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Annabel's Little Secret – Episode 14

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Episode 14
Vanessa’s Pov:
“Hey, are you alright?” Sean asked, obviously surprised at the sudden look on my face.
“I’m…I’m fine” I stuttered and took my eyes off the necklace.
Oh my God! I could feel my heart beating like a party drum. What the hell is going on? What is Annabel’s necklace doing at the crime scene? No wonder she returned home without it yesterday. And that scratch on her arm…
But she told us she was going for a party. So, how come her necklace ended up at a crime scene?
Oh, God! What is going on?
“Are you sure you’re fine?’ Sean asked and I snapped out of my thoughts.
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“Y…Yes. I um…just remembered something” I said and touched my forehead.
“We’re supposed to have an important meeting with the board. So, I have to leave now” I said.
“Oh! Really?”
“Yeah, bye”.
“Okay love. I’ll give you a call” he replied and pecked my cheeks and I hurried off.
So many questions kept flashing through my mind and I couldn’t concentrate at the office.
What was Annabel’s necklace doing at the crime scene? It was strange and.only meant something was wrong.
Should I ask her about it?
No; I couldn’t.
The last time I tried asking why she missed school, it didn’t end well.
And yeah, why did she miss school? I couldn’t get to find out.
I couldn’t hold it anymore and decided to tell Esther and Renee about it.
I sent for them and they came to my office immediately.
“Hey, sis. wats up?’ Esther asked as she sat on my table, while Renee took the seat in front of me.
I took in a deep breath and kept quiet for a while.
‘Hey, is something wrong?” Renee asked and I shook my head.
“Actually, I think there’s a big problem” I said and they adjusted on their seats.
“What is it?’ Renee asked curiously.
“This morning, I had gone to see Sean before coming here to the office. And while I was with him, he showed me a necklace which he had gotten from a crime scene – the apartment where Senator Zayn and his family were assassinated” i paused.
“He showed me a necklace which he got from the crime scene and…girls, it was Annabel’s necklace!”
A stunned silence stepped in.
“What?” Esther flinched.
“Annabel’s necklace?
“Yes. And I’m as confused as you guys are. Remember she came home without it last night” I said.
“But…why would Annabel’s necklace be at the crime scene?” Renee shrieked.
“Yeah. I mean, she told us she was going for a party”
“But she returned with a scratch on her arm” I said and they all paused.
“Oh God!” Esther muttered.
I exhaled deeply and leaned forward.
“Haven’t you noticed?” I asked in what seemed like a whisper.
“Annabel has been acting different lately”.
“Yeah – especially after the party when she went missing” Esther chipped in, fear resounding in her voice.
“First, that whole escape story of hers was cooked. up” Renee said . “And she started acting differently afterwards” “She asked for a separate room” Esther said.
“She wouldn’t let us read her diary anymore”. Renee said.
“She spoke back at me” I also said.
“And nearly ate me up when she caught me holding her diary” – Esther.
“And yesterday morning, I caught her drooling over Royce” – Renee said.
“And don’t forget the part about she eating vegetables and wearing short dresses” – Esther.
“Then, its obvious guys! Something…is not right now with Annabel” I said, almost half yelling.
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“Yeah. Our little Annabel would never do all these”.
“What if that lady over there is an imposter?”
“What? Aren’t you trying to say that isn’t Annabel?” Renee asked.
“Yes, of course. Do you really think Annabel would change this much within the twinkle of an eye?”
“Guys,” I cut in and they stopped talking and turned to look at me.
“I think I’ve gotten an idea on what to do to know if that’s Annabel or not” I said and their eyes beamed.

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