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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 18

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Chapter 18
[Must listen to the whole song by birdy: No angel explains how Alex feels now.
Remember once the things you told me
And how the tears ran from my eyes
They didn’t fall because it hurt me
I just hate to see you cry
Sometimes I wish we could be strangers
So I didn’t have to know your pain
But if I kept myself from danger
This emptiness would feel the same
I ain’t no angel, I never was
But I never hurt you, it’s not my fault
You see those eggshells, they’re broken up
A million pieces, strewn out across the ground
I want to tell you that I’m sorry
But that’s not for me to say
You can have my heart, my soul, my body
If you can promise not to go away
~ Alexandra~
I rushed to the closet and pick anything that was close and ran to the bathroom to get changed once I was done I sat on the bed and fold my legs exactly how Zac did, I was facing him.
“Look your hair is wet, go and dry it up.”
No, I don’t want that.
“Oh, I like it wet.” I lied.
“You are lying.”
Does he know me that much?
“Come on tell me.”
He nodded. We stared at each other for a while. It seems like whatever he wants to tell me it’s very hard to say.
I was tempted to tell him that it’s fine he doesn’t have to tell me. I was about to open my mouth when he said:
“If I tell you that I murdered someone, will you believe that.” He said.
I looked at him for a while.
Then I shook my head.
“No, I won’t.”
“Why?.” He mused.
Well, he finds that amusing, heck!
“Because you must have you can’t do anything with a reason, so you must have your own reasons to do such,” I said sincerely.
“Oh, is that so?.” He nodded his head.
“Then listen carefully to what I have to say, and think clearly okay?.” He firmly.
And I nodded my head, “Okay.”
“I am a sociopath.”
I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to interrupt him. He continued…
“I am like this for the past 12 years.”
He paused and smiled. “You were right I don’t have any emotions.” I gasped.
Gosh! He still remembers that I was only joking I didn’t mean it, we were only a movie.
I tried to justify myself, “I-i was only_.”
He cut in, “I know you were joking but it was the truth.” He shrugged.
“My parents died when I was seven years old, I still remember that night like it was yesterday it is still fresh in my mind, That day we were coming from the cinema because a new movie was released Jumanji, I was very excited I spent the whole week not able to sleep, I even disturbed my parents.” He was grinning.
Those dead eyes of his were shining and his pale face glowed. I couldn’t help but smile too.
“It was the seventh of may the weather was cold and great to spend time as a family, on that Saturday my uncles drove in, they looked furious when they barged inside our house without knocking they only found my mom and me, dad had to attend something in his company, my mom was getting ready in her room, they didn’t listen to me, I tried to explain to them that mom was getting ready but they pushed me away and stride to her and found her na.ked.”
I was shocked, my heartbeat sped up.
“She couldn’t do anything she was totally scared and I tried to stop them but I couldn’t. She tried to cover herself but they took the towel she was holding and slapped her right on the cheeks.”
He was smiling and I was in tears, how could he have experienced such. Imagined the scene it must have been horrible.
~~~~~~~~~FlASH BACK~~~~~~~~~~
“She is the bitch that is holding my brother huh?” They gripped her hair. A Seven year old boy was screaming telling them to leave her mom. “Please uncle leave her, you can beat me up but don’t beat her please uncle!” He was pushed away and hit the table by his forehead it bleeds.
“Selena, my brother refused to give us because of you. You must test well.” The three uncles laugh. “Please don’t hurt Zac, he is a small kid.” She cried for her baby.
“Shut up! Why should we let him off, you and your son you’re the reason behind everything that is happening with us.” Uncle Joel grabbed her chin tight and she squirms with pain.”
“I am your brother’s wife you can’t do this to me, Charlie please tell Joel, I don’t know what’s happening between you brothers.” She was pushed on the bed.
“No no no! Please don’t! This is not right, please! I beg you don’t do this!.” She cried and screamed for them to stop but they didn’t.
“Mom! Mommy, please wake up!.” Zac covered her mom. But she didn’t say anything.
Selena was cold-blooded. Her skin was dead-pale she was gone long gone it took him to accept that she was gone.
A few minutes later her mother’s phone rang. Zac received. A male voice said:
“Selena please take Zac and run away please run away it’s not safe, I love you and tell Zac that I love him so much and everything belongs to him whatever happens to me it was destined to. I love you both.” He rushed his words.
“Dad it’s me…
Before he could finish, he heard something crash.
I choked on my tears, how could something so terrible happen to him, I felt bitter inside, anger building up.
“Then I found myself in orphanage things were not easy, we get beaten for not cleaning and still I was waiting for my dad to get back, and when I reached 10 years many women were looking at me differently and I didn’t understand what was happening to me. The school was over and everyone was heading back to the orphanage but my female teacher held me back saying she wants some help, then she unbuttoned my pants, Saying that she needs my help, I should help her, I began to sit alone I was in pain, I lost my appetite always eat less, I was raped not once the sixth time when it happened it was my male teacher I was angry very angry I could not take it anymore I stabbed him with a knife and I ran away, It’s not like I didn’t tell anyone but people in the orphanage brushed it away.”
He laughed and I looked at him with horror.
They have ruined him why him?
“And I don’t regret it not even one bit.” He laughed. “Hey, why are you crying?.” He wiped my tears with his thumb.
It’s obvious he doesn’t feel anything.
“I’m sorry, very sorry.” I cried.
“Why are you sorry, I don’t need it.” He chuckled.
“No no I’m just sorry for everything that happened for the pain you have gone through, for being alone, for having no one to shoulder your pain to share with, I’m sorry I’m sorry.” I cried bitterly.
“It’s okay, I needed to hear that back then, Only ‘sorry’ back then would have changed everything.”
“I know that sorry can’t bring everything you lost, and kindly bring the old Zac, the sweet caring Zac,” I said
“How do you know I was sweet.” He teased. He pulled me to a hug.
He is till joking, I hit his chest playful.
“Now will you leave me?.” He asked.
Without any hesitation, I shook my head.
“No, I’m not going anywhere, no matter what.”
“Do you know what one thing I regret.” He said
“What is that?.” I asked.
“I didn’t kill him and that teacher if I ever cross paths with her, I will kill him, I want to slit her throat.” He laughed.
And I shook my head.
“I won’t leave you okay, I promise you never will I leave.”

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