduwella’s, I will have to be a doctor in their hospital.


And Jack suppose to be an intern there.


Jack real dad have talked to the chairman which I guess is Lucius Granduwella to take me, and he apologizes for my late registration.


So now am been accepted and am told to start in two days.


But first I have to kill every members of this family.


I smiled deviously cause my dinner will be amazing.


Nicole pov


Am still on the verge of knowing who that mysterious white haired girl was.


Its so frustrating looking for someone for days without having any clue of where they are.


I signed loudly.



I look through my tilted window and saw Rebecca looking me, but she turned immediately she saw me looking at her.


I smirked and continue stirring at my computer.


Few minutes later, she came to my office.


“Hello sir”.


She said politely.


Ok that is new.


“Hmmmm sir”.


She called.




“Am sorry”.


She said.


“Sorry? “.


“Yes, am so sorry for talking back at you yesterday. Am really sorry”.


She said.















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