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Akwaugo – Episode 67

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We went into my bedroom. I knew as husband and wife we could do as we liked at that moment but, I didn’t want my first time with Samuel to be in my father’s house. Even though it was legal, I still felt it was disrespectful.


Samuel said to me, “you are the most beautiful bride I have ever laid my eyes on. You captivated the entire church. My friends can’t stop talking about how beautiful you looked. Your dress spoke class and elegance. Blessing told me you had on Louboutin shoes. I don’t know what that is but she said it was very expensive. You made me proud. Your family made me proud. My relatives were mesmerized by the reception they received and the beauty they are taking home tomorrow. This was beyond my dreams for this wedding. I believe it will be the same as the marriage”


I smiled. He took off his suit and opened the bag he came in with. He changed into a casual Ankara short and a polo top with Ankara design on it. I watched him hand his clothes in my closet and then he asked, “won’t you change?”


“I need to unzip the dress and I require help”


“You should have just asked.” He came over and unzipped my dress for me and then left the room. I wondered what manner of man he was. He didn’t even attempt



to do anything with me. I hoped I didn’t marry a child who runs off to play. Or a man with sexual issues.

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I changed into a burgundy playsuit and wore a pair of flat gold sandals. It was still my wedding, nothing had changed. I took off my hairpiece and let down my hair. I tummy churned. I had not eaten all day except for the cake we shared at the reception. I picked up my dress and hung it in the wardrobe. I was searching for my phone when Scholastica came in.


“I wanted to help you change but I saw your husband coming into the room, I had to stop and wait. When he came out, I decided to come in”


“Thank you so much for everything. I owe you big time for what happened today. You won’t believe I was encouraging him to date other girls meanwhile he was my husband. Seeing you again gave me a brain reset. I would have loved to see the prophetess with my husband if she would permit. I want to appreciate her”


“She did as she was instructed; she doesn’t need appreciation. I was a tool in God’s hands and I do not deserve this gratitude. You are an amazing person Akwaugo and your husband loves and adores you. Everyone can see that. You will be the envy of many. Remember, you are going places and your husband will be your support system. Your mother and mother-in-law do not joke with them. Let everything that comes out of their mouths upon you and your husbands be blessings. That’s the message I have for you”


I hugged her. She wasn’t my family but she fought for me more than they could. She stood by me and helped me. I wished I could do more for her. I looked at my box of clothes I had before I travelled to the UK and I just gave her the box to check for what suits her there and take. “Take the whole box”


“This for me? After all you have done? People looked at me as a fine classy girl because you made me look this good and now you are giving me more clothes. You see why I will never stop supporting you. Never will I stop standing in the gap for you. God bless you even more than your imaginations in Jesus name”


“Amen. Look through and choose something nice to wear so you can join us”



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“I have the clothes you gave me. I will wear the one that looks like what you are wearing but longer”


“It is called a jumpsuit”


“Ok. I will wear it”


I joined the others in the sitting room. Sam beckoned on me to join him on the dining table to eat. We sat down together and ate rice, salad, plantain and mixed meat sauce. The sauce was amazing. I asked who made it and the chef smiled in response.


After eating, I cleared the table and tried to wash out the dishes but Ikenna’s wife wouldn’t let me. I came back to the sitting room and we, the youngsters, went under the canopy to chill. There was music and enough eat and drink. I met Samuel’s cousins for the first time. Our friends and customers attended the wedding and were at the after-party in the village. I wasn’t used to attending parties but I stayed with Samuel as he talked and made jest with everyone.


At past 9 pm, I was tired and wanted to retire. Samuel was still having fun. My brothers and their wives were there too with Amanze and Chiamaka. Scholastica was enjoying herself too. I was sleepy and Samuel hadn’t made any move or said anything about where we were sleeping that night. I excused myself and went into the room to sleep.


At 11 pm, Samuel woke me up and said it was time to go. I had packed a bag for the night and a box for relocation to my husband’s house. I was married now. He helped roll my box out while I carried my bag. Everywhere was still bubbly but we had to leave together. My mother-in-law had left with her sister earlier. I asked Scholastica to stay in my room, I would see her the next day.


We got to the hotel and these guys (there were girls there too) wanted to continue partying. Samuel told them it was his wedding night and he had to be with his lady. The hotel took my box and bag up with me tagging along. I was too tired.



In the room, I went into the bathroom to take a shower. I changed into my sleepwear which was a satin top and shorts. I came into the room and Samuel was there. He smiled at me and I smiled back.


“I can see you are tired. Let me take a bath so we can rest” he said to me.


