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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 28

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Nuella’s POV

Almet cleared his throat. “let me uh take my phone”. He said and and went to the parlor.

“I don’t think I spoke Spanish or french and if you don’t understand English I’m sorry for you”. I replied.

“This wrench”. She said and wanted to slap me when I held her hand.


“I wouldn’t be too quick to slap, your days in this house are numbered, Miss Jeanne”. I said and released my grip on her hand.

“Are you threatening me?”. She asked.

“Of course not, I’m just telling you”. I replied and went out of the room.

Raymond’s POV

“Davis, come here”. I called out angrily when I discovered my data has finished. Davis came out of his room and I looked at him angrily.

“Did you use my phone?”. I asked. “No”. He replied.

“My data has finished and you don’t touch my phone before, I don’t know when you started touching my phone”. I said angrily.

“But dad, I didn’t even go to your room”. He said. “I didn’t use your phone”. He added.

“Are you trying to say I’m a liar?”. I asked him and Angela came from the kitchen…

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“I didn’t use your phone”. He said.

“Davis, you know it’s not fair lying to your dad, you know how much he hates lies, why did you lie to me that your father asked you to take his phone but I warned you about that game”. She said.

“You’re the one lying”. He shot back.

“I’m not lying, Davis, you took your dad’s phone and started playing games on it, I warned you that you would finish his data, you hissed on me and even wanted to slap me”. She said and I looked at Davis.

“Davis, it won’t hurt to say the truth, I’m going to put a pin on my phone so that it won’t repeat itself again and Angela is your senior, you have no right to talk back at her”. I said and he nodded.

“Yes daddy” He replied and went to his room.

“Today is another day, make sure you cook rice for my son”. I said. “He’s going through a lot and I wouldn’t want this to affect him. He’s my son and he deserves to be loved more than anything in this world, I’m going to the office”. I said.

“Yes sir”. She replied as I took my car key walked into my car and drove off.

Angela’s POV

“Can you imagine this proud ingrate”. I said loudly and laughed as Davis came out of his room.

“My dad is not a proud ingrate”. He said and I laughed.

“It’s like death is calling you, oh no, you want to taste death”. I said and pursued him round the house. He was shouting but no one would hear, his father was not


around, I took a broom and threw it in his direction and he fell down and hit his leg.

He groaned in pain and I chuckled. “Please help me”. He muttered.

I laughed loudly. “Let me go and prepare Golden morn for you”. I said and he winced in pain.

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I hissed and went to the kitchen. Nuella’s POV

My mind was troubled, I suddenly remembered Davis, I wondered how he must feel, I wanted to go and just hold him. I’ve missed him like he was my son. “Almet, I think I need to see Davis”. I said and he looked at me. Jeanne looked shocked.

“No qualms, you can go anytime you want to”. I said.

“Almet, are you okay? She wants to escape and you’re letting her go”. Jeanne asked.

“I said I’m a changed man, I don’t want to hurt anyone again”. He said and I smiled.

“You took the right decision brother, you can come with me”. I said and Jeanne pushed the table and I and Almet fell down. She brought a gun and pointed it to me.

“Jeanne, stop all this, I know you desperately need to get Davis but not like this”. Almet said.

“I’ll kill you all”. She said and laughed, she faced the window and chuckled. “My poor sweet Raymond”.

“Go”. Almet whispered to me.

“I can’t live you here”. I whispered back in muffled tears. “I really can’t”. I added.

“We don’t have much time, just leave”. He said and I stood up without making a single noise, I mistakenly kicked a can and she turned back and saw me by the door.

She pulled the gun and wanted to shoot me when Almet grabbed her and the gunshot hit the window. I ran out of the house when I heard a gun shot. I stopped and looked back. Who was shot?

“Almet” I said and continued running… Davis’s POV


I slowly opened the gate, I was tired of all the people who surrounded me. My father didn’t value me and now the maid wants me dead.

I managed to run with my injured leg… I waited for a bus which was empty and I stopped it by waving my hands in the air. The car pulled to a stop and a young man smiled looking at me.

“Where’s your dad?”. He asked. “Or your parents, you don’t look like those street boys, do you?”. He asked.

“Actually, I am one of them, I recently lost my dad and my mom died when I was little, I’ve been miserable”. I lied and he almost cried.

“So what can I do for you?”. Heasked.

“Can you take me to banana’s square?”. Iasked. “No problem”. He said and I entered the car. “Thanks mister”. I said and henodded.

Nuella’s POV

I ran out of the forest heading straight to the road… A car stopped for me and I got in.

“Ma’am you seem a little distressed”. The driver asked. “You don’t have passengers, do you?”. I asked.

“No, I’m actually going to banana’s square to take my family, they’re having fun there”. He said and I nodded.

“Please sir, I’ll go with you”. I replied


To be continued

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