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Billionaire Sisters – Episode 19

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Chapter 19




Danielle POV




“Erm actually I just thought I could cook something for you ” he said scratching the back of his head.


” Thank you so much Dylan ” I said and hugged him.


He smiled out dimples and helped me to a chair .


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Went to the bar and came back with drinks


“Jeez margarita my favorite drink ! ” I squeak.


Gosh he’s so romantic , his girlfriend must be lucky.


At the thought of that I felt a sprang of jealousy , my heart aches.



” What’s wrong Danielle did I say something wrong?” He asked with concern


“No no it’s fine I was just thinking about something . Thanks dear for this ” I said as I took a bite.


OMG OMG ?!!!


I stopped chewing and looked at him with a straight face.

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“The food is tasteless right ? Am sorry have lost my touch , we could order for something else ” he said apologetically.




Is he being serious right now?


What the heck Dylan this is best meal have tasted in years . I want more please” I said happily as I added more to my plate.


Hmmm am flattered” he mumbled.




“Swears its not flattery you’re the best I swear you could pass being a chef . Like seriously where did you learn how to cook like that” I said with a mouthful



” Am blushing I never knew I had a fan , well my mom use to be a chef back in the days before her untimely demise ” he muttered.




” Oh my God am so sorry I didn’t mean to ..


“It’s okay kitty . Table manners please” he said with an eye roll.


I chuckled and continued with the Calavary .


The chicken wings was deep fried , yeah that’s how I like it.


I wish we could be like this all the time. I just wish he was mine .


I would dance across the falls to show how happy I’m .


“What’s on your mind Kitty ” he asked with a raised eyebrow.


Kitty hmmm I love the pet name.


” Nothing actually am just tired you know” I said drawing the last part.


He stood up and walked towards me, he seat down close to me and picked up my fork and starts feeding me .


“Common open up I don’t want you to develop stomach ache so eat up ” he muttered.


God save me I think am in love with this guy , forgive me but I can’t hold on much longer . Have fallen deeply for him


But am scared of love , I don’t want history to repeat itself.




“Why do you care about me why do you do all this little special things for me ” I blurted out not breaking eye contact with him.




Don’t know I just feel like doing it , it makes me happy” he said calmly as used the wipe to clear off food crumbs from the side of my mouth.




“Do you wanna talk about it ?” I asked.


“Talk about what? ” He cocked his eyebrows.


“About your girlfriend ,? ” I blurted out before I could hold back


His mood darken immediately.


” Am sorry I didn’t mean to” I said apologetically.


“, Vinnie was a good girl whom I had fell in love with since highschool,


I was addicted to her love treated her a queen she made live in a world of lies only to find out all the years of relationship was actually a revenge she and my friend Davis had planned . I bumped into them weeks ago making out in her room . I felt hurt like I would die . That was the same day I got drunk and we make out” he let out a sign of relief.


Woow this a lot to take in. And I thought I was the only one who had worst relationship with someone..


“Am sorry Dy I didn’t mean to interfere” I said with sad eyes.


No dear it’s okay thanks for listening to me” he said as he faced palmed me. I relaxed into his touch.


Am always here to help ” I kissed his palm.




Billionaire sisters

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