I was surprised by his countenance. I wondered if he found me attractive at all. He had never made any move on me since we met. I remembered the first night with Emeka and also Dubie. They were the only two lovers I had ever had. I was used to being pressurized for sex. Samuel was too calm.


I laid down on the bed. He came back into the room tying a towel on his waist. He wore his pyjamas backing me and then joined me on the bed. His phone rang and he answered. He spoke in his language for a few minutes then he turned to me and asked what time thanksgiving mass was the next morning. I said 9 am and he went back to his call. When it ended, he said, “They want to leave before the mass tomorrow. They don’t understand Igbo and the mass will not be said in English. I have asked them to go; we will attend mass tomorrow and leave afterwards. Is that ok?”


“That’s fine”


“Are you still very tired? You slept like a baby in your bed that I didn’t want to disturb you”


“I was tired”


“I want you to rest. Come here let me hold you and help you sleep”


I went into his arms. I didn’t want to be forward. I was brought up to believe the man must always take the lead. But, I wasn’t comfortable with this style. He held me close to him, kissed my forehead several times and rocked me so I could fall asleep. I wanted to scream for more but like a good girl, I followed the lead even though it didn’t make sense.


I finally fell asleep. I slept in his arms all night. I enjoyed it so much. I was comfortable in them and he didn’t look stressed while holding me. I woke up at



past seven in the morning. I rushed to take a bath because of the Mass. I came back into the room and he was up. He went into the bathroom to get ready. We were also checking out. I gathered our things together before I applied makeup on my face. We were matching clothes for the service. I wore a long gown made with George and lace while Samuel wore lace native top and trousers. We checked out and went to the village for mass.


After Mass, we went to see my family. We had breakfast with them and then we had to leave. AUNTIE Nneoma and mother cried as I was leaving which made me want to cry. Scholastica joined us to Abakailki. We stopped over at Uju’s to appreciate her. She was happy to receive us. She said she was leaving for Lagos later that evening to travel back on Monday.


When we took Scholastica home, I hugged her and thanked her for everything. She was happy as we left for Calabar. We talked about the wedding as we journeyed into our lives together. His family members were impressed with my family while my family members marvelled at their beautiful show of culture. He told me everyone talked about my dress. When I told him how much I got it, he parked the car by the side of the road to confirm. I laughed at his exaggerated attempt at being shocked. He was impressed. His friends felt we were quite opposite because I was quiet and reserved. He told them when we are alone, we chitchat for as long as we can and then stay quiet but be with each other. They didn’t believe I could be a chatterbox when I wanted to be so he allowed them to listen in on one of our conversations and they were not bored for a second. “With the right push, you can be so much fun” he added. I told him it wasn’t a compliment. With the right people, I could be fun. I had to know people before I let loose.


We drove into Calabar. I missed the city. We drove home. As the driver parked the car outside, his mother, her sister and other female relatives came out to welcome me. It was a beautiful gesture which left me embarrassed. I was ushered into the living room. They gathered around me and prayed for me. Each of the women prayed being led by the spirit because they prayed about different things. After the prayers, they invited us to the dining for some food. I took only fish pepper soup while Samuel had a small portion of yam porridge with plenty of vegetables.


“You must be tired after a long day yesterday and the trip home. Both of you should go and rest, you will not be disturbed”



I went with Samuel to his bedroom. The place had been transformed. It had a completely new look. He played around with wallpaper and satin paint. He installed an air conditioner, a brand-new bed set with wardrobe, dressing and a dresser. The floor was tiled with beautiful cream tiles. He also renovated the bathroom to be modern and classy. He did all this for me. I walked to him and just hugged him. She was surprised initially and then he returned the hug. I told my family and friends I had arrived at my new home.


I removed my outfit and changed into a simple short gown. I wiped all the makeup on my face while he changed into shorts and top. We laid on the bed to sleep. This time he could see he was tensed.


“I love you,” he said to me.


“I know. And I love you too”


“My world would not be complete without you”


I knew what the problem was, he couldn’t make the move. He was scared to. I had always believed men made the move. How long would I want for him to make the move and consummate the marriage? I took the bull by the horn and made the first move.


I kissed him to keep quiet. We kissed passionately and then I led his hand to my body. It didn’t need any leading after that. He was gentle. I was amazed at his calmness. He explored my body with his hands and tongue. He took his time to romance my body that I was shaking under his touch.


‘I have always dreamt of this day. I can’t believe it is happening. I am praying here I don’t disappoint you or myself because I am very excited”


“You are doing it right; you won’t disappoint me or you”


He stripped me na.ked and also undressed. I was amazed at how gentle he was and it made it even more sensual. He made love to my body, my mind, and my thoughts. I had never experienced lovemaking like this before. He spoke sweet



words to me from the start until the end. He made me realise how beautiful my body was and was excited he would be the only one entitled to it. He said so many things to me while exploring my body; his words heightened my arousal while I waited for the climax and what a climax it was. It was explosive. He stood up and turned on the television before coming back to me. He gently made love to me and left me quivering. He made sure I climaxed again before he let himself go. I had never squirted before; it was my very first experience and it was embarrassing. Without exaggerating, the things they say about Calabar men and being good lovers is not a lie. I am married to one and I can testify.


Samuel clung to me most of the time. He asked me if I enjoyed the experience and I told him I did. He asked if I wanted to go again. He asked to do things to me which I found amusing. I had to tell him to sometimes use non-verbal words to pass a message. Touch and kiss which gets deeper tell me you want more. It was an amazing afternoon and night. I was loved and I enjoyed every bit of it. My wait was not in vain. He was a very passionate and patient lover. I didn’t come out of the room until the next morning. We got hungry along the line, Samuel went to get us food and drinks.


The next morning, while he was asleep, I went to the kitchen to make tea for his mother. I knocked on her door and she asked me to come in. I could see the place had a facelift even though I had not entered her room before. The new things were the giveaway. She was happy I came into her room. She asked me to sit down on her bed while she sipped the green tea with honey I made for her.


“When you didn’t come out yesterday, I was happy” I was baffled. Why would she be happy? She saw the look on my face and added, “it meant my son was busy and he must have done a good job”


I wanted the ground to open and swallow me at that moment. How would she bring up such a sensitive and personal discussion? I became shy. She didn’t let go.


“When he mentioned in passing to me that both of you haven’t been intimate, I was worried. His father was a lion when it came to that. I don’t know why my Etete is so different. He is too focused work and business. No girl has come here and he did anything with her”


“How would you know?” I asked out of curiosity.


“This wall divides my room from his father’s room. It is thin. I just hear him talking to the girls and that’s all he does. But yesterday, I heard nothing. I knew when he turned on the television and increased the volume. He changed the bedroom set because he said the bed made noise. I knew he was planning for you. So tell me, was he good?”


My eyes swelled and were almost popping from my eyeballs on hearing the question. She trying to invade our privacy. I wasn’t willing to give her any information.


“I know you wouldn’t want to answer me. For you to serve me tea this morning shows he must have made you happy and you are appreciating me. I want you to always be happy with Etete. If he offends you, please forgive him for my sake and stay with him. He loves you so much; he will do anything for you. If he is not doing it well, teach him. Direct him. Love him”


I smiled. “You don’t have to worry about us; we are in this together. I love him too. We will make each other happy. I didn’t do him a favour by marrying him, I married him because I loved him. He has proved to be better than I ever imagined. He is Godsent”


His mother turned and hugged me. We were in the embrace when Samuel came into the room. “There you are. I have been looking for you” he said as he came in.


“She made tea for me”


“That’s nice” he turned to me, “Ediye, you have not rested enough. We have a task ahead of us. Are you hungry?”


“I can make breakfast for everyone”


“I will cook, thank you. I want you to rest. I don’t want you to fall ill after the wedding. I will rest with you”



His mother and I chuckled. It was quite funny. I went to the kitchen to help him prepare breakfast. I wasn’t going to be a wife who would allow her husband to do everything for her. I tried to play the role of a wife. It wasn’t easy with a domesticated husband.


It took almost a month for our immigration visas to be out. We had to travel to collect them. We stayed for five days in Abuja with Amanze and Chiamaka as auntie Nneoma had gone back to Enugu with my mother. She pampered her which we all appreciated. Mother enjoyed being with her. She travelled with her grandchildren which was fun for them and their parents.


Chiamaka had questions which I refused to answer. She observed my glow and joy. I was genuinely happy. What Samuel desired was happening. We would be travelling together. I couldn’t hide my excitement. We went out with Amanze and Chiamaka to celebrate. They were the only ones that knew about our plans to travel. Samuel wanted us to have our own celebration when we were alone but I didn’t want to make love outside our home. He thought it weird since we are officially married and it is expected that married couples would have sex. He was willing to give it up if I was adamant but I also knew I couldn’t deprive him and expect him to be happy. I was too conscious all through our lovemaking that it wasn’t fun. He didn’t touch me again until we got home.


Plans had to be made for the trip. Samuel insisted we would travel in three weeks and only tell family and friends just before we leave. As the excitement weaned off, I was worried about accommodation and settling down in a new place without knowing anyone. Samuel laughed each time I brought it up. He had secured a job and so had I. I gave him all the money I had. I gave him accumulated the rent from my house in Abakaliki, all the money that was given to me for my father’s burial, all the money I made in the UK and even the money Dubie gave me.


He told me he had gotten accommodation in the province where both of us had jobs but we were to manage a room in a family’s house. We were to rent a room from them. He was waiting for the visas to be out before he made payment. I declined. I didn’t want to live with anybody. I asked him to use all the money I gave him to rent an apartment even if it is just a room but we live alone. Then, we needed to buy our tickets. Samuel had half of the money and had been working tirelessly to raise the balance. I told him I would raise the balance but he refused.



I asked that we fasted and prayed again for three days and watch how everything would fall in place. We did that and abstained from sex. Our prayer point was straightforward, “Father, you have granted us the visas to travel as we have desired. Let your favour locate us and may we be able to get very good and suitable accommodation and also buy our tickets to travel. We have only three weeks to sort everything out and travel. Father, help us achieve all we have to successfully. Let your presence in our lives speak for us. Your Divine favour is what we need.”


We did it for two days when Samuel got a call from Canada. The man told us he was contacted by an agent. He just bought a house and was relocating to it. He had a two-bedroom apartment in our province which the lease was still running. He had paid ahead by three months and wanted to sublet to us as long as we would return his three months lease after we had settled in. This was music to our ears. We could settle down and start paying the lease after we had worked for a couple of months. We were so grateful to him. All he said was, “don’t worry about it. I also just wedded before we came to Canada. We had to stay with a couple who were also family but it was a horrible mistake. I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made”


Once that was settled, I got another call from Amanze just after our fast. He asked when we wanted to travel. I gave him the date. He cut the call. He called me back and asked how our names appeared on the passport. I told him. He cut the call again. When Samuel came back, he came into the room to meet me. He said, “I got a mail with an itinerary for both of us. Why did you have to do that? I can’t use the monies you gave me. I should be the provider here. The money was almost complete; why rush to buy the ticket?”


“I didn’t buy any ticket”


“Then who did?”


“Let me see the mail” he gave me his phone. I checked and saw a phone number. I called the number and a lady picked up. I told her we had received the issued ticket for our travel but we would like to know who paid. She asked for our names and the ticket number. They confirmed the ticket but refused to disclose the source. I



told her to unissued the ticket if we can’t know who issued it. She promised to call back.


Five minutes later, Amanze called Samuel. He told him he bought the tickets and it was his wedding gift to us. We were both speechless. We didn’t expect that from him. We thanked him. God truly answers prayers. We were ready to leave. Samuel returned my monies to me saying we had no use for them now but I changed them to take with me.


Immediately everything was set, we sat his mother down and showed her our visas to Canada. She was speechless. She held both of our passports in her hands and she cried. She cried tears for a long time. When she was through, she gave the passports to me for safekeeping. She didn’t say a word to us.


The next morning, I took tea to her as usual. She sat up when I came in. I served her the tea. She patted the space beside her indicating I should sit down. I did. She then held my hands and prayed for me. She prayed I will have children and they will be a blessing to me and make me proud all the time. She prayed I will never regret coming into her family. I said Amen to her prayers. She told me she was very happy but also sad she would not see us for a long time. I told her she will be visiting us when we had settled down.


“I will travel abroad? You will take me abroad?”


“Not me ma, Etete will take you abroad. You are his mother and he loves you dearly. As he is taking me to Canada, he will take you too”


“My Etete will take me abroad?”


“He will. Once we settle down. Just pray for us; that’s all”


“I have no other work. Etete and you are all I’ve got. You have to keep this quiet. Don’t tell anyone one except immediate family members. I don’t want evil eyes around you”


“We are doing that”



“You are a blessing to my Etete. Since you came in here, he has changed. He shows all of us love unlike before he would go to his corner or room whenever he is home. Now he sits with me in the parlour and cracks jokes. My son is blessed”


“Yes, he is. Let me quickly make breakfast before he comes out”


We travelled to Abakaliki to meet my brothers. We told them about the visa and they were dumbfounded. They were very happy for me but disappointed I didn’t confide in them. Samuel also recommended they start their application but I advised them to wait until we got there and understood the system before they applied.


We went to Enugu to tell my ‘two mothers’. They had a mixed feeling. They


wanted me to stay a bit more in Nigeria before relocating. They believed the stress


level abroad was more Nigeria. They asked us to reconsider and stay in Nigeria for


a little while longer. I showed them my ticket and that silenced them. They prayed


for us. I could sense they were not happy but this was an opportunity of a lifetime;


there was nothing I could do.





